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Carry on Pickpocket

original title: Tai fong siu sau


  • Hongkong Laserdisc
  • Japanese Blu-ray
Release: Aug 21, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the censored Hongkong Laserdisc by Golden Cinema City and the uncensored Japanese Blu-ray by Twin / DeAgostini

- 2 relevant alterations
- no length difference

Sammo Hung already appeared in some kung fu comdies in 70s and shortly before he did nuermous flicks with Jackie and Yuen Biao, he did Carry on Pickpocket in 1982 which is basically a typical Hong Kong comedy flick with a rather episode-like structure about three crooks. They get sucked into some wild gangster activities which leads to Sammo kicking butt in the finale. One way or another, Carry on Pickpocket is quite entertaining for genre fans.

The girl, played by Didi Pang, confuses an attacker by flashing her breasts but fails when she does it a second time. Interestingly enough, there is alternate footage for both scenes. The Laserdisc Version is probably the more common one resp. releases beyond the bounds of Asia are pretty rare anyway. In April 2017, the movie was released in HD for the very first time worldwide: In Japan, it was released on Blu-ray as supplement of some magazine - more information regarding the magazine can be found in the thread on

The mentioned HD source contains more explicit footage of these two shots resp. she flashes her breasts twice while she is still wearing a bra in the Hongkong Laserdisc Version. Pang was probably doubled anyway, particularly the first time, nonetheless a quite interesting discovery. Hopefully, the Blu-ray will be in other countries as well - including English subtitles that is. So far, there is no indication for that though.

Time index refers to
Hongkong Laserdisc (in NTSC) / Japanese Blu-ray
10:20 / 10:21

A shot inside the club is insignificantly longer.

0.5 sec

20:40 / 20:41-20:42

Redundant missing frames when Richard Ng drives away from the gas station.

0.7 sec

31:38 / 31:39-31:40

The shot of Sammo pulling the blanket away begins a little earlier.

1 sec

39:58 / 39:59-40:02

The crowd at the station earlier.

2.4 sec

47:37 / 47:41-47:42

At the very beginning of Laserdisc 2, Sammo and Frankie are standing in front of the elevatr. The shot starts a bit earlier on Blu-ray.

0.9 sec

68:50 / 68:54-68:55

Sammo and Frankie enter the apartment earlier.

1.4 sec

87:56-87:57 / 88:01-88:02

When the baddie with the hatchet approaches Ann, she opens her dress for the first time.
The Hong Kong Laserdisc shows her wearing a bra. In the Japanese Version, she is wearing nothing underneath.

no difference

Hongkong LaserdiscJapanese Blu-ray

90:19 / 90:24-90:25

Ann and the pillows slightly earlier.

0.5 sec

92:51-92:52 / 92:56-92:57

When Ann, full of confidence, flashes her breasts to the next baddie (only to get hit in the face right away), there is an alternate close-up again.

no difference

Hongkong LaserdiscJapanese Blu-ray

Subsequent to the end credits, the Hong Kong Laserdisc contains a logo of the pruduction company Golden Princess. The Japanese Blu-ray only mentions Fortune Star. The Hong Kong Laserdisc is longer due to that.

Hongkong LaserdiscJapanese Blu-ray