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  • Theatrical Version
  • Workprint
Release: Dec 03, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: brainbug1602 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (german BD) and the Workprint.

In the future humanity is threatend by alien insects. With the destruction of Buenos Aires the government launches a massive attack against the alien race. The high school students Johnny, his girlfriend Carmen and Carl enlist for military service, but find out that the enemy is far more dangerous than everyone expected...

Great Sci-Fi classic by Paul Verhoeven, which works on many levels. The movie criticizes fascism, is a satire, war movie and even a high school romance.

The Workprint is a pretty final cut of the movie. Some scenes, which focus on Carmens love life have been removed for the Theatrical Release. In the Workprint is clear, that she sleeps with Rico, but after his supposed death shares some intimate times with Zander and finally gets back to Rico at the end. These scenes might have been removed, because the viewer might get the image of Carmen being a slut. Otherwise there are minor extensions/alternate scenes.

Here and there are single scenes missing in the Workprint, mainly FX scenes, which supposedly haven't been completeted. Instead there is a black screen, while the audio keeps on running. There are about 10 of this scenes, which haven't been listed in the comparison. Because of a roll change two scenes of the bug attack are missing. This has been listed in the comparison.

Rico walks to Carmen, who is lying in the grass and sits down to her. He talks about his bad math results and asks her if she wants to sleep with him. Carmen agrees and both kiss each other.

1:02 min.


One scene of Carmen is missing. She turns the camera, because Zander can be seen in the background.

2 sec.



The WP cuts to Zander. He moves towards Carmen to kiss her. Cut to Carmen, who also turns to him. Cut back to Zander, who turns his with the words „Look“.


In the TV Carman can be seen longer. In the next scene she turns her head.

WP: 8 sec.
TV: 4 sec.


Ricos mother adds, that she would cook his favorite meal. His father mentions a glass of wine.

4 sec.


Zander goes to Carmens cabin. She is sad because of Ricos death. Zander tells her, that he will always be there for her. Both kiss and drop to the bed.

56 sec.


Because of a roll change two scenes of the bug attack are missing in the WP.

8 sec.



Rasczak orders retreat. There is some fighting in the background and the soldiers retreat.


The Theatrical Version shows instead some bugs, which crossed the wall and are attacked by soldiers.

WP: 6 sec.
TV: 6 sec.


Carmen puts some lipstick on. Zander goes to her and gives her a kiss. He asks where she's going. Carmen responds, that she attends Dizzys funeral and is happy that Rico is alive. Zander aks further questions if she's in love with him, but Carmen can't give a concrete answer.

1:09 min.


Carl sends the men away.

3 sec.



Carl can be seen longer in the Workprint. After that a cut to Rico and Carmen.


The Theatrical Version features an alternate scene of Rico and Carmen.

Carls „at ease“ can he heard in both versions.

WP: 4 sec.
TV: 4 sec.


Carmen says, that she hopes, that Carl gets the bug. Carl responds, that it's good to see her and Rico again.

9 sec.


Carmen turns around, after Rico left.

3 sec.


Another scene of the running soldiers.

3 sec.


Two additional scenes of the soldiers, who pull the Brainbug out.

3 sec.


Another scene of the cheering soldiers.

4 sec.


Carl nods and Carmen thanks him with a kiss. Rico says, that he didn't know, that he could influence humans.

7 sec.


Carl mentions, that it's a numbers game and the federation needs all the heroes it could get.

5 sec.



Carmen walks to Rico. She thanks him for saving her life. Rico mentions, that he did it for both of them. They kiss.


The Theatrical Version shows the cheering soldiers instead and after that the news reel with the medical examination of the Brainbug.

WP: 25 sec.
TV: 20 sec.