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  • PG-13
  • R-Rated
Release: Dec 04, 2016 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US DVD by Global Multimedia (PG-13) and the uncut US DVD by Westlake Entertainment (R-Rated).

Difference: 4 scenes with a total length of 58 seconds.

After the impact of a meteor, respectable retiree Max Page is controlled by some alien force. Under its influence, he develops a lethal desire for human blood. Max commits a series of murders and runs. FBI Agent John Mills is chasing him but it turns out to be more difficult than he originally expected. Every time Max gets fresh blood, his body gets younger which makes it almost impossible to ID him. (Hell on Earth)

The Arrival is a rather bad flick but at least it has John Saxon in it. So far, the only uncut release is the US DVD. However, the German release only lacks a few plot scenes which is why using it to make this comparison was not a problem. Anyway, there is also a cut PG-13 DVD in the US - released as "The Unwelcomed" - and it lacks some nudity and love scenes. Furthermore, every single F-bomb in the entire movie got deleted from the audio track.
0 Min
Different logos. The logo of the PG-13 version is 10 sec longer.
PG-13: 14 sec
R-Rated: 4 sec

38 Min
Missing shot of Max at the gas station. Then the two armed robbers. One of them says to Max: Who the fuck are you?
3 sec

46 Min
Sunnie and Leslie in the sack. Max sits further in the front. He is looking at the photo in is hands.
15 sec

46 Min
After Max ignores Leslie's question what he was doing, Leslie turns back to Susie. They keep kissing and making out while Max turns back around to the photo.
10 sec

56 Min
Max's dream is cut. He is sitting in the bathtub filled with blood. With him is a woman he met earlier. He licks and kisses her breasts. At the end of the scene, he pushes her head underwater (or should I say underblood?). Then Max wakes up.
30 sec