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Mafia 2


Censored Version
Rating: CERO Z (18)
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Rating: USK 18
Region: Germany

Release: Oct 30, 2011 - Author: Cpt.Barrett - Translator: Mr Miau
Mafia 2 is an action game by 2 which was released in August 2010. In the Japanese version, some censorship was applied. However, blood and gory effects were not altered as splatter, ragdolls and corpses lying around do not exist in the regular version either. Instead, the pictures of the pin-up girls were changed by adding black bars which cover their breasts and ocasionally their behinds.
In the Japanese Version black bars were put over the breasts of all the 50 playmates, which are collectibles which can be fount all over the game. If the player collects all of them, an achievement is unlocked in the console versions.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version