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Death Triangle


  • Export Version
  • Hong Kong Version
Release: Jul 30, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the uncut Export Version (German Free TV broadcast from the 90s) and the Hong Kong Version (Hong Kong VCD by Universe)

18 differences, including 13x additional footage in the Export Version

Length difference: 125 sec (= 2:05 min)
* Additional Footage Export Version: 522.5 sec (= 8:43 min)
* Additional Footage Hong Kong Version: 397.5 sec (= 6:38 min)

In Death Triangle (aka A Serious Shock! Yes Madam!), one gets to see all three cute "Girls with Guns" icons Moon Lee, Cynthia Khan and Yukari ‘shima. Unfortunately, this is one of the movies that is not easy to get because releases are pretty rare. In addition to the Hong Kong Laserdisc, which is probably the best release qualitywise, there are only VHS releases and bootleg DVDs based on the tapes. Real shame.

A further uniqueness will be revealed in the following comparison: The Hong Kong Version significantly differs from the Export Version. On the one hand, the Hong Kong Version is simply cut resp. it is almost 2 minutes shorter than the Export Version. That being said, there is no lack of action in the Hong Kong Version resp. only plot scenes are missing. On the contrary, the CAT III rating is pretty jusified. All in all, the Hong Kong Version is quite interesting for fans because it also contains alternate and additional footage.

Interestingly enough, the character development of Kent is different in the Hong Kong Version. Other than that, the intention was to make the movie more open to Western audiences. Since this part works surprisingly better than the drama elements, the Export Version is not necessarily the worse choice.

Time index refers to
Export Version (in PAL) / Hong Kong VCD (in NTSC)
Since the Export Version is represented by a German TV broadcast, the movie title is in German. Other than that, the Export Version contains opening credits in English. In the Hong Kong Version on the other hand, the credits are in Chinese.

Export VersionHong Kong Version

Export Version longer
25:19-26:35 / 26:24

Subsequent to the scene at the shooting range, the Export Version contains an additional scene: The superior wants to know why May wants to leave town. After a little stalling, she explains it was because of her boyfriend who was going to marry someone else. The superior tries to cheer her up.

+ 76.7 sec (= 1:17 min)

Alternate / Export Version longer
35:55-36:22 / 36:07-36:42

Alternate take of May going back to Susie with her weapon at the ready after Joe's death.

In both versions, Susie whines that Joe needed medical attention. In the Export Version, May knocks her out with her weapon right away, saying that killing Susie was not the plan.

In the Hong Kong Version, she adds they were friends. May gets soft and explains she was not going to kill Susie for the very same reason. She lowers the weapon and walks away. Susie then a whines that Joe needed medical attention.

Hong Kong Version 6.1 sec longer

Export VersionHong Kong Version

Alternate / Export Version longer
40:59-41:10 / 41:31-41:49

Consequently, the scene at the apartment continues differently.

In the Export Version, Susie wakes up on the floor and calls for Joe.
In the Hongkong Version, she is hanging from the stairs and whines while looking at Joe's body.

Hong Kong Version 6.4 sec longer

Export VersionHong Kong Version

41:17 / 41:56-42:35

When Kent shows up, she is still hanging from the stairs at the beginning of the scene from the Hong Kong Version. Kent walks up to her simply to ask who did it. She then goes to Joe.

38 sec

41:19 / 42:37-43:05

Susie whines longer, Kent stands up and cars are driving by.

25.9 sec

Alternate / Export Version longer
41:40-41:43 / 43:26-44:04

When the kettle is being shot into pieces, the versions continue differently again.

The Export Version contains a shot of the people outside. They come running.

The Hong Kong Version shows the cop getting inside instead. May gets inside as well and innocently mourns Joe. Susie stands up.

Hong Kong Version 32.5 sec longer

43:44 / 46:10-47:12

Further shot of the street, followed by Inspector Wang May and Kent giving the order to follow Susie. He also makes it clear that if May has a problem with that because of her friendship with Susie, she would be off the case. May insists.

60 sec (= 1:00 min)

Export Version longer
46:32-48:05 / 50:08

After Susan asks for the weapon in Coco's car, the Export Version shows her contemplatively walking in a subway. All of a sudden, some woman with a stick and sent by Coco gets in her face and picks up a fight. Susie keeps the upper hand and tells her to tell Coco to forget it if she did not trust her.

+ 92.6 sec (= 1:33 min)

48:26 / 50:30-50:48

Before May starts preparing the weapon she took from the toilet lid, the Hong Kong Version shows Kent in the sauna for the very first time. What is really amazing though is the fact that he is not alone resp. Inspector Wang is with him.

17.6 sec

Alternate / Export Version longer
48:36-49:21 / 50:58-52:28

Alternate order of events until May is running away from Kent.

In the Hong Kong Version, there is a discussion with Inspector Wang resp. he wants to ease up the situation. In the process, Susie reveals Kent had covered up May's murder which makes him an accomplice after the fact. When all three of them are on their way outside, Kent takes the opportunity and gets May's gun in order to shoot Inspector Wang subsequently afterwards.

In the Export Version, Susie approaches Kent in the sauna all by herself. Susie demands to get to the station with him and tell the truth about Joe's death. Being at the front door, he gets her weapon and fires at her but he misses.

Hong Kong 40.9 sec longer

Export Version longer
49:36-50:07 / 52:44

Additional footage of the chase in the Export Version - further fighting included.

+ 30.4 sec

Export Version longer
54:58-54:59 / 57:48

In the Export Version, May gets off the bike insignificantly earlier.

+ 1.1 sec

Export Version longer
57:39-59:00 / 60:35

After the guy crane gets knocked out, Coco takes down two more guys in the Export Version and May takes down guys as well - using car doors and stuff like that included.

+ 80.6 sec (= 1:21 min)

Due to a commercial break in minute 63/65, 2 sec of a sex scene have gotten lost - unlikely that this has been censored intentionally.

Alternate / Export Version longer
64:29-65:11 / 66:21-67:40

Alternate take of Coco's conversation with her co-worker at the hospital. In the Export Version, she remains all by herself. In the Hong Kong Version on the other hand, May shows up and joins the conversation. Coco makes a few threats to snitch on all kind of things which leaves May behind contemplatively.

Hong Kong Version 32.9 sec longer

Export VersionHong Kong Version

Alternate / Export Version longer
69:33-69:37 / 72:13-72:17

Alternate reaction shot before the vehicle drives off.

no difference

Export VersionHong Kong Version

Export Version longer
69:46-71:32 / 72:26

Once again, a longer scene exclusively in the Export Version: Fight on the playground with Coco and her gang.

+ 106 sec (= 1:46 min)

Export Version longer
76:33-76:36 / 77:40

May walks away longer in the Export Version after stabbing someone.

+ 2.5 sec

76:40 / 77:44-77:49

Extended shot in the Hong Kong Version plus May stabs herself in the leg.

4.8 sec

Of course, the German Free TV broadcast lacks the entire end credits so it is uncertain whether or not there are further alterations (at the very least, the credits are probably in English - similar to the opening credits).