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Love Rites

original title: Cérémonie d'amour


  • Director's Cut
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Dec 18, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Love Rites - Walerian Borowczyk's last film

In the Paris Metro, the self-confident fabric dealer Hugo meets the prostitute Myriam. He is immediately fascinated by her and the two spend some time together. Myriam invites him to a friend's boudoir to sleep with him. There Myriam shows her true colors...

Love Rites is the last feature film by Walerian Borowczyk (Emmanuelle 5). The quiet and dialogue-heavy drama with the poetic dialogues depends on the two main actors Marina Pierro (The Living Dead Girl) and Mathieu Carrière (Born for Hell) and a surprising last act. Skillfully, Borowczyk creates a pleasantly erotic film with a gripping twist by using the right editing and music.

Two versions of Love Rites on US BD by Kino Lorber

There are two versions of the film on Kino Lorber's US Blu-ray. In addition to the Theatrical Version, there is a shorter Director's Cut that has been trimmed by about 14 minutes in two places. First, the Theatrical Version has more dialogue between Hugo and Myriam as they sit on the steps of the metro, and second, the entire scene complex where the two walk into a park, meet a tattooed man, and finally kiss passionately on the street is missing. These scenes are not really necessary for the film, which is too long in its Theatrical Version. The Director's Cut should therefore be the first choice. The US Blu-ray is based on a 4K master and offers excellent picture quality. It gives the film a whole new glow, especially in the street scenes of Paris.


Director's Cut: 87:21 min.
Theatrical Version: 101:00 min.

Comparison between the Director's Cut and the Theatrical Version.


The scene in which Hugo and Myriam are sitting on the metro stairs continues in the Theatrical Version.

Myriam says that Hugo enjoyed finding her. The latter confesses this and adds that he deserves to be punished for it. Myriam counters that she surrenders rather than commands. She considers separation of powers important. She quotes a poet as saying that she comes from the night and will return to it, since she is also a sinner. Meanwhile, she has retrieved a dagger from her makeup case and plays with it before putting it back. Myriam says that she is not a respectable woman and he is not a respectable man. Hugo says that love comes before reputation. She shows him a little book a friend gave her called "The Adventures of the Linen Maid of the Pont Neuf" translated into German by Goethe. She reads to him from it. A maid confesses her love to the operator of a brothel. She leaves, but tells him where he can find her. Hugo says that there was a reunion, but Myriam says that the maid died of the plague. The two leave the metro. Myriam says that she got the book because she was walking a lot on the Pont Neuf and met her boyfriend there. She adds that her boyfriend has also already died.

Theatrical Version: 3:36 min


After Hugo and Myriam leave the church, a longer scene complex follows in the Theatrical Version.

On the street, a Japanese man takes pictures of a man tattooed with a snake. Various scenes of street life from Paris can be seen. A bus stops and various people get off. A couple The Japanese man takes pictures of them.

The man with the snake walks into the park and sits down next to Myriam and Hugo on the park bench. He asks for a cigarette. Hugo gives him one while Myriam admires the man's snake tattoo. The man says that he just got out of prison and Myriam should see the tail of the snake first. Myriam refuses. The man gets up and continues walking. Hugo wants to kiss Myriam, but she says that the park bench is not the place. She suggests walking on the boulevard.

The man accompanies the two on the street. He says that he knows a sensual place where the two can relax. Myriam counters that they can provide the sensuality themselves. Hugo finds it too much and sends the man away. The latter walks away, cursing something as he goes.

Hugo and Myriam continue walking. Hugo says that he liked Myriam saying to the man that they would take care of their own pleasures. The Japanese man sits down in a café and orders something to drink. Myriam and Hugo kiss on the street. A woman steps out of a café and waves to them. The Japanese man comes up to them and takes pictures of the two of them. Hugo sends the Japanese man away. He climbs on a container and takes more pictures. Hugo says that they have not managed to create a scandal.

Theatrical Version: 10:04 min.