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Adventures of Bayou Billy, The

original title: Mad City


International NES Version
Region: USA/Europe

Japanese Famicom Version
Region: Japan

Release: Nov 20, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
Original Cover

For this game it is hard to pick which version is actually the better one. The original game on the Japanese FAMICOM was called "Mad City" and later ported to the international NES with reworked gameplay and graphics. The porting offered Sound samples which were not present in the original and also included a few sections where the player would use the zapper. The game's difficulty was increased as well. The most striking alteration are the revised graphics. While it was usually the case that the American Version proved to be the more "prudish" one that lacked a few revealing or violent bits, it was the other way around this time. Additionally, the original game had several endings. Not so the NES Version, here you only get the happy ending.
Besides some alterations regarding the game play – for example, in the running levels you are no longer able to ram your enemies – the woman in the cutscenes wears different (respectively less) clothes than in the Japanese Original Version. (Even the NES Version’s cover included this outfit!)
NES Version:FAMICOM Version:

The "Game Over"-screen was altered. While the Original Version included the hero “Billy” lying on the floor and reaching out with his hand, the NES Version solely shows the text.
NES Version:FAMICOM Version:

In between the levels the NES Version tells you when to use the zapper or the controller. These images are only available in the “Bayou Billy“ Version.
exklusiv in der NES Version:

When freeing the girl you are allowed to have some fun in the process and run away from the woman as soon as she approaches you. This action will change the ending, since the “monolog“-sequence in this case only shows the woman and the two of them don’t kiss. During the final "The End" screen they also are not shown as a happy couple but instead just stand around next to each other. Here is a comparison of the "Happy Ending" from the NES Version and the "Bad Ending" from the Famicom Version.
NES Version:FAMICOM Version: