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Nymphomaniac: Volume I


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Nov 23, 2014 - Author: Bob - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
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38:55 - II. Jerôme
B., Joe and another young woman found a sex club that fights against love. Subsequently Joe gets a job in a print shop with Jerôme as her boss.
Overall, the Director's Cut is 469s longer

The chapter begins with a few alternative sex scenes that are a little more explicit in the Director's Cut.

Director's CutTheatrical Version

B. tells the sex club a story of looking for a dumb student whom she gave a hand job. Just before he was about to climax she stopped and left him.

Despite their club rule only to have sex with each man once, B. defies this rule because she thought that one man was cute. Joe rebukes her.

Then there are a few more 8mm sequences of Joe masturbating as a school girl.

Joe studies medicine. The Director's Cut shows some more object-lessons of an abortion.

After Joe rejected Jerôme at work, she tells Seligman why she did so. Back then she wanted to lose her virginity to someone else and not Jerôme. In the end, however, she did not care anymore. She is not sentimental.

Later she flirts with another employee and also has sex with him.

The subsequent argument about a parking space and Joe showing Jerôme how to do it right was extended with many short sequences.

The other secretary is pretty jealous of Joe who slowly starts to have some feelings for Jerôme. This is for example shown through a scene where she is fascinated by him eating some pastries with a dessert fork. This is a rather strange behavior which was already analyzed by Seligman and her in greater detail.

Later Joe tries to get Jerôme's by behaving rather stupidly so that he would be able to serve as her savior. Sicne this does not work she writes him a letter, however, at first she has to gain enough courage to write give it to him. Liz – the other secretary – sabotages her plan by telling her to wait until friday, after all, Jerôme at this point already left. Later in the Theatrical Version we also get to know that he and Liz have cut and run together.

Subsequently she tells Seligman how to masturbate on trains in front of strangers without them noticing it. While doing so she thinks of Jerôme.

66:00 - III. Mrs. H

After Jerôme Joe has a lot of lvoers at the same time. However, family H. Complicates everything when they occupy Joe's apartment.
Overall, the Director's Cut is 166s longer

Joe's gambling – she dices to decide whether or not she should break up a relationship – was slightly extended. Additionally, the timing of her affairs is a little more complicated in the Director's Cut.

Joe breaks up with Mr. H. The reason she tells him is that he would never leave his wife anyway. However, everything turns out quite differently. Mr. H leaves Mrs. H and wants to move in with Joe. This is also shown in the Theatrical Version, however, the following scene where Mrs. H says goodbye to her husband with the three kids and ends up moving in as well was extended with many small sequences. These make the scene even more surreal than it already was. While first being passively aggressive, Mrs. H becomes more and more direclty aggressive and direct towards Joe.

When Mrs. H finally leaves the apartment as well as Joe, Mr. H and another lover who had just come in behind, the latter tries to pick up Joe. She rejects him.

After this episode, Seligman asks Joe if she felt good during all these events, she answers that in retrospect her her life had always been good. However, if she thinks about single episodes, she always remembers them as being bad experiences. This is especially so since she always felt lonely, despite having many lovers.

85:44 - IV. Delirium
Joe sits at her father's death bed.
Overall, the Director's Cut is 440s longer

There is a longer missing sequence where a doctor comes into Joe's father's room to give him a few more painkillers. Later that night he has a nightmare and Joe tries to calm him down. However, she is unable to do so, thus she gets a nurse.

Subsequently he has another nightmare and calls out for K., his wife. When Joe talks to the doctor so that he would give her father more morphine, the doctor tells her about the process of dying an that some suffer brain damage from it that would result in a delirium. In such cases, morphine does not help.

When Joe takes a break she walks through the park and collects leaves.

Later, her father's delirium makes him aggressive. Thus, they have to tie him up to his bed. Joe stands next to him in shock and cries.

After her father died, Joe tells Seligman that she did not want to fight with her mother which is why she went without a lot of her inheritance. All that she got from her father was a caliper.

After Seligman told Joe what polyphony is (which is also shown in the Theatrical Version), the Director's Cut includes an organ piece by Bach. After 90 minutes it abruptly stops and Joe sees a connection between the different parts of the music and her numerous experiences of sex.

98:33 - V. Little Organ School
Joe manages to have several lovers at the same time and runs into Jerôme.
Overall, the Director's Cut is 76s longer

The last chapter begins with a few sex scenes which introduce Joe's three lovers that fit to the three parts of the organ piece. The Director's Cut shows slightly more explicit material.

Director's CutTheatrical Version

The scene within the park where she finds pieces of a picture of Jerôme and Liz that was ripped apart was extended by several short sequences.

After Seligman does not believe the conincidences that revolve around Jerôme, Joe stands pat, says that she is the narrator and right in what she tells him. The "romantic" scenes with Jerôme are a little longer.

The subsequent sex with Jerôme is shown with more explicit material in the Director's Cut.
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