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Original Japanese 117 minute version in both Japanese language and new English soundtrack

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Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind

original title: Kaze no tani no Naushika


  • Old International Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 21, 2010 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
International Version: 1:30:40 min (PAL)
Original Version: 1:56:44 min (NTSC)

Time difference: 23:36 min (NTSC)

The time references refer to the International Version. The time difference was measured in NTSC.

Without a doubt, Myazaki's eco-eschatology drama is one of the best animes of all time and received numerous awards. Unfortunately, the international version, which was the only available version in the west for a long time, was about 24 minutes shorter than the original. This version has been released e.g. on VHS in the USA, French, Germany and the UK.
However: All DVDs released worldwide contain the original uncut Japanese version.
1:30Not a cut, but an introductory text is shown, which is not in the original version.

1:40 The opening credits are missing completely. A drawing is shown on a wall. It depicts the extinction of a civilization and the creation of a poisonous wood. In between, gigantic fire-demons are wreaking havoc on cities. After a close up of the flying Nausicaš, a big skull is shown on the ground. In the international version this shot comes before before the flying scene. Moreover, different music is played.
In total 95 sec are missing.

2:22 Here, the original opening credits end. The production company logo and the title "Warriors of the Wind" are shown.

3:31 Nausicaš runs through the woods longer and notices the empty shell of an Ohmu, which takes her by surprise. 26 sec

3:36 The princess continues to climb the shell. She reaches a ledge and touches the shell. Afterwards, she draws her sword and tries tries to pierce it, in order to determine the degree of hardness, but her sword bounces back. b>21 sec

3:43 Nausicaš finds an eyelid. Excited, she wants to take it. Then, she sprinkles some cannon powder around the edges of the eye and lights it with her weapon. 33 sec

3:47 She lifts the eye and looks to the sky. Suddenly, it starts raining spores. The rain gets heavier and heavier. Nausicaš hides herself under the lid and watches the fascinating spectacle. She is surrounded by spores in no time. Suddenly, she hears a noise, which seems to startle her.83 sec

12:20 The villagers marvel at Nausicaš's eye of the Ohmu, which lord Yupa brought to them. Nausicaš brings a baby and Yupa is asked to become its godfather. While Yupa is riding toward the castle, children are shown running through the village. 92 sec

22:19 The villagers search the fields for spores. A child finds some and calls for one of the men. Then, the latter destroys them with a flame-thrower. 28 sec

32:15 One of the most important cuts: While the war-ship is being loaded, Yupa talks to one of the men. The resurrection of the fire-demons has to be prevented under all circumstances. Change of scene: Yupa tries to visit Nausicaš, but she is not in her room. Teto scratches the wall with his paw and the lord finds a door there. Behind the door is a flight of stairs, which he follows deep inside the castle. Eventually, he finds the princess sleeping in a room full of plants. She wakes up and explains the function of the room to him. In the room she breeds plants that also grow in the poisonous wood. But due to the supply of clean soil and water from deep inside the earth, they do not emit poison! The contaminated soil in the wood makes them produce the the poison! Nausicaš had intended to help her father and everybody else with her discovery. Crying, she tells Yupa that she has stopped the water supply and that thus the plants will soon die. He takes her in his arms.195 sec

32:37 The princess is on her way to the airplane. Three children run toward her and give her a bag of Chico-nuts as a farewell-gift. She promises them to come back soon. 61 sec

43:50 Nausicaš is being wrapped into the feelers of the Ohmu. Its eyes reflect her vision. Freed of the mask and her clothes she sees herself in a golden field under a blue sky. Shortly afterwards, she stands under a big tree watching the sun through his leaves. 48 sec

48:03 Nausicaš has a dream. Again, she stands in the olden field, but this time she is a young girl. Her parents and a couple of warriors are riding toward her and eventually take her with them. They ride toward a big tree. Nausicaš positions herself in front of the tree in a protective posture. Suddenly, a small Ohmu larva crawls out between her legs. Jhil, her father, grabs it and takes it with him. The young Nausicaš shouts that he must not kill it. 125 sec

48:15 The princess pets Teto 5 sec

48:40 The pan shot up the cave is missing. Furthermore, in the original, Nausicša enjoys the view in silence. 13 sec

51:14 Asbel walks toward Nausicaš. She is lying on the ground happily. Shortly afterwards, both sit together and Nausicaš tells Asbel about the death of his sister. Asbel tries the Chico-nuts and makes a funny face. Later he repairs Mehve, the glider. In the evening the sit together at a camp-fire and talk about the poisonous wood. Nausicaš tells Asbel that the threes only grow to clean the world that the humans pollute. They absorb the poison, clean it, die and become sand. That is also how the cave came into existence. The insects, instead, are the guardians of the forest. Then, both go to sleep. 196 sec

55:55 In the valley of the wind: The people burn the contaminated trees. Thick smoke is rising up to the sky. 54 sec

After Nausicaš has been apprehended by the Pejite-people, she argues with their leader. The latter wants the fire-demon to destroy the woods. Nausicaš accusses him of being not any better than the Torumkians and explains him the function of the woods. 30 sec

64:44 Nausicaš is led into a room, where the women live. Asbel leads her through a secret passageway to her glider. 21 sec

69:48 Kushana and Kurotowa stand on one of the besieged tanks. Kushana walks over to the three hostages and suggests them to give up. But they cannot be convinced and annoyed he walks away again. A soldier asks Kurotowa for orders but is sent back again. Kushana orders the hostages to be freed and food to be given to his men. The attack is only one hour away.The inhabitants of the valley become nervous in the ship-wreck, where they have barricaded themselves. The old woman notes that this is the first time... 192 sec

89:17 Like the opening credits, the closing credits are missing. The Ohmus move on and the Torumkians leave the valley. The remains of the Ohmus are collected for later use,the village is rebuilt and new trees are planted. Asbel and lord Yupa leave the village and Nausicaš says goodbye to them. The movie ends with the mask and a small plant. b>98 sec

66:35 The pan shot toward the plant is included in the International Version. Then, the English closing credits follow. (Additional 65 sec)