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  • International Theatrical Version
  • Uncut Original Version
Release: Dec 21, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut International Theatrical Version and the uncut Original Version (both available on the German DVD by Retrofilm)

- 8 cuts
- Length difference: 560.7 sec (= 9:41 min)

Wonderful sleazy, trashy serial killer flick from the 70s. In 2007, the German label Retrofilm released it on DVD with both the International Theatrical Version and the Uncut Original Version available. The first has been reconstruced based on the well-looking uncut master of the latter.

There are approx. 10 additional minutes in the Uncut Original Version. All of them are secondary plot or dialog scenes and the movie works just fine without these. Highly recommended for genre fans.

Time index refers to
International Theatrical Version in PAL / Original Version in PAL

The Uncut Version contains a logo at the beginning.

7.5 sec

16:22 / 16:29-17:45

Linda parties longer. As a result, Jackie gets up and yells at her. She had allowed them to stay for the night and she did not care what they were doing but they should be quite now.
Subsequently, it actually happens and Linda goes back to her room. But right away, she hears music and her name mentioned several times. Last but not least, a smooth transition to the following exterior shot.

76 sec (= 1:16 min)

26:19 / 27:42-28:04

Ed's discussion with Billy about how long Jackie may stay is longer. Apparently, Billy feels threatened by the pretty girl and demands that Jackie is being taken away as soon as she wakes up. He gets up angrily but he gives in anyway.

22 sec

35:07 / 36:52-37:53

The scene of the group exploring the island is longer. The long way up to the top causes discomfort and Sam takes advantage of it by flirting with Charlie.
Being inside, the interior design gets discussed: quite spooky. Perry states the pictures would benefit from it.

60.7 sec (= 1:01 min)

35:48 / 38:34-39:43

The killer keeps walking on the lower deck, then he gets on a boat. A team meeting follows. Perry and Melissa have a little arguement at which he leaves the room.

68.8 sec (= 1:09 min)

59:18 / 63:13-64:30

After the killer called, Vera's friend Patsy gets back and figures out the roses were not from Don. Vera concludes it had to have been some horny dude from the building.

Subsequently, some hotel action. Someone welcomes Patsy on her way to her room.

76.2 sec (= 1:16 min)

63:08 / 68:19-71:03

After the call at the precinct, Vera panics even more. She informs her friend she was going to spend the night at the Surfer Motel in Naples.

Now, the killer calls again but he only reaches her friend: By pretending to be her mother's doctor, he gets the address.

The friend then calls the Surfer Motel but Vera does not catch any of it because she is in the shower.

Finally, Vera is at the beach: The killer gets comfortable on a bench behind her.

164 sec (= 2:44 min)

63:24 / 71:19-71:52

Vera calls her friend resp. she tries to get an explanation for the roses in her room. But her friend rather jumps in the pool half-naked in the pool that answer the phone. A shot that shows the killer in the phone booth for the first time follows.

33.1 sec

63:54 / 75:23-76:22

More hitchhiking footage. The driver drinks a lot of booze and claims he was usually a better driver when he was under the influence. The passenger is flirting but Vera is not interested resp. she says they should keep driving.

59.7 sec