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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 09, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Geek Lauren Powell is suddenly on her own after her boyfriend Charlie broke up with her.
Katie Steele - a more temperamental girl - is on the verge of loosing her dream apartment because she can't find a roommate. At first, their agreement to live together forms a partnership of convenience, due to their lack of commonalities. Only when Lauren finds out that Katie runs a sex hotline she gets curious. Since she momentarily does not have a job she enters the business. However, thanks to their success, they slowly develop a friendship which in the end is put to a hard test...

You got to ask: Was this really necessary?
Probably not. While the R-Rated version is a shallow comedy flick with a few sexual innuendo, you might think that the Unrated Version offers more of these. Not the case! Everything that was cut out for the Theatrical Version would probably not have raised the R-Rating if left in.

For this report we compared the US R-Rated Theatrical Version and the US Unrated Version (both included on the DVD released by Focus Features DVD).

R-Rated: 81:46 min. [NTSC without credits]
Unrated: 84:11 min. [NTSC without credits]

There are 10 missing scenes with an overall runtime of 2 minutes and 25 seconds.
Extended Scene in the Unrated:
When Charlie tells Lauren during their conversation in the bathroom that he is bored by their relationship and says that they might reconsider the whole thing, the R-Rated Version misses out on the evil F-word.

3 sec.

Charlie: "Look at the fucking pajamas that we're wearing."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
Lauren and Katie fight over basically nothing. Their friend Jesse tries to break up the fight. A part of the conversation is missing.

1 Min. und 3 sec.

Jesse: "Close your eyes, close your eyes. Open your hearts, please. Indulge me. Please. Oh, god bless you! Thank you, Katherine. You guys, together, could take this place from nursing home to 'Iet's nurse some cocktail at home', right? I'm taIking about a trip to Design Within Reach l I'm talking about cool street-art done by Katie, I'm talking about getting rid of that floral print monstrosity, taking it outside, pissing on it and burning it, and then you know what, we'll replace it with something simple, something from Crate & Barrel, I don't know. Now, I want you to open your eyes on the count of three. And I want you to see your new home. And I don't want you to but over time, yes, I think I'm owed a little thanks. One, two, three. I release you."

Lauren: "It does sound like a nice place to live."

Katie: "Yeah, almost as nice as that neighborhood you left me in so I could get raped."

Lauren: "What? You were raped?"

Katie: "No, but I could have been."

Jesse: "God! Why can't my friends be fuckin' friends?"

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
Lauren finds it difficult to find a new job. Thus she agrees to enter Katie's phone sex business. However, she only wants to redirect the calls while Katie does the rest of the job. Then follows a sequence of several call forwardings put together, along with the respective phone conversations. There's a missing call of a customer with a pretty special wish.

3 sec.

Lauren: "Get the water bottles. It's John, the one who likes to hear you pee."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
Within the same sequence there's another missing conversation. However, the audience does not really get to know what it is all about.

4 sec.

Katie: "See, what I do is wait till it comes out on DVD an then i just watch it all in a row."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
In no time, the business booms and Lauren and Katie need an employee to help them getting all the work done. Krissy applies for the job and is invited for a job interview. The part where she swings around a striptease pole was slightly cut.

Overall 9 sec.

Katie: "Look at you, you're a natural."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
Krissy has a lot of work on her first day. There's a montage of several phone calls. The Unrated Version shows two more completely harmless conversations. The more frivolous parts are also included in the R-Rated Version.

Insgesamt 13 sec.

Krissy: "Okay, do you have any potted plants around you? Okay, I want you to go grab that potted plant."

Krissy: "Good. Did it crack? Ohh I like that. Okay, now I want you to crack all your toes. Now, when you're on the tenth one you..."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
Lauren now also wants to get involved in taking phone calls. Katie gives her a brief instruction on what to do in erotic phone conversations. When she tells her how to talk while having a dildo in the mouth, you don't see Kassie asking Lauren to try it.

3 sec.

Katie: "Now you try."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
When Katie makes a test call with Lauren and asks her what she is wearing, Lauren replies that she only wears a dress by Cynthia Vincent. Kassie decides to give Lauren some more teaching. A few sequences of the following shot were cut.

12 sec.

Lauren: "Faster"
Katie: "Harder"

Lauren: "I'm wearing a lacy, pink thong. It slid right up my ass. And a bra that is so tight on my heaving breasts."
Katie: "Good. Good."

Extended Scene in the Unrated:
Katie can't come to terms with an inmate over the desired sex practice. A part of the conversation was cut out.

31 sec.

Customer: "But now what I'm gonna have to do, what I didn't want to do, is go to your house and steal your fucking dog, and then steal your car. And then, when you come outside to look for your dog, you'll say, 'Oh, where's my dog? Where's my dog?' Oh, bam! I'm gonna hit you with my car! I'm gonna vehicular manslaughter you because that is what I do. That's what I do."
Katie: "I don't even have a car."

Same scene, slightly later:
When Katie offers to orally pleasure her customer, the latter does not want to. In jail, they do not get razors. Again, a part of the conersation was cut out.

4 sec.

Kundin: "Kind of lost the mood now, anyway."