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  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Jun 24, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version and the German Version, both available on the German DVD by Motion Picture

39 differences*, among them
- 10x alternative course of events
- 8 scenes that have been zoomed in
- 6 scene that are only longer in the German Version

Difference: 373.3 sec (= 6:13 min)

* Logos not considered Furthermore, there are several jump cuts in the German Version that only have been considered in the following comparison when they are longer than 0.5 seconds in order to keep it simple. They have not been considered in the above list of differences though.

Quite entertaining actioner from the 70s that contains a catchy soundtrack and some nice car races or car scenes in general. The epnoymous gang who is also in charge of the mentioned car scenes loves it wild. As a result, there are topless women in some scenes. Apparently, the US rights holder wasn't too fond of that because as for that matter, the US Version differs a lot during those scenes.
Long story short: the German Version is destinctly more revealing while the girls stay dressed in the US Version (often by alternate takes but also by zooms). On the other hand, the German Version lacks several plot elements most of which are rather redundant and slow down the pace though. Bottom line, the German Version is the better one!

The German DVD by Motion Picture contains both versions whereas the German Version is only a bonus and it has been restored based on the master of the US Version. Consequently, the image quality changes permanently resulting from all the exlusive footage in the German Version. But it is acceptable and one gets to watch the better version in its best quality possible. Annoying and also inconprehensible are the many little jump cuts restored, e.g. in the middle of a scene. Makes sense for scenes in which a sentence has been cut off in the middle but it is mystery why this also affects several tracking shots etc. because it reduces the fun while watching the movie.

Moreover, the German VHS has been used for this comparison as well. Just to be on the safe side. because it is not uncommon that something gets lost in a restoration process with two different masters. But that isn't the case here, the German Version on the DVD is 100% identical with the German VHS.

On the downside, the German VHS Version is cut - compared to the German Theatrical Version. The missing plot elements are a result of the actions from the German label and it would have been much nicer if Motion Picture had restored the German Theatrical Version resp. if footage and sound from the Theatrical Version would have been available.
It is very conspicuous in a scene missing in the German VHS Version which didn't make it in the bonus material either but that sequence was at least available from the Italian VHS in the restoration process. The swimming scene in the lake before the finale is actually way brighter than it is in the US Version, one gets actually to see some nudity (breasts and butts) here. And also, some shots of the sexual act between Angie and T.J. are alternate/more revealing which was also the case in earlier scenes of the movie. Please see the following comparison for any details.

Time index refers to
German Version in PAL / US Version in PAL

The US Version starts with three more logo.

26.9 sec

During the following opening credits, a total of 1.9 seconds get lost. Not really noticeable though.

Please note:

When the girls in the car show their breasts and butts at the beginning, this is also in the US Version for some reason although any further nudity has been removed.

08:31 / 09:00-09:03

After losing the profit they made of Hi-Rider Billy to the cop, Mark says to Lynn in an additional shot: "Can't win 'em all."

3.1 sec

08:32 / 09:04-09:05

Subsequently, there is a jump cut during the shot of the gas pump at the gas station.

1 sec

11:53 / 12:26-12:27

Jump cut when Billy has just arrived at his buddies and gets out of the car.

0.6 sec

17:38 / 18:13-18:20

Extended shot of Mark and Lynn at the table plus the following shot in the yard starts earlier.

While there is only left a problem of Mark without any context in the German Version, the US Version contains the following conversation. The Hi-Rider appologizes for the problems he has caused and Mark responds with "No problem."

7 sec

20:14 / 20:56-20:58
As often, a jump cut in the middle of the shot. As a result, there is only one incomprehensible word left in the German Version when Lynn reacts to Mark's comment that she didn't even know the rules. In the US Version, she admits to not knowing the rules but knowing tat Billy was a loser.

1.9 sec

20:28-20:31 / 21:12-21:15

Extended shot of the Hi-Rider and the girl in the German Version. She takes off her top.
The US Version contains two shots of Billy instead.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

20:36-20:37 / 21:20-21:21

And again: the German Version shows the girl while the US Version shows the Hi-Rider.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

20:40-20:41 / 21:24-21:25

During the starting signal, the US Version cuts to Mark and Lynn for a brief moent.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

21:52-21:59 / 22:36-22:43

Alternate shots during the party. The footage in the German Version is rather harmless as well.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

22:11-22:27 / 22:55-23:11

In the German Version, a guy may take a bath in breasts and another one gets his rotch grabbed. The footage in the US Version is less wild.

US Version 0.2 sec longer

German VersionUS Version

22:39-22:52 / 23:23-23:36

And again: the footage in the US Version is more harmless.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

22:53-22:59 / 23:37-23:43

After a short identical moment of the "breast diver" (by the way, the master switches in the middle of the scene which means one single second has been taken from the superior US master), the versions continue alternately for a while.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

23:04-23:54 / 23:48-24:38

No aternate footage this time. A very long shot has been zoomed in in the US Version. As a result, there is way less information - especially on the left and bottom.
There isn't much going on but the reason was probably the "breast diver" and the woman next to him who is about to take off her top.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

24:18-24:26 / 25:02-25:10

For continuity reasons, the following shot of the US Version has been zoomed in as well.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

Only German Version longer
24:30-24:32 / 25:14

Again a different image source because the girl takes off her top, but only in the German Version.

+ 1.8 sec

24:32-24:41 / 25:14-25:24

And another zoom when Mark and Lynn are leaving.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

Only German Version longer
24:42-24:54 / 25:24

The shot ends earlier again and the breasts are being withheld from the US audience.

+ 11.6 sec

Only German Version longer
24:59-25:04 / 25:30

Only the German Version cuts to the topless girl.

+ 5.1 sec

Only German Version longer
25:07-25:16 / 25:33

The shot of her starts earlier before Billy arrives and slips his shirt over her.

+ 8.6 sec

Only German Version longer
25:21-25:30 / 25:38

While it looks like a noble deed of Billy in the US Version, the end of the scene tells another story: she is topless again and Billy has her on his shoulders.

+ 9.6 sec

25:34-25:45 / 25:42-25:53

The remaining part of the scene has been zoomed in again so that the naked girl on the shoulders can't be recognized.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

Only German Version longer
25:48-25:51 / 25:56

Additional shot of the girl on the shoulders.

+ 2.3 sec

26:00-26:05 / 26:05-26:10

When she asks Billy to move, there is a further zoom. This also affects the following scene in which she can actually be seen in the background.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

26:08-26:10 / 26:13-26:15

Breasts and heads vs. heads only.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

26:14-26:17 / 26:19-26:22


no difference

German VersionUS Version

26:23-26:26 / 26:29-26:31

Going on.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

27:29 / 27:35

Restored jump cut in the middle of a landscape shot.

0.6 sec

27:32 / 27:38-27:40

Another one.

1.7 sec

29:00 / 29:08-29:09

Also when the bar is being entered.

0.5 sec

29:03 / 29:12

And another one.

0.7 sec

30:15 / 30:24-30:25

When the girl has just entered the bar, a few frames get lost again.

0.7 sec

30:37 / 30:47-30:52

More provoking of Barkeeper Red.

4.3 sec

31:09 / 31:24-31:31

Further shot of Mark and the others. Then, Mr. Lewis approaches Red who asks if he had something to offer. Mr. Lewis explains he was going to put it simple so that Red could follow.

With the following comment, the versions are back in sync.

7.7 sec

32:37 / 32:59-33:18

Slightly extended shot of the girl, then an exterior shot of Jason driving up. The interior shot is longer as well resp. it takes longer until he enters.

18.4 sec

35:01 / 35:43

Jump cut in the middle of the shot when the Hi-Riders are screwing around in front of the cars outside.

0.5 sec

43:24 / 44:07-44:09

Jump cut in the middle of the shot, the shot of the car is longer.

1.5 sec

48:01 / 48:45-49:02

A first shot of Red in the German Version (for whatever reason taken from the German VHS instead of the superior US master even though it would have been possible to use the US master) but the US Version shows further footage from the inside of the bar before that: two girls are led to the table and they start dancing on top of it.

17.1 sec

48:03 / 49:04-49:09

And another shot of it, only from behind though. As a result, one can only assume that the girl is topless but one doesn't actually get to see the breasts.

5 sec

48:09-48:15 / 49:15-49:21

After the identical shot of Mark and Lynn at the table (and again: why take the footage from the German VHS instead of the US master?), there is alternate footage of the girls on the table: in the German Version, one gets to see breasts again while the US Version contains a profile shot plus a shot of Red instead.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

48:59-49:02 / 50:06-50:09

Extended shot in the German Version: tracking shot of the girl, including a look at her breasts. The US Version shows Mark and Lynn instead.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

49:13-49:21 / 50:19-50:27

The German Version contains a long, continous shot until Mr. Lewis enters the bar. In other words: more boobies. The US Version on the other hand cuts to Red twice and shows a profile shot of the crowd in between.

no difference

German VersionUS Version

51:08 / 52:15-52:17

The shot of Mark/Lynn and the Sheriff are insignificantly longer at the beginning/end.

2 sec

51:12 / 52:21-52:28

Longer shot of the Sheriff walking out of the bar, followed by a first shot of the people at the table. Mark wants to know from Angie what she knew about Lewis. With her response, the versions re back in sync.

7.5 sec

51:40 / 52:56-52:58

Jump cut during the transition of the shots of Red and Angie.
For that matter, Red's warning comment to Angie sounds broken in the German Version..

2.2 sec

52:54 / 54:12-54:14

Jump cut in the middle of a shot.

1.2 sec

53:00 / 54:20-54:21

Same here.

1.8 sec

58:40 / 60:01-60:02

Jump cut when they get out of the car.

0.5 sec

59:01 / 60:23-60:24

Missing moment after a shot of Mark and Lynn.

0.7 sec

67:16 / 68:39-70:41

After astonishing 8 minutes without any differences, now a longer missing scene of the car chase.

Mark stops at a rest house. T.J. gets out of the car and calls the Sheriff. He tries to convince him that they now had solid evidence for the cruel intentions of the people chasing them. When the Sheriff asks about their whereabouts, he remains silent though and hangs up instead. T.J. returns to Mark and the others and tells them about the phone call. He also tells them he hung up prematurely, just to be safe. In the end, they decide to keep on driving because people were already looking for them anyway.

121.6 sec

70:00 / 73:25-73:26

Jump cut shortly after our heroes got out of their cars.

0.9 sec

Subsequently, several further jump cuts, all of them shorter than 0.5 seconds.

70:43 / 74:11-74:40

Mark tosses his keys to Lynn. Then a cut to Mr. Lewis who puts his keys on the desk - nice montage by the way. He makes a call and instructs his dialog partner not to call until they were all dead.
Subsequently, the scene with Mark and the others at the lakeside at night starts earlier.

29.5 sec

71:18 / 75:15-78:21

The scene that allegedly takes place at night is much longer plus T.J. and Angie are cuddling when some corny song is being played.
Meanwhile, Mark and Lynn are in the water. They challenge T.J. and Angie to get in as well. After thinking about it, they do just that.

Going on with packing the stuff. T.J. is looking for his clothes, Mark offers him some of his. They are discussing issues like food and gas which is why T.J. brings Mr. Lewis into play again. T.J. plans to attack him when he expects it the least.

185.6 sec

Please note:

As the screenshots perfectly illustrate, that it appears to be night (as already insinuated earlier). But there was also an available sequence from the Italian VHS in which the very same scene takes place during the day and there is a lot of nudity, too. There are even a few alternate/more revealing takes. Obviously, the footage was darkened for the US Version in order to make it look more harmless.

Too bad that Motion Picture was probably unaware of it. They could habe at least put that scene as bonus on the DVD.

Screenshots from the Italian Version

79:09 / 86:12-86:13

Jump cut after the car crashed into the den.

0.8 sec