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3.07 Crime Wave


  • Short Version
  • Original Version
Release: Apr 25, 2011 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Unlike all the other episodes of "CSI Miami", episode 3.07 ("Crime Wave") has a runtime of 62 minutes. Additionally to this full lenght version CBS also produced a shortened version with a runtime of 44 minutes (which is more or less the standard length for a CSI Miami episode).
This is a comparison between the shortened TV version (aired on the German TV station RTL) and the uncut version (which was also aired on RTL).

Note: For the sake of simplicity, all the screenshots originalte from a recording from the Austrian TV station ORF.

Overall, the shortened version misses out on 1159 seconds and offers a total number of 46 cuts.
Runtime of the uncut version (not including commercials or the credits): 1:02.19 min.
Runtime of the shortened version (not including commercials or the credits): 44.00 min*.
All the time designations refer to the uncut version.

*) Just as usual, RTL did not air the episode in its original speed. Therefore it is absolutely possible that some cuts (with a lenght of a few frames) might have been overlooked. We apologize for any inconvenience.
There are a few more shots of streets. The anchor says that everyone wants to fill up the tank in order to be able to retreat to outlying areas.
5 sec.

Frank passes the police cordon.
2 sec.

Several men carry crates through the CSI lab. Ryan is waiting for the elevator.
12 sec.

Calleigh leaves the screen a little longer while a man is carrying a crate.
1 sec.

At this point the shortened version is actually longer than the uncut version. In between the scenes of Horatio, Frank, Riddick and Calleigh inside the lab they added a black screen followed by a distant shot of the city.
In return, the shot of the lab (before Calleigh enters) is longer in the uncut version.
Shortened version: 4 sec. / Uncut: 3 sec. / Difference: +1 sec.

The scientist is shown a little longer after Calleigh left the lab.
1 sec.

Calleigh, Horatio and the man enter the house - this is shown a little longer.
3 sec.

Calleigh approaches the suspect.
1 sec.

Horatio asks the bank director which would be the fastest way to reach the rooftop. When he realizes that it is impossible to use the stairs or the elevator he asks about the vault.
5 sec.

Ryan is asked if he wants to visit his uncle. He says he does.
5 sec.

The woman is shown longer after Ryan left the screen. The following shot starts a little earlier.
2 sec.

At this point the shortened version misses out on an entire scene. Alexx arrives at a crime scene and asks Ryan if he already found his grandfather. Ryan affirms it and says that the hid on a roof. The corpse which was believed to be a possible victim of the flood wave is quickly identified as an embalmed corpse which was flooded there from a graveyard 3 blocks away. Ryan and Alexx drive to the graveyard. When they arrive the owner tries to run them off again. She states that they already found all the corpses that were flooded out of their graves. However, Alexx points out that a forensic doctor has to be present when they collect all these corpses.
The shortened version instead cuts to a distant shot of the countryside.
Shortened version: 3 sec. Uncut: 99 sec. / Difference: 96 sec.

Now follows another shot of the IA investigator standing around in the destroyed bank. After a short black screen and a few shots of the scenery, the graveyard storyline continues. Ryan and Alexx were able to identify all of the corpses except one. The pathology tells them that this man got murdered. Ryan interrogates the graveyard's owner. She tells him that she in fact did re-inter the woman they just found, however, she says that she doesn't know anything about a homicide. Ryan asks her to give them the surveillance videos.
175 sec.

Right after the flashback to the bank robbery the shortened version misses out on Calleigh straightening herself.
2 sec.

The shots of the scenery are a little longer towards the beginning.
4 sec.

The ending of the last shot of the scenery is longer as well. Horatio shortly watches the woman inside the hospital before he enters her room.
10 sec.

At the end of the scene Horatio again looks at the woman.
6 sec.

Riddick says that he doesn't know who they are but he asks them to leave the wounded guy alone; after all, he's already shot.
7 sec.

The uncut misses out on a shot of the bank director saying that the criminal fired a shot at his woman. The sentence itself can still be heard.
+2 sec.

Riddick asks them what they believe.
1 sec.

Eric tries to convince Riddick not to let the bank director go, however, Riddick doesn't listen to him.
7 sec.

Riddick walks a little longer.
1 sec.

The shortened version includes a slightly longer shot of Eric outside the apartment - he turns his head.
In the uncut version he enters the apartment and calls for back-up. Additionally, both versions use a different take of Frank entering the apartment.
Shortened Version: 3 sec. / Uncut: 15 / Difference: 12 sec.

Outside the apartment Frank informs Eric that Riddick disappeared.
Then follows an interview with the bank robber's accomplice - the whole interview is missing in the shortened version. The accomplice doesn't really have too much to say, but he tells them how he was recruited. Then follows a flashback of the bank robbery.
83 sec.

Alternative flashback.
Shortened version: The bank robber blows the safe up and then opens it.
Uncut: The bank robber opens the safe a little slowlier.
Shortened version: 3 sec. / Uncut: 1 / Difference: +2 sec.

After a missing shot of the scenery Eric and Frank talk about the blasting of the safe. At this point you also see the scenes which during the last cut were only shown in the shortened version.
88 sec.

Calleigh asks why several bars were left there. Horatio supposes that the robbers were not able to carry all of them.
5 sec.

The end of the scene is a little different in both versions:

Shortened Version:
Calleigh says that he wants to know how they want to retrieve it after the tsunami. Horatio says that he doesn't know that but wants to find out whose float this is.

Calleigh says that he wants to know how they want to retrieve it after the tsunami. Horatio says that they'll probably use a sonar and a GPS. Calleigh wants to call the coastguard. Then the shortened version completely misses out on the scene where Ryan watches the surveillance video. He tells the A/V-technician to use the car's weight to find out if it was carrying a corpse.
Calleigh enters Eric's lab and tells her about a serial number which he found on the nylon. The shortened version continues when you see a shot of the microscopy.

Shortened version: 9 sec. / Uncut: 73 sec. / Difference: 64 sec.

Another alternative end to a scene.

Eric says that it was Dr. Greecemar (?) from Miami. Calleigh says that she will tell Horatio that Eric is at the university.

Eric says that it was Dr. Greecemar (?) from Miami. When Calleigh asks if he is a medic or a scientist, Eric tells her that he's a scientist.

Shortened version: 3 sec. / Uncut: 4 sec. / Difference: 1 sec.

(Dr. Harrisson says that she's not an expert for tsunamis but for hurricanes.) Eric responds that she had a lot of work this year. Dr. Harrison affirms it but says that this is absolutely not in favor of the population of Miami. The following shot is slightly different in both versions, however, they both contain the same dialouge.
5 sec.

Dr Greecemar's interview begins a little different. In the uncut version he talks a little about his bags. Calleigh's first comment (she says that bags like these might also have been used during the bank robbery) is also included in the shortened version; however, they used different takes for both versions.
Shortened version: 3 sec. / Uncut: 22 sec. / Difference: 19 sec.

Dr. Greecemar shows Calleigh and Eric computer animations of a tsunami's destructiveness. He gives them a few more details about these monster waves.
Shortened version: 2 sec. / Uncut: 35 sec. / Difference: 33 sec.

After Calleigh's comment that they're probably interrogating the wrong expert, the shortened version immediately cuts to Dr. Harrison inside the interrogation room.
You don't see how Eric asks Dr. Greecemar about how and where he keeps his bags. Then Horatio picks Dr. Harrison up from a parking garage.
Ryan and the A/V-technician were able to use the car's weight to find a suspect who drives to the graveyard every week to visit his dead mother. Additionally, the guy knew the person who was killed. Ryan "borrows" the guy's car and starts investigating it. Valera arrives and is a little pissed because Ryan called her but didn't give her a sample. Ryan seizes a saliva sample from the trunk and gives it to her. After a long shot of the CSI building the shortened version continues. Just as usual, the first shot is not identical to the uncut version.
Shortened version: 3 sec. / Uncut: 183 sec. / Difference: 180 sec.

During Dr. Harrisson's interrogation there's a missing shot of her and a missing shot of Horatio.
6 sec.

The dustcloud is shown a little longer. Then follows a black screen. The following shot of Horatio is a little longer. In the shortened version the shot of the dustcloud slowly fades to the shot of Horatio.
Shortened version: 5 sec. / Uncut: 12 sec. / Difference: 7 sec.

After another shot of the scenery Ryan interrogates the suspect from the graveyard storyline. Just as usual, he confesses after a short while. He says that he loved his mother and killed his stepfather because he slept with a different woman after his mother was dead for only 2 days. Then he buried him at the graveyard.
185 sec.

Yelina checks Dr. Harrisson's credit cards and finds out that Riddick used her cards to buy a lot of fuel for a boat and an oil filter. Horatio says he should call the coast guards since he's about to pay them a visit.
58 sec.

The radar and the marine are shown a little longer. The sound is slightly shifted.
1 sec.

The radar and the marine are shown a little longer.
1 sec.

The water is shown longer.
0.5 sec.

Riddick releases the bag in a close-up shot.
3 sec.

A missing long shot of the boat.
2.5 sec.

You see Horatio's boat approaching Riddick.
7 sec.

Horatio is shown longer.
2 sec.

Ryan and Alexx are present when the graveyard murder victim is buried. In the shortened version they added a transition effect.
Shortened version: 1 sec. / Uncut: 54 sec. / Difference: 53 sec.

Horatio turns his head.
2 sec.