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Predator 2


Sega Master System Version
Region: Worldwide

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jan 05, 2012 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Bensn
The game:
Predator 2 tries to reproduce the original film in the form of a game. The game adapts the events of the movie, however, without telling a story, which means that you are not able to catch the plot if you did not watch the film in the first place. You play the role of detective Mike Harrigan who has to fight his way through seven levels which do not vary regarding the gameplay: Following the hostagesí cries for help, rescuing them before they are caught by the Predator and shooting the Gang members. Also, the variety among the enemies is very limited, which spoils the party already after a short while. While you play the Mega Drive version from the birdís eye perspective, the Master system variant is a Side-scrolling game. In terms of the content, however, the two versions are identical.

comparison by images:
Master System:Mega Drive:

censorship report:
note: Whether the following alteration has its origins in technical reasons (The Master System may be too weak to render the graphics) or whether it is a censorship could unfortunately not be clarified.

Compared were the Mega Drive version and the Master System version.
If you do not rescue the hostages quickly enough, they will be aimed at and shot by the Predator. As they explode, the Mega Drive version shows parts of bodies flying in the direction of the screen. The Master System version shows just the explosion.

Master SystemMega Drive