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Saints Row 4


Censored Version
Rating: OFLC MA15+
Region: Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: PEGI 18+
Region: Austria

Release: Apr 12, 2015 - Author: The Hitman - Translator: DaxRider123
The fourth installment of the Saints Row series depicts the Saints' leader as president of the USA. Of course, this leads to a lot of chaos. While the first game was moe of a serious-toned clone of the GTA series, it took a sharp turn from part two onwards and included more and more crazy ideas. This fourth parts now takes the biscuit: Aliens suppress humanity and the earth is more or less a place to turn to to feel better. You are a part of the Saints who have to fight back as leaders of the world. All craziness during the missions is back, one weirder than the other, making the game an ubelievably (positively!) trashy experience.

Saints Row IV was confronted with quite some problems for its Australian release. However, it was not violence that upset the censors - it was a mission that not only makes the player get some drugs but also includes the consumption of said substances. Also, one of the weapons was considered to be too coarse. The respective stories behind this censorship were already reported on our website.

Buyers of the Australian version thus have to live without Shaundi's loyalty mission as well as the separately available Rectifier. The latter can be purchased via the Season Pass. Whether or not the weapon is included in the Australian Game of the Century-Edition we cannot tell at this point.

This is a comparison between the censored Australian Version and the uncensored Austrian Version.
Deleted Mission: Loyalty - Girls Night Out
Shaundi has a problem. Veteran Child is back and makes life difficult for her. You as the Saints' boss are supposed to get rid of the fellow. You are supported by Fun-Shaundi (the version of her from part two). However, she at first has a better idea: a dealer supposedly has a superdrug that is said to improve one's body's capabilities. Throughout the entire mission, the two Shaundis constantly slang each other. Still, they all leave to get the stuff. The first dealer apparently only has fake drugs. The second time, though, the drugs have the desired effect and the Saints can finally go get Veteran Child. However, at first you have to deal with aggressive people wearing bunny costumes as well as copies of Veteran Child. As a reward you get a few new companions that - in the Australian Version - are unlocked one mission earlier.
(All following images come from the uncensored Austrian Version).

Weapon: Rectifier
This "device" is placed on the back of unfortunate victims. A blur filter appears at the respective point and the victim gets fired in the air whilte starts fly around. That is it.