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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 01, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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37:34 / 42:13-44:27

We are at the factory that produces spray can glue which will become an issue later on. Elwood gets to the line and nods to a co-worker - this is the first and only time one gets to see Elwood without his glasses by the way. He grabs two of the can, puts them in his black briefcase gets out of there "conspicuously inconspicuous". Because he took two of the cans, he messed with the process and a lot of cans fall off the line. The co-worker does not seem to mind though and Elwood keeps making his way through the factory. In front of the office of his boss, he leaves the briefcase behind, enters the office and quits his job. His boss (Paul Butler) would like to know why.

Later in the Blues Mobile, Elwood gives an old worn out Marlboro box to Jake with the address of "Bones" Malone and "Blue Lou" Martini on it. The scene in which they are headed to the address on the box is much longer at the beginning and is accompanied by the "PETER GUNN THEME" again.

Due to the length of the scene, the detailed dialog is not being listed here.

134.3 sec (= 2:14 min)

38:57 / 45:50-46:01

Elwood puts the business card they got from Mrs. Tarantino (Toni Fleming) underneath the su shield and thanks her. The subsequent night shot starts slightly earlier as well.

11.2 sec

40:49 / 47:53-48:10

Jake appeals to his former band members' conscience.

Jake: "Now, who here at this table can honestly say that they played any finer or felt any better than they did than when they were with the Blues Brothers?"

16.9 sec

47:42 / 55:03-55:10

The demo slightly longer plus the leader of the nazi group (Henry Gibson) speaks longer in the megaphone.

Henry: "The sacred and ancient symbol of your race since the beginning of time."

7.4 sec

Alternate / Recut
50:10-50:14 / 57:38-58:01

John Lee Hooker's performance is distinctly shorter in the Theatrical Version: Up to the scene in the narrow alley, the Theatrical Version only contains a shot of the record store, frying burgers & a few zebra figures (no screenshots).

The Extended Version contains much more shots of the streets (including the shts from the Theatrical Version in a different order). Last but not least, the shot of them in the alley starts earlier.

Extended Version 18.1 sec longer

50:19 / 58:06-58:43

Further passionate shots of the street performance. In the middle of it, the Extended Version hier contains the shot of the zebra figures by the way - also earlier in the Theatrical Version (please see the screenshot before last).

37 sec

50:23 / 58:47-58:51

After an identical close-up of Hooker, the Extended Version contains an additional shot of the Blues Brothers.

4.4 sec

Alternate / Recut
50:25-50:31 / 58:53-59:13

Until the two of them have gotten to the Soul Food Café (said shots also starts a bit earlier), the Theatrical Version contains a few small shots of the musicians - please see 50:19 / 58:06-58:43 (no screenshots).

The Extended Version contains close-ups of Hooker performing the "Haw, haw, haw, haw!" part instead.

Extended Version 14.1 sec longer

Alternate / Recut
50:36-50:49 / 59:18-59:45

At the end of the scene (resp. until the Blues Brothers enter the café), the Theatrical Version here contains a few close-ups from the further alteration. In addition to that, there is some footage from the longer sequence from the Extended Version. For instance, the shot in front of the café is longer.

Extended Version 14.1 sec longer

Alternate / Recut
50:55-50:57 / 59:51-60:09

Before the identical interior footage, the Theatrical Version contains a single shot of a woman at the window - please see the second screenshot from the previous alteration.

In the Extended Version, Hooker argues with his colleagues instead.

Hooker: "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That was Boom Boom, the song that I wrote, back in the '50s."
Kollege: "No, you didn't."
Hooker: "...was such a big hit."
Kollege: "No, you didn't."
Hooker: "I wrote Boom Boom. I wrote Boom Boom."

Extended Version 15.5 sec longer

57:18 / 66:30-66:35

Before the shot of contemplative Aretha Franklin intimidating the condescending looking girl friends, 'Blue Lou' Marini rushes to the Blues Mobile and gets in.

5.3 sec

Additional Footage Theatrical Version
57:26-57:36 / 66:43

After Aretha puts the girls straight, the Extended Cut lacks the scene of the Blues Mobile driving off. Then a smooth transition to the the subsequent scene.

+ 10.1 sec

57:47 / 66:54-66:56

The tracking shot to the beauty parlor is slightly longer.

2.2 sec

69:01 / 78:10-78:32

Jake suggests to start with the sound check. Bob (Jeff Morris) gives the playlist to Tom 'Bones' Malone and Tom stays behind confused.

Jake: "What do you say we set up for sound check?"
Bob: "Excuse me, sonny, I guess I'll give this to you. You're the tallest one."
Tom: "Okay, what is it?"
Bob: "Well, that there is a list of the songs you boys will be playing tonight."

21.8 sec

Alternate / Recut
72:37-72:40 bzw 74:17 / 82:08-82:10 bzw 84:11-84:15

After performing Rawhide, there is an alternate shot of Bob. In the Theatrical Version, he is leaving the men's room while he is standing at a pinball machine in the Extended Version.

The shot from the Theatrical Version follows the Stand by your man performance and it is slightly longer.

Extended Version 2.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

73:56 / 83:26-83:50

Starting with a longer shot of the audience, the Stand by your man performance is longer.

24.2 sec

80:43 / 90:41-90:54

Jake and Elwood try to convince Maury Sline (Steve Lawrence) to get them a gig but he has different ideas.

Maury: "Discos. They're all discos. Singles. Mixed singles, gay singles. Those people like to tumble and carry on. They like to dance with each other."
Jake: "We are a dance band."

13.3 sec

86:16 / 96:28-96:37

Curtis (Cab Calloway) tells the band what the earnings are really for. The band does not like it.

Curtis: "Jake and Elwood are donating the band's share of the door money to pay the taxes on the Saint Helen's Orphanage in Calumet City."
Everybody: "What?"

9.8 sec

88:58 / 99:19-99:21

Small additional shot of the tank which is already full.

2.1 sec

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