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  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Dec 18, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Blu-ray from MGM (R-Rated) and the uncut German Blu-ray from Universum Film (FSK Keine Jugendfreigabe)

- 3 cuts
- cutting time: 38,9 sec

From 1974 to 1994 Charles Bronson was in the Death Wish-series in revenge mode, which led not only with the BPjM in Germany often to problems. In 2017, Eli Roth dared to try a reboot with Bruce Willis, which in principle did well in terms of censorship. Only in Great Britain in the theatres for a BBFC 15 release a torture scene was slightly censore but for the home cinema release only the uncut version with BBFC 18 appeared. In Germany the KJ-rating of the FSK was also maintained in home cinema, while in the USA the R-rating was given without any MPAA restrictions that had become known.

Nevertheless, the US Blu-ray respectively in general, the version distributed in America and possibly also in some other countries is somewhat shortened compared to the version released in Germany. We only noticed this by a reference from user Vango1986 in our forum. The American viewers are denied watching a few small action/dialog moments when Bruce buys weapons for the first time. It is noticeable that in both shortened scenes the weapon manufacturer F-1 Firearms is mentioned. Maybe the manufacturer didn't find this so funny in the context of the film and for America the corresponding dialogue fragments were removed accordingly but Universum was able to buy the uncut version for Germany. Finally, there is a comment about the effects on the number of violent crimes in America, which might have seemed a bit too controversial.

Term specifications are according to the following scheme
American Blu-ray / German Blu-ray
The German Blu-ray still has a reference to Universum in the beginning.
Not included in cutting duration/quantity.

20.9 sec

36:59 / 37:20-37:47

After the commentary on the weapons already in use, there is a little more dialogue in the German version.

Paul: "Hard to know where to begin."
Seller: "Well, personally, my very favorite for taking care of business is right over here."
She walks over and takes out a weapon; "Here we have the F-1 firearm semi-automatic. It is 100% American made, we have a lifetime guarantee. This bad boy will shoot half inch MOA groups at a 100 yards, all day long. Now, if you're thinking more of a pistol, let me show you this guy."

German Synchro:
Paul: "Where should I start?"
Saleswoman: "Well, if you ask me, my absolute business favorite is over here. Here we have the F-1 Firearm semi-automatic rifle. It is built 100% in America. We offer a lifetime warranty. This bad boy shoots at 100 yards all day with a centimeter of shot bundle. But if you're looking for a pistol, I'll show you this friend here."

27.4 sec

37:02 / 37:50-37:59

Paul used to look back from the surveillance camera and the saleswoman continues: "F-1 also makes an AR with a 10-inch barrel. Nobody's getting past this. It's lighter than a fucking newborn baby."

German Synchro:
"F-1 also builds a rifle with a 10-inch barrel. No one escapes it. It's lighter than a shitty newborn."

8.6 sec

99:08 / 100:05-100:08

Here the black screen of the German version is a bit longer.
Interestingly enough, you can already hear the radio commentator commenting on the events in more detail here and in the identical follow-up scene. The italic part can also be heard in the US versions, the bold part in the German Blu-ray longer.

"Sway in the Morning. Shade 45 at Sirius XM. Listen, we finally have some great news coming out of Chicago. Violent crime has dropped for the first time in a year. Hey, Grim Reaper, we don't know where you are, where you went..."

German Synchro:
"Sway in the Morning. Shade 45 at Sirius XM.
Hey guys, finally great news from Chicago. The number of violent crimes is declining for the first time in a year. Hey, Grim Reaper, we don't know where you are, where you're going...

3 sec

If you select the German audio soundtrack, about 40 seconds Information about the German synchro will be played after the credits, which increases the running time of the German releases depending on the measurement.