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original title: Koroshiya 1


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 05, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated US DVD and the uncut unrated US DVD (both by Tokyo Shock)

Most readers will probably be familiar with Ichi's gory and shrill comic book adaption. In Germany, the film was only released to age 18 or older in a heavily censored version. In Austria, it was released uncut.

The British version is cut as well, however, not as heavily as the German one.

In the US, the film was released in a R-Rated version, which was cut by 11 minutes, as well as in an uncut unrated version. The R-Rated has been cut by roughly the same amount of time as the German version. Unlike the German version, however, they did not cut whole sections of the movie in the R-Rated. More scenes with sexual content are missing, though. For example, the film title, forming from a pool of sperm, was removed completely.
02:06 End of a shot of a battered Sailor being dragged out of the picture
0.7 sec.

02:08 Anjo kicks Sailor plus a part of the next shot
1.5 sec.

02:09 He hits her in the face. Some frames of the following shot were removed as well.
1.5 sec.

02:12 Sailor begs for mercy, but Anjo continues beating her.
10.5 sec.

02:18 End of a shot of Sailor's face.
3 sec.

02:24 Another bit Anjo abusing and beating her is missing.
8.6 sec.

02:26 Ichi is seen behind the curtains, then is Sailor.
4.7 sec.

02:44 Shot of a plant from which sperm is dripping on the ground.
7.7 sec.

02:47 The puddle of sperm again. Slowly, the title of the film takes shape.
16.4 sec.

04:18 End of the shot of someone stepping into guts...
0.3 sec.

04:19 ....and slipping on them.
0.8 sec.

17:00 Various shots of the hooks in Suzuki's back, on which he was hung up. He screams and Kakihara gets up.
11.6 sec.

17:13 Kakihara sticks a long needle through Suzuki's left cheek. Suzuki groans with pain. Eventually, he pulls the needle out again.
29.3 sec.

17:29 End of the shot in which Kakihara pierces the needle through his lower jaw and it emerges from his mouth.
7.6 sec.

17:32 Shots of the hooks in Suzuki's back and of his face again.
2.9 sec.

18:14 End of a shot. Kakihara stands up in front of Suzuki.
3.9 sec.

18:30 Kakihara pours hot oil over Suzuki's back. Suzuki screams and one sees the oil frizzling on his skin.
8.6 sec.

19:18 Now he pours the oil over his head and asks him where Anjo was. Suzukis curses him and everyone else in the room, whereupon Kakihara pricks a needle in his breast. Subsequently, he tells Suzuki to ask his "little friend" and pierces the needle into his penis (off screen). Suzuki yells and in the same moment Funaki enters the room, looking utterly horrified.
70.8 sec.

19:47 Suzuki tells Funaki that Kakihara accuses him of having kidnapped Anjo. Funaki says that Suzuki would never do something so stupid.
10.3 sec.

21:08 Sailor bends forward to Ichi, to give him a blowjob. Intercut/flashback of Anjo beating up Sailor.
28 sec.

21:13 In the R-Rated version, there is a intercut of Anjo from the abovementioned cut. In the unrated version, one sees the battered Sailor.
R-Rated = 0.7 sec.
Unrated = 0.8 sec.


23:35 End of the shot of Kakihara starting to cut his tongue.
7.2 sec.

23:37 Close shot of him, cutting his tongue even further.
9.5 sec.

23:54 End of the shot of Kakihara holding his cropped piece of tongue in Funaki's face.
1 sec.

33:34 In a flashback: Anjo beats and kicks Sailor and furiously asks her, why she earned so little money.
30 sec.

33:43 Anjo sits on her and continues beating her. One also sees Ichi standing in front of the window.
6.2 sec.

33:46 He is still hitting her.
3.6 sec.

34:01 Shot of Sailor's blood-smeared face, Ichi at the window and Anjo pulling down his trousers to sexually abuse Sailor.
21.8 sec.

34:04 Sailor's face.
2.1 sec.

34:13 A shot of Ichi touching his crotch is missing during his flashback. He got aroused. Then, one sees Anjo still raping Sailor.
2.9 sec.

36:03 Cut, when Anjo's face claps in two, intercut through his legs (blood and guts falling down) and eventually of him falling apart. The end of this shot is contained on the R-Rated version.
16.8 sec.

36:18 The camera pans from Ichi's crotch to his face, while he is masturbating.
5 sec.

36:19 Longer shot of Sailor's face.
7.8 sec.

36:32 Dito. She sits up straigt.
9.7 sec.

36:51 And again one can longer see her battered face.
16.2 sec.

36:57 Dito.
6.9 sec.

37:13 Sailor's head tilts sideways and a fountain of blood shoots from the wound. She runs trough the room in panic, before she lunges at Ichi and goes down.
25.4 sec.

37:27 Two gory shots of the guy in the TV screen with needles pierced in his face, as well as the beginning of a shot.
13.8 sec.

45:33 The scene in which Ichi stretches the guy's cheek is much longer in the unrated version. The man calls Karen for help.
31.6 sec.

45:44 Karen gets involved now and pulls on the other side.
19.6 sec.

45:54 Karen moans with pleasure and Kakihara grins contentedly, while one can hear the man's cries of pain.
12.7 sec.

48:02 Short shot of Karen beating Kakihara.
0.9 sec.

48:09 Dito.
0.5 sec.

48:12 Again, a shot of Karen is missing, in which she is hitting Kakihara's face in the room with the chains hanging from the ceiling.
1.1 sec.

48:18 Dito.
2.5 sec.

48:29 Dito.
1.1 sec.

51:15 Beginning of the shot in which vast amounts of blood emerge from the door.
5.6 sec.

51:18 Severed facial skins glides down a wall.
8.9 sec.

51:19 One sees Ichi's feet and how he slightly slips on the blood and guts and runs away.
5.1 sec.

54:04 Kakihara amidst the parts of dead bodies.
12.2 sec.

54:34 End of a shot.
1.6 sec.

72:30 Very brief shot of a naked breast.
0.1 sec.

73:52 Close-up of Myu-Myu's nipples on which a clasp is attached and pulls.
4.1 sec.

73:57 The nipples are cut off with a sharp knife. Myu-Myu screams.
4 sec.

75:23 She is thrown on a table.
3.6 sec.

75:53 Saburo sniffs between Myu-Myu's legs to get on the scent.
14.6 sec.

77:51 Kaneko flips out and furiously kicks Myu-Myu. Takayama tries to calm down his friend.
19.6 sec.

80:30 One sees Long's hand in Kakihara's mouth longer (no close-ups).
5.7 sec.

87:25 One can longer see Karen giving Ichi a blowjob.
4.4 sec.

87:31 A shot of Sailor can only be seen distorted in the R-Rated version. No difference in time.


87:49 When the blood shoots out from Sailor's neck, the R-Rated has been distorted again. No difference in time.


87:59 Beginning of the shot of Karen giving Ichi a blowjob and swallowing his sperm.
4.1 sec.

88:53 Blood flows from Karen's leg and it falls off the middle of the lower leg.
1.1 sec.

88:55 Karen hops away on one leg.
1.4 sec.

89:02 She jumps away from Ichi.
2.3 sec.

89:18 Ichi's blade-shoe can be seen longer. Then is Karen, with lots of blood suqirting from her throat and hopping around in the room and screaming.
14.8 sec.

89:25 Tracking shot over Myu-Myu's corpse and beginning of the next shot of Kakihara keeping Long's mouth shut.
16 sec.

90:02 Fastly assembled shots of Long's face with Kakihara's needles pierced in it. The latter asks Long where Ichi was.
16.7 sec.

91:48 Shot of Kakihara weaving the scissors in Long's face and Long screaming.
4.6 sec.

99:30 After Jiro tore Long's arm off, one sees it sliding on the ground.
2.1 sec.

99:31 One sees Long screaming on the chair with the bloody remaining portion of his arm.
6.6 sec.

100:48 Black screen. Subsequently, the door opens and one sees Jiro's battered corpse. The camera pans upwards to Kakihara and Saburo standing at the doorframe.
14.5 sec.

100:55 The camera pans from Saburo's corpse to those of Myu-Myu and Long.
10.5 sec.

101:25 Blood and sperm hurtle through the air and against the wall, as Ichi attacks Saburo. Kakihara and Kaneko gape in astonishment and flee.
1.6 sec.

101:28 Saburos severed head rolls over the ground.
2.8 sec.

105:52 Rivers of blood start squirting from Kaneko's throat.
6.6 sec.

105:58 Kaneko slowly approaches his son Takeshi. The latter backs off.
25 sec.

106:01 Beginning of a shot of Kaneko.
0.9 sec.

106:06 Dito.
1.9 sec.

106:10 Kaneko's corpse is seen longer.
4 sec.

111:22 After Ichi pulled his blade shoe from Kakihara's forehead, two additional frames can be seen in the unrated version.