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original title: Alla ricerca del piacere


  • US Theatrical Version / US DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 15, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US Theatrical Version from the US DVD by Code Red and the US DVD by Eurovista.

Greta starts her new job as a secretary for the writer Richard, who is living with his wife Eleonore on an isolated island near Venice. However, Greta’s really mostly interested in discovering the reason for her friend Sally’s disappearance. Sally had also been employed by Richard. Her first research seems to support her suspicions that Richard killed Sally and sunk her body.

Amuck is a rather average Giallo, which is being upgraded by its good cast. Barbara Bouchet stars as Greta, Rosalba Neri can be seen as Richard’s wife. These two can be seen in a slightly infamous love scene in slow motion, which by itself is already a reason to give the movie a try. Richard is being played by Farley Granger, who had starred in Hitchcock’s Rope and Strangers on a train earlier.

There is no really good release of this rather unknown Giallo movie. The US DVD by Eurovista was probably taken directly from a VHS and zoomed in via Pan&Scan. There are two interesting but too short interviews with Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri in the bonus section.
In the meantime , Code Red managed to release the complete US Theatrical Version on DVD. Fortunately in a wide picture format, but unfortunately shortened by 13:53 min. At least the version is longer than the US VHS by SWV, which is missing about 20 minutes due to jump cuts and missing sequences.

Short film tears will not be mentioned in the comparison.

Running times:

Code Red DVD: 84:46 min.
Eurovista DVD: 98:21 min.

Picture comparison:

Eurovista DVD:

Code Red DVD:



The Code Red DVD is called "Maniac Mansion", the Eurovista "Amuck".

Code RedEurovista

CR: 3 sec.
EV: 3 sec.


The camera pans from the tape to Greta.

EV: 11 sec.


The scene continues. Richard leads Greta to a nail in the wall and says that it took five years to get the picture he wanted. He is telling her more about the painter.

Richard, Eleanora and Greta at dinner. Richard makes jokes with Greta.

EV: 1:10 min.


Eleanora and Greta are walking across a square. Eleanora says goodbye because she has an appointment at the hairdresser. She then tells Greta that she feels very lonely in the house and needs someone to talk to. However, Greta declines the invitation to come with Eleanora to the hairdresser because she has things to do. Greta can then be seen bringing some letters to a mailbox and entering a phone booth.

The next shot shows Greta a bit earlier.

EV: 1:04 min.


A part of Sally’s letter is missing, some scenes of reflections in the water can be seen. Sally talks of mysterious events she cannot forget.

EV: 32 sec.


Greta talks longer to Richard. He says that he is part of this decadent society as well.

EV: 31 sec.


The dialog durin dinner continues. Richard asks Greta whether she knew Sally, she says that she didn’t.

EV: 32 sec.


A rather long scene is missing: Greta is looking around in the basement, searches a wardrobe and accidentally drops a stuffed bird.

EV: 55 sec.


Greta walks to the boat and tries to start its engine. The butler appears and tell her that Eleonora hast he key for it. Greta comments that her errands will have to wait then.

Greta can then be seen trying to make a call but the line seems to be dead. She walks to the window and sees Eleonora and Richard leaving with the boat. Greta walks back, notices that the phone still does not work and switches on the tape recorder.

EV: 1:34 min.



Greta walks to the phone but the Butler picks up before her and says that Richard wants to talkt o her. He says that they will go eat and return late in the evening with Sandro as their guest.


A part of the scene in which Richard and Eleanora drive away in the boat can be seen instead.

EV: 1:05 min.
CR: 9 sec.


Greta turnst o Sandro, who says that everybody need to die at one point. Richard is not really amused by it.

EV: 3 sec.


Richard returns to the room and tells Greta that she does not need to worry because of her vision with Eleanora. He approaches her and says that he might fall in love with her so they should better go to bed.

EV: 1:24 min.


Antonelli dries his hair and sits down at Greta’s bed.

EV: 10 sec.


The three step on the pier and Eleanora says goodbye to Sandro, who wants to go fishing.

Eleanora talkst o Stuart about the inspector’s visit.

EV: 1:25 min.


Richard and Eleanora are walking through Venice.

EV: 13 sec.


Greta is standing at the pier and gazes after the boat.

EV: 6 sec.


Greta closes the door, goes to the next room and starts the tape recorder.

EV: 21 sec.


Richard gives Greta a towel and hits at falling in love with her again. She asks what Eleanora would think of it.

EV: 44 sec.


Richard says that he does not love Eleanora but Greta.

EV: 30 sec.


Eleanora is having fun with Rocco, there are cuts to Sally, the ashtray and the record player.

EV: 27 sec.


Richard drinks a glass of alcohol. Greta lights a cigarette. Then Richard can be seen walking to the window.

EV: 30 sec.


When Greta wants to leave, the phone rings. She picks up and Eleanora tells her to meet in the living room.

EV: 23 sec.