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  • BBFC 15
  • FSK 12
Release: May 05, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Theatrical Version from the British BBFC 15 DVD and the uncut Theatrical Version from the German FSK 12 DVD, both by 20th Century Fox.

For the British version, the scene in which a rat is being put in breathing liquid was removed. This scene wasn't done with a trick, the rat really breathed the liquid. This was done in contrast to the scene with Ed Harris, because there this was done using a trick. Despite director James Cameron's statement that the rat wasn't hurt during the scene it was cut in the UK.

Running time of the cut British DVD without ending credits: 2:09:19
Running time of the uncut German DVD without ending credits: 2:09:57

4 cuts = 38,24 sec

The time designations also show the time index of the extended edition of the movie.
Theatrical Version: 19:07-19:09/19:07-19:13
Extended Cut: 26:01-26:03/26:01-26:07

When the marine puts the rat in the box with the breathing emulsion, the Britsh DVD stops. Instead, we see Alan saying: "No, man, she's gonna drown. Look."
The uncut version, however, shows the rat in the liquid. The marine holds the grate ove it.
Alan: "Youíre gonna kill her!"
Marine: "Itís OK. Iíve done this myself."
Alan: "Man! Youíre just drowning her."
3,84 sec

British DVDGerman DVD

The cut movie shows Alan watching his rat again.
The regular scene features the rat slowly getting used to breathing the liquid.
Marine: "It's gonna be fine."
Alan: "No, man She's gonna drown. Look. She's freaking out!"
Marine: "It's a normal adjustment period."
Alan: "Normal? Does this look normal to you? She's gonna drown!."
Marine: "He's talking the fluid into his lungs."
6,64 sec

British DVDGerman DVD

During the dialogue, we see the rat again.
Marine: "There he goes. Stil has a bit of anxiety here. Now he's strating to relax. He's breathing fine. See his chest moving? He's getting plenty of oxygen."
Catfish: "Damn rat's breathing that shit. That is, no bullshit, hands down, the goddamnedest thing I ever see."
Marine: "The fluid's harder to push in and out than air. It's a little more work to breathe" Now the German DVD shows Alan watching his rat (compare the cut earlier). (vgl. oben) "But he's doing fine. He's diggin' it."
26,32 sec

When the marine releases the rat again, some frames at the beginning of the next scene are missing, because the rat is still in the liquid.
1,44 sec