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South Park: The Stick of Truth


Censored Version
Region: Europe / Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: USA

Release: May 03, 2014 - Author: FreshDudel - Translator: Tony Montana

With South Park: The Stick of Truth, a quite entertaining game of the iconic TV show about the premature grade schooler Stan, Kyle, Eric "The Coon" Cartman and Kenny has been released recently.

The thrill of anticipation got lowered for many fans after it became public that the game wouldn't only be censored in Australia but also in any European country - in a different way. Any German and any PEGI Version with the German language available lacks any kind of nazi symbols. The infamous anal probe and abortion scenes are missing in any European Version. For some reason, they still are in the German PC Version though. The only Uncensored Version of South Park: The Stick of Truth are the US Versions. Quite confusing. At least, the uncensored US Version is available on the PlayStation 3 without a region lock. Since South Park: The Stick of Truth is a game above average, importing it from the US is really worth it.

The following comparison is about the uncensored PlayStation 3 Version (ESRB Mature, 17+) and the censored European Version (German PlayStation 3 Version / USK 16).


Please note: the alterations specifically made for Germany (such as missing swastikas) haven't been considered in the following comparison.

Missing Sequences

Some cutscenes and mini games have been cut. Affected are the sections on the alien spaceship and at the abortion clinic. In the censored European Version, the actual scenes have been replaced by a text that describes what is going on in the uncensored US Version at the very moment and the Europeans are being made fun of.

Alien Spaceship

Any scenes with anal probes penetrating the anus are missing in the censored European Version.

Alien Abduction

In this scene, the game character is being anducted by aliens and taken to their spaceship. On the spaceship, there are several characters getting anal-probed. Furthermore, the scene of the character destroying an anal probe by tensing up the closing muscle and being able to get free as a result is missing as well.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

Censored Scenes with Randy Marsh

The player's "ass-ignment" is quite simple: to free Randy Marsh from the aliens. For that purpose, several consoles require activation. A quicktime event needs to be solved at each of the consoles. If one does it wrong, Randy's anus is getting penetrated. The text in the censored European version suggests that Randy is getting penetrated all the time. But as a matter of fact, the player can spare Randy the pain at two consoles by solving the quicktime events.

1. console

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

2. console

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

3. console

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

Abortion Clinic

Assigned by the girls, the player goes to the South Park abortion clinic. In order to not getting made, an abortion needs to be performed on yourself and - how else could be it - perform a second one on Randy Marsh.

Abortion for the game character

During this scene, the player needs to push a button so that the closing muscle of the game character tenses up. This way, the machine is getting destroyed and an abortion can be performed.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

Abortion for Randy Marsh

In order to keep Randy's your own cover intact, one has to perform an abortion on Randy. To this end, Randy's crotch is getting sedated. Then his anus is getting widened. Last but not least, one needs to watch out that Randy's crotch is not being sucked off.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version