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Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars

original title: Xia ri fu xing


  • Japanese Version (Blu-ray New Edition)
  • Regular Version
Release: Dec 20, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Japanese Version (new Japanese Blu-ray from 2014) and the Regular Version (German Blu-ray)

7 differences

Length difference: 7:00 min (logos at the beginning excluded!)
* Additional Footage Regular Version: 14:47 min
* Additional Footage Japanese Version: 7:47 min


Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars is actually the third installment of the popular Lucky Stars series in which Jackie Chan has also a small part. Consequently, his name was used as crowd puller.
In a few countries, a slightly shorter version only lacking the end credits scene was released. Other than that, the uncut Hong Kong Version is the most distributed version. For that reason, this version is called "Regular Version" for this comparison.

As you know, Jackie Chan flicks almost always contain outtakes during the end credits since the mid-80s. The Lucky Stars series is the exception of the rule. Even the old Japanese Blu-ray of Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars proved that are in fact outtakes which were shown in that very (old) Japanese Version (please see the comparison). As the Blu-ray New Edition Box released on 12/24/2014 with all 3 installments of the Lucky Stars series shows, that was not it: In this box, "Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars" an actual montage with outtakes, the TWO other installments have their own outtakes as well.

Also unique in this box is the fact that all 3 installments are being presented in True HD while the Regular Versions are worldwide available only as SD Upscale - based on the Fortune Star masters. Admittedly, the HD masters are not that impressive: there are lots of small tears, it is a little dark plus there are hardcoded Japanese subs. English audio or subs are NOT available which makes this release only interesting for die-hard fans. But it ain't over until the fat lady sings. Maybe, there will be other HD releases in the future.

The Version

As already implied above, the outtakes montage at the end is identical to the one on the old Japanese Blu-ray so that the additional footage has already been dealt with in the corresponding comparison. Nonetheless, another comparison has been made. Only this time, the Japanese Version comes "first" resp. it is considered the shorter version here: the new HD master, probably based on an original Japanese movie role, lacks almost 15 minutes.

Let me remind you that for the old Japanese Blu-ray is based on the Fortune Star master of the Regular Version and the outtakes montage has been added at the end of the movie. That this does not necessarily has to be the original Japanese Theatrical Version goes without saying. It appears that the new Japanese Blu-ray contains the actual Japanese Theatrical Version: Here, several comedy scenes are missing. The additional footage at the end does not have any screenshots because it has already been perfectly illustrated in the previous comparison.

Whether or not all that justifies importing the box or the three single releases (released at the same time) is for you to decide. As already mentioned, it is more a fan thing - but eiter way, the pure existence of such an alternate version is rather curious.

Last but not least: HERE are a few uncompressed screenshots of the Japanese HD master.

Time index refers to
Japanese Blu-ray New Edition (Japanese Version) / German Blu-ray (Regular Version)
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Logos / Credits

Before the identical Golden Harvest logo, there are a few more logos on the German Blu-ray.
After the Golden Harvest logo, the new Japanese Blu-ray only contains a text box in Japanese while there is a further logo on the German Blu-ray.

German Blu-ray 59.5 sec longer

New Japanese Blu-rayRegular Version (German Blu-ray)

00:27 / 01:26-02:09

The opening gag is missing in the Japanese Version: There is actually lots of stock footage plus background facts are being presented by a narrator only to inform the viewer afterwards that all this has nothing to do with the following film.

43.2 sec

Japanese Version longer
06:37-06:38 / 01:26-02:09

Sammo a little earlier in the Japanese Version. Probably a jump-cut due to a bad master of the Regular Version.

+ 1 sec

07:18 / 08:59-12:51

Before Richard Ng drives to the magician, a longer night scene at the hotel is missing.

The bus driver sits next to te boys and has to take some stupid comments. Then, the girls show up and a casual conversation follows: The Lucky Stars are telling jokes and they always cuddle with the girls when they are telling the punch lines. Eventually, Eric Tsang gets attacked because he always gets in the way when Stanley Fung wants to cuddle with a girl even though he can't come up with a single joke. Richard Ng wants to save the day but he screws up his joke and the girls finally see the guys' ulterior motive: making a grab at the girls. When the girls have left, the boys jump Eric Tsang and storm off the table. The waiter asks Richard Ng who would pay the bill but he pins it on the bus driver and asks if the waiter had found a magician for him.

231.2 sec (= 3:51 min)

38:23 / 43:56-45:44

A longer montage at the apartment is missing.

First Richard Ng and his doll - he explains to Tsang to focus on the chief inspector now.
Subsequently, Stanley goes ballistic and destroys Sammo's puzzle. He then attacks Tsang on his way to the door again. Furthermore, he steps on Richard's doll before someone is at the door.

108.1 sec (= 1:48 min)

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