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  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Nov 01, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the TV Version, as seen during the first broadcast on SyFy, July 30, 2014, and the Extended Version from the US Blu-ray

73 differences, including
* 13 instances of alternative footage
* 11 additional digital effects
* 5 zoom effects
* 13 recuts
* 13 instances of the TV Version being longer

Difference in running time:
* 49 sec without ending credits
* 542,7 sec (= 9:03 min) with ending credits


The Asylum production company has been responsible for a lot of quality mockbusters that pleased the trash fan community. For its own productions, the company relied heavily on animal horror flicks, the peak of this development being the 2013 movie Sharknado - a movie which inspired the writers to get more and more absurd with their mutation plots.

One year later, the sequel was finished and eventually responsible for yet another rating record for the network as well as incredible millions of tweets during the premiere (Click). The movie reached out to much bigger audiences than regular trash movies do.
Surprisingly, the movie itself (considering the natural limitations of this kind of movie) is actually much more entertaining than other specimen of the genre, which use up all of their highlights in their trailers already. This is due to actors which still overact like hell but are obviously having fun doing so. Even more important for the fun factor are a myriad of little insider gags and movie references (including the proper guest stars), which prove that the producers' place in pop culture is well deserved. Rather stupid and gory shark attacks are also far from lacking, all in all a nice package.

The only Blu-ray release so far can be found in the US only, a big "Extended Version" written on the cover. Unfortunately, this is one of the cases that anger fans and comparison authors the like – many many subtle differences in details can be found here which are all rather irrelevant and do not make the movie more interesting.

The Versions

Something which can already be guessed from the last sentence of the previous paragraph: Violence and nudity are not to be found in the new footage. The amount of violence a 14 rating on television in the US can tolerate is very high, as for example Hannibal proves, and the amount of splatter in Sharknado 2 is very high as well, but not more so on Blu-ray – except a few details which probably have nothing to do with censoring. Nudity was not planned in anyway.

The most interesting are the alterations which hint at some sort fine-tuning made to either satisfy the director or polish over some imperfect and maybe hastily made solutions for the TV Version. There are, for example, a few zoom effects which change the focus of certain shots. The most significant changes, however, have been made using digital effects: re-animations of the sky or explosions, an additional shark in the picture. The recuts are part of this as well and have often been made to enhance the dramaturgical power of the scenes. This as well has a rather marginal effect on the movie as a whole, but is still among the things most noteworthy about the alterations.

There are a few seemingly rather arbitrarily "normal" changes: Sometimes there are one or two more shots in a scene, sometimes moments like that have been removed. A common denominator cannot be made out here, in the end the differences sum up to a bit less than a minute more for the Blu-ray. The much bigger running time difference is a result of the additional blooper reel.

All in all, this comparison is very extensive but not very spectacular. There is no real reason for anyone to go hunting for the Blu-ray cut if they have the TV Version anyway. However, the extensive bonus footage, which illustrates the enthusiasm of the producers nicely, can be recommended to anyone interested!

Running time designations are formatted like this:
TV Version in NTSC / US Blu-ray
1 of 3
00:22-00:40 / 00:22-00:40

For some reason, the shot of the stewardess (Kelly Osbourne) going down the aisle was zoomed in on TV.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

TV Version longer
00:58-01:00 / 00:58

The shot starts a bit earlier in the TV Version.

+ 2,7 sec

Alternative Footage / Zoom
04:48-04:54 / 04:46-04:52

The Extended Version shows the co-pilot for a brief moment, whereas the TV Version shows pilot Bob (Robert Hayes from the Airplane! movies) instead, the following identical shot of Bob was zoomed for TV again.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

05:56 / 05:54-05:57

After Fin has been calmed down by the stewardess, another couple can be seen. The man (Wil Wheaton) says: "Next time we're upgrading."

2,7 sec

Digital Post-processing
07:26-07:33 / 07:26-07:33

The shark that has crashed against the cockpit leaves a bloodstain on Blu-ray instead of the brownish stain on TV. The lights in the background are different as well.

When Fin takes over the cockpit later, everything looks the same.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

Digital Post-processing
11:31-11:55 / 11:31-11:55

Fin's emergency landing has been completely redone. The cuts to Fin and the other people in the plane are the same, only the differing shots are shown here.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

15:21 / 15:21-15:22

The shot of Fin during the interview is interrupted by a cut to a policeman watching it (Andy Dick).

0,8 sec

15:23 / 15:24-15:26

The policeman sarcastically comments "Hmm, really?".

1,6 sec

15:25-15:48 / 15:28-15:51

And another zoom. This time the Extended Version is closer to the action. There are identical cuts to the policeman inbetween.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

Alternative Footage
17:01-17:04 / 17:04-17:06

Only the Extended cuts to the helpers behind the camera in the middle of one of the anchor's sentences.

TV Version 0,7 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

22:58 / 23:00-23:02

Fin can be seen briefly in the car, the people in the TV show start talking later respectively.

1,8 sec

Digital Post-processing
24:24-24:27 / 24:27-24:31

The sky above Fin's cab was made to look darker in the Extended.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

27:34-27:37 / 27:38-27:42

The flashback to Brian's last moment as an active player can be seen after his „You remember?“ in the Extended Version instead of before it.

Extended Version 1,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage
27:47-27:49 / 27:52-27:54

When his father is being mentioned, the playfield can be seen again, but only in the TV Version. The Extended Version sticks to McGuinness and Brian.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

28:48 / 28:52-29:15

The exterior shot of the building, in which at the end an umbrella is flying through the picture and into the window, is being interrupted in the Extended Version by an additional short scene with April.

She is testing her hand prosthesis for the first time and still suffers from phantom pain. The doctor asks her whether she wants more medication, but she declines.

22,3 sec

TV Version longer
28:50-28:52 / 29:17

An additional shot of April and the spot in the room where the window has been bashed in.

+ 2,1 sec

TV Version longer
31:14-31:16 / 31:40

When Fin wants to make Martin and the others leave, a longshot starts insignificantly earlier in the TV Version.

+ 1,8 sec

Alternative Footage
31:23-31:24 / 31:47-31:50

The Extended Version sticks to the close perspective longer before showin the first shot of the sky
In the TV Version, the following longshot starts earlier instead.

Extended Version 2,4 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version

32:07 / 32:33-32:34

A short additional shot of the panic in the stadium.

1,5 sec

Digital Post-processing
32:09-32:11 / 32:36-32:38

Interestingly, only the Blu-ray features a shark in the 42.

The audio commentary states that the special effect had not been finished in time for the TV broadcast.

No difference in running time

TV VersionExtended Version

32:11 / 32:38-32:47

A child has been left alone on the stage. McGuiness comes to help and sends the child to the front.

Shortly afterwards, he is defending himself with a baseball bat – this scene explains why he is alone on the stands.

8,3 sec

36:17 / 36:53-36:59

The construction workers are walking through the corridor, making jokes.

6,2 sec

36:20 / 37:02-37:03

The shot of the water drops begins a short time earlier.

0,8 sec

38:42-38:43 / 39:25-39:26

Only the Extended Version briefly shows the man with the donut sitting down on a bench. The following shot of the man already sitting there starts earlier in the TV Version (no pictures).

Extended Version 0,2 sec longer

39:34-39:37 / 40:17-40:20

Brian is using the giant baseball bat in a close-up. This shot can be seen in both versions, but the Extended shows it a bit earlier.

No difference in running time
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