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1.01 Panic at Malibu Pier


  • HD-Remastered
  • Original Version
Release: Jul 22, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series

Comparison between the shortened Free TV broadcast on the German channel Nitro (aired on 10.04.2019 (20:15 h / international HD master) and the uncensored German DVD by Kinowelt (FSK 12).


- 5 cuts

- Runtime of cuts: 169.1 sec (= 2:49 min)


In addition, there are 3 additional moments in the HD master with a duration of 11.6 sec (italicized in the report)

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

Note: we do not list all the changed songs.


The Baywatch series, running from 1989 to 2001, probably doesn’t need an introduction: Cult of the 90s, at the latest since Pamela Anderson joined in season 3. So let's get straight to the reason for the present comparison: Although the movie of the same name (2017) with The Rock did not achieve the desired great success at the box office, they took this opportunity to restore the series in HD. Starting off, what sounds puzzling is the announcement that in addition to the change from the 4:3 full screen to 16:9, a whole 300 songs were changed. But that's not all, because as you can see from the German TV airing of the HD revision that started on 10 April 2019 on the German channel Nitro, a few additional cuts were made. So the cuts are apparently not coming from the German station Nitro, but from the international licensor.

First of all, it should be noted with regard to the music topic that these are probably legal problems with the many pop hits of that time. Interestingly enough, Germany is also one of the few countries where there were DVD releases that contain the original versions known from television. In the US, for example, they waited in vain and a Blu-ray box has not yet been announced, but the new HD masters (including the corresponding adaptations) probably are a sign of things to come. At least the HD versions are also available at Prime for now.

We cannot yet say whether the entire series is affected by cuts. Unfortunately, at least the feature length pilot episode speaks for itself. In the course of the press release at that time, it was stated that the series was to be made attractive for today's broadcasters and streaming providers, and that probably also included cutting out scenes with a rough sexual touch without further ado.

This YouTube fan video also provides an informative and entertaining overview of the adjustments, according to which there will also be digitally revised effects and later music will not only be exchanged, but corresponding scenes will be shortened if the respective lyrics are somehow integrated into the plot. At time code 5:20, the censorship of nude scenes is identical as described in the following comparison and confirms that this intervention was already present in the international HD master and doesn’t stem from the German tv channel Nitro.

In the pilot, which is a double episode consisting of 1x01 + 1x02 (Panic at Malibu Pier aka Pilot) there are only censorship cuts of about 3 minutes. Right at the beginning, the model session on the beach is completely missing. Here you can see bare breasts and a butt with a thong. When Trevor prefers to watch them on the beach instead of doing his work, this was largely shortened and also somewhat tightened with re-cuts. His following love affair with the lady in the tent, where you can also see naked breasts again, was then completely removed. Apart from that, there are also a few short passages where the HD master is longer - most of these are probably moments where US TV had ad breaks at the time.

Time codes are ordered as follows:

Nitro HD at PAL speed / German FSK 12 DVD at NTSC speed

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The opening credits were completely replaced. The HD version features the well-known "I'll be ready" theme song.
Not included in cut duration.

Original version 30 sec longer

HD Master (Nitro)Original Version (German DVD)

For the identical subsequent shots, the credits were newly created.

HD Master (Nitro)Original Version (German DVD)

07:19 / 08:02-09:13

After Laurie has looked around, you see another photographer who gives some detailed instructions to his model. The girl wears a bikini at the start but takes it off when instructed to do so.
Meanwhile, the lifeguards above are enthusiastically discussing and cheering. They also take a closer look through binoculars.

70,6 sec (= 1:11 min)

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