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original title: Ratas no duermen de noche, Las


  • English Version
  • French Version
Release: Jul 31, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the English Version and the French Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Redemption).

During a botched robbery, gangster Surnett gets shot. He gets a heavy head wound as well. His posse takes him to Dr. Ritter, an alcoholic, who only sees one way to safe Surnett. A former fellow student of his is a professor now and an expert in the field of transplantation so they decide to take Surnett to him. Unfortunately, Surnett is so heavily braindamaged that he needs a donor. The decision to kill the nemesis of the gang, a guy with the nickname "The Sadist", is being made. Surnett's mistress Ingrid seduces him while Paul, also a member of the gang, kills him. The surgery is a success even though the professor needs his wife to assist because he has problems with his hands. Surnett realizes quickly that something is wrong. He feels the urge to have sex all the time and he can't control it. As a result, goes for any woman that comes near him. Also, the gang of "The Sadist" is anything but happy that her boss was killed. For that reason, his mistress Barbara retaliates.

"Crimson" aka "The Man with the Severed Head" sounds like quite an entertaining flick because elements like Paul Naschy, brain transplantion, urge for sex or gang rivalry has definately potential. Unfortunately, director Juan Fortuny kind of ruined it because the movie is rather boring. The single elements are being dealt with step by step and movie goes on and on withut creating any suspense. Despite the transplantation thing, there is almost no blood at all. Some ideas are quite amusing - such as the gangsters who refuse to chop off the head of "The Sadist" and put his body on the rails instead. The excessive and partially surpring sex scenes in the French Version are a double-edged sword. When the gangsters are discussing the botched robbery and what to do next, Paul goes upstairs to have sex with some girl. Fans of Naschy will probably be disappointed because he has almost no screentime in the first half of the movie and then he plays the role of the lusty killer.

The US Blu-ray by Redemption contain two versions. In the French Version, several sex scenes are back in the movie. Mostly, they fit in well but they also cause plot holes. When Surnett attacks a girl at the end of the movie, he undresses her and attempts to have sex with her in the French Version. When his guys show up and scare him off, the girl manages to give him the slip. The problem here is that she is dressed again which does not make any sense at all. The same with Anna who is dressed again all of a sudden. A good fit is the seduction of "The Sadist" and Surnett's sex scene with Barbara also fits in perfectly. Since this is an exploitation flick with a very few highlights in it, I would recommend the French Version - in spite of its flaws.
The US Blu-ray is the first release ever that contains the French Version. So far, only the English Version was available on DVD. At least, the Arrow DVD contains the erotic scenes as bonus.

Running Time:

English Version: 89:31 min
French Version: 98:17 min

The French Version contains alternate footage of the gangsters arriving at their hideout. Contentwise, there is no difference though. The gangsters get out of the car and Karl is sent to get Dr. Ritter.

English Version:

French Version:

English Version: 18 sec
French Version: 20 sec


The girl goes upstairs and starts packing. Paul follows her and starts touching her. Then they have sex.

French Version: 2:08 min


Ingrid keeps undressing and "The Sadist" starts touching her. Then they have sex.

French Version: 1:31 min


The guy leaves and Barbara starts undressing Ingrid who is lying on the be. Barbara touches her and kisses her body. Ingrid to weak to fight back. In the meantime, the guy got undressed and has fun with Ingrid.

French Version: 2:13 min


In the English Version, Surnett makes his move. Surnett and Barbara start kissing.

The French Version contains more nudity when Surnett and Barbara are enjoying themselves. Here, we also see them screwing.

English Version: 25 sec
French Version: 1:36 min


In the English Version, the girls runs off and gets grabbed by Surnett.

The French Version contains alternate footage that shows Surnett appear from below.

English Version: 11 sec
French Version: 18 sec


Surnett lies the girl down in the hay and tries to have sex with her.

French Version: 41 sec


In the English Version, the girls escapes and Surnett looks at his guys with a grim facial expression.

The French Version shows them having sex again.

English Version: 6 sec
French Version: 2 sec


When Karl moves the closet, Barbara's naked body falls out of it.

In the English Version, Barbara is dressed.

English Version: 8 sec
French Version: 14 sec


In the French Version, Anna is lying on the table naked and Surnett starts touching her.

French Version: 49 sec