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Eyes Without a Face

original title: Yeux sans visage, Les


  • French Blu-ray / German DVD
  • Amazon Prime Video
Release: Mar 25, 2020 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Georges Franju's cult film Eyes Without a Face (original title: Les yeux sans visage) is a real classic of the fantastic movie genre, with a very well done operation scene in which a face is transplanted. John Woo's Face/Off has probably been inspired here.

While in Germany mainly this mentioned operation scene was cut, in France a rather insignificant scene seems to be missing. Whether this is due to a master error is not known. Since this scene is about the death of pets, this scene could have been removed intentionally for animal welfare reasons. In the TV broadcast of arte Germany as well as the German DVD version of Concorde this scene is also said to be excluded, so that probably the same master was the basis here.

Currently, the film is available at (at least) German Amazon Prime Video in HD uncut, free of charge for Prime customers and with excellent picture quality.

Immediately after the surgery scene: The face is taken off and for a short moment you can see the bloody flesh underneath, before it is faded into black.
Here the missing scene begins. A dogcatcher brings a sheepdog to Docteur Génessier. They exchange a few words. (Translated from German)

Dog catcher: "People are all the same, Doctor. They love their pets while they are young. But when they get old and eat too much, they just dump them in the forest. I think there's no sense in doing things halfway."
Docteur Génessier: "Especially not when the second half is so much easier."
Dogcatcher: "Exactly."

Docteur Génessier puts the dog in a long room on a sling and locks it in the first kennel. He then passes several kennels with yapping dogs everywhere. He says: "Quiet. Calm down. Swallow it."

When the next half-length shot is cut to him, the French version also starts again.
77 sec.