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Release: Jul 24, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the BBFC 18 VHS by Parkfield Pictures and the Unrated DVD by Scorpion Releasing.

4 cuts = 54 seconds.
1 alternative scene = no difference in running time.
1 zoomed-in shot = no difference in running time.

The BBFC 18 VHS by Parkfield Pictures is the only release in the UK, so far. This VHS version is identical to the shorter R-rated version, which was released on VHS in the USA and on DVD in the Netherlands. In the USA, the completely uncut Unrated version was released on LaserDisc by Live Entertainment, on VHS by Republic Pictures and on DVD by Scorpion Releasing.
24 Min
The carpenter is clearly visible sawing off Roland's arm. He grabs his other arm and saws it off, too, after a shot of Alice. Roland looks down on the stumps, blood spattering out of them, while the carpenter turns to Alice.
10.5 sec.

24 Min
From the upper part of the stairs, we see the carpenter standing next to Roland, whose severed arms lie in front of him in a pool of blood. Roland is about to fall over when Alice walks past them, but the carpenter always pushes him back again. When Alice is going upstairs, the carpenter let's go of Roland and he finally topples over.
24 sec.

47 Min
The shot in which the carpenter saws into Farnsworth's head, with blood spattering around, is longer. The next shot, the victim being shown from behind while the carpenter is sawing, is missing.
5.5 sec.

47 Min
A master error, apparently: the carpenter is shown longer walking out of the picture.
1.5 sec.

47 Min
The carpenter drills into the neck of Landis. Then, he pulls the drill out; Landis sinks down and leaves a trail of blood on the wall.
14 sec.

48 Min
The tracking shot through the room, during which indistinct drilling is audible, is a little bit longer in the Unrated version. The R-rated version shows Landis sliding down the wall and leaving a trail of blood on the wall, instead. This scene already came up in the Unrated version.
No difference in running time

48 Min
There's a scene change to the carpenter, who is drilling into Landis lying on the floor, when Alice comes downstairs. They zoomed in the picture in the R-rated, so only the upper part of Landis' body is visible and the carpenter drilling into his body can't be seen. The reasons for this zoom aren't clear, because shortly afterwards, two identical shots are shown, but they aren't zoomed in.
No difference in running time


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