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original title: Perdita Durango


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 29, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut British VHS (BBFC18) has been compared to the uncut German DVD (FSK 18), which equals the unrated version.

The information regarding the cut lengths of the Great Britain releases are not unambiguous. About 37 sec. were cut for the theatrical release and this version was rated 18+, according to the BBFC homepage. The same cut length was noted for a VHS-release, also rated 18 years and above. The VHS that was at hand misses five and a half minutes, though. According to the OFDB (German IMDB), this is also the case for the old British DVD. "Old" because it seems that the DVD release from 2006 is uncut. OFDB also lists a VHS with a cut length of about 73 seconds, but this statement is most definetly wrong.
A ten minutes longer version that was only shown on the Fantasy Film Festival in 1998 has not been released to this day.

Runtime of the UK VHS w/o credits: 1:54:24
Runtime of the GER DVD w/o credits: 2:00:00

1 longer intro in the beginning of the German DVD (15 sec.)
15 cuts
= 336,68 sec. resp. 5 min. 37 sec.

Big thanks to magiccop who kindly provided the German DVD and thus, made this report even possible.
Timecode: UK VHS / German DVD


In the beginning, the German DVD features the Intro of "Advanced Film Verleih".

15 sec.


The British VHS misses the beginning of the scene in which Perdita and Romeo have sex.

11.04 sec.


The VHS misses the end of the Voodoo-ceremony. Romeo picks up a bag of cocaine from the floor. He cuts it open with a machete, presses the bag against his face and takes a deep breath. He then talks to the people. The scene ends with him hitting the body on the floor with the machete.

28.24 sec.


The VHS misses the part in which Romeo hits the corpse several times with the machete and cuts off an arm as Perdita watches his Voodoo-show. He then throws the limb into a bowl full of blood. Then he bows down over the body and cuts off a leg by hitting it several times with the machete. Again, he throws it into the bowl and pours the blood into his mouth with a cup. He walks to the audience and spits the blood into their faces. A woman rips open her shirt and runs to Romeo. He gets out his Machete, cuts something into the woman's back and then pushes her away. Romeo returns to the body and stands over it. He rams the Machete into the body's heart. The VHS continues as you see Romeo in a close-up shot.

50.52 sec.


The story of Jesus Christ, which Romeo tells Duane, was cut out. You see the crucifixion. In between, Romeo talks to Duane.

43.32 sec.


Romeo rips apart Estelle's T-Shirt. You then see Perdita facing Duane. She tells him to put up his arms. As she opens up his trousers, the UK VHS continues.

13.16 sec.


Romeo kisses Estelle's breasts and her stomach.

13.52 sec.


Romeo tries to takes off Estelle's trousers. Estelle struggles and writhes.

7.72 sec.


Perdita sits down on Duane, bottomless. She says she had the impression he was starting to like her. She strokes Duane's face and then pulls his hair. She threatens him with the weapon and tells him to say something nice to her. Subsequently, Romeo is shown again. After he could not take off her trousers, he puts his head between her legs. Estelle first tries to push him away, but then puts her hands on her face. Then, Perdita is shown again. She starts moving around on Duane's crotch. During the sex, Duane and Perdita are alternatingly shown. The UK VHS continues as she asks him how many times he had been having sex before.

53.64 sec.


The beginning of the scene showing Duane watching Romeo have sex with Estelle is missing in the UK VHS.

4.64 sec.


Duane is shown, watching the two furthermore. You then see Estelle and Romeo again.

5.64 sec.


The tracking shot across the crime scene is longer. One of the investigators picks up an embryo from the streets. He hands it over to his colleague.

23.6 sec.


The scene in which Perdita's sister and her husband are fighting is missing on the VHS. After that, he points the gun at his daughters and shoots them. The shots he fires at his wife are shown again.

11.44 sec.


A plot scene is missing at this point. Santos tells his daughter not to bite. You can hear her cry offscreen. Reggie goes down the steps and they talk. Santos says he had nothing personal against Reggie's cousin Romeo, but he had done a few really bad things. The Mexican government would also like to get rid of him. They then leave the house and the UK version continues.

45.64 sec.


The British VHS cuts off as Romeo stabs Catalina with a broken bottle. Romeo stabs him several times. He tries to defend himself, then you see a close up shot of Catalina's face with the shards of glass in the face.

4.12 sec.


The anime misses the snakes digging their way under the woman’s panties. The first few frames of the view of the woman are missing, too.

5.44 sec.

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