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  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Nov 28, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the TV version (German DVD by Splendid) and the extended version (UK DVD by Anchor Bay).

- 111 differences, including:
- 42 additional scenes
- 43 extended scenes
- 7 scenes with alternative material
- 2 additional scenes in the TV version
- 8 extended scenes in the TV version
- Running time difference: 1596.1 sec or 26 min 36.1 sec

Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror (2005) consists of 2 seasons with 13 episodes each, the first episode was broadcasted on Showtime on 28.10.2005. Each episode was directed by a different well-known horror genre director and the style of each episode is accordingly different. Due to the nature of the project, it's almost in the nature of things that there are both better and worse contributions, but the bottom line is, that the two seasons are quite successful.

After the series was discontinued by Showtime, Mick Garris signed a contract for 13 episodes with NBC - but not for a 3rd season of Masters of Horror, but for a new similar series called Fear Itself. In summer 2008 the broadcast started, but after only one season the series was discontinued.

The cut comparison

In addition to the Nameless Mediabook (with both versions), the UK DVD by Anchor Bay (extended version) and the German DVD by Splendid (TV version) were also available for the cut comparison. The screenshots of the extended version are taken from the Mediabook version of Nameless.

In contrast to the two episodes of the series, these are not shorter UK / US versions, which are compared here. These are two official (US) versions.
But where are the differences? After all, about half an hour of film-material was removed for the TV broadcast...

Episode 2x13: Dream Cruise

As already mentioned, Dream Cruise is actually a 90-minute film or an episode in feature length, but of course it doesn't fit into Showtime's program scheme, which at the same time explains the existence of the shorter TV version.

In this episode there are countless, completely insignificant small changes - mostly in favor of the TV version because you can save time relatively easily without having to remove any elementary footage. There is also the opposite case, where the TV version is longer for some reason, but this happens comparatively rarely. Of course there are also longer scenes, which can be seen exclusively in the extended version - but more about that in the following cut comparison.

The bottom line is that both versions have their advantages. On one hand, the TV version saves you a lot of irrelevant material, which saves you some time as you really don't miss a thing. On the other hand, some of the additional moments of the extended version have their charm - especially in the finale when the whole thing is dissolved. In the end, you just have to ask yourself if you want to see the extra half an hour or not. You really don't do anything wrong with either of the two versions.

A big thank you to Nameless Media for providing the Mediabook!

Term specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
TV version / extended version
1 of 2
Opening credits
00:00 / 00:00

The TV version starts with the regular series opening credits, then follows the opening credits to "Dream Cruise". The extended version lacks the series opening credits. Instead there is a short "STARZ Media" logo, followed by the opening credits for "Dream Cruise".
The discs of Nameless Media have a Splendid logo at the beginning, as already with other episodes, which also explains the difference in time to the version used for this comparison. (no screenshots)

The actual opening also differs. As already mentioned, the TV version contains regular series credits. In the extended version other footage is used and there are additional credits as well.
TV VersionExtended Version

Afterwards further credits are shown in the TV version, in the extended version this is not the case. The film-material itself is identical (no screenshots).

Note: Occasionally there are additional credits in one of the two versions, which will not be discussed further in the comparison report unless there are further differences.

TV version 8.4 sec longer

Additional scene
02:48 / 02:40

After Jack was rude awaken from his sleep, he sits upright in bed. Only the extended version shows him getting up, going down the stairs and into the bathroom. As soon as he has the towel in his hand the compared versions run synchronously again.

24.8 sec

Additional scene
05:05 / 05:22

Two additional scenes with Jack and the cap floating on the water.

4,1 sec

Additional scene
05:33 / 05:54

Jack is sitting on his bed when suddenly his phone rings. He gets up, grabs the phone and looks at the display. It's Yuri. Jack hesitates at first but then answers. Yuri asks if she woke him up, he says he had to get up anyway. Yuri worries about Saito and wants to know if he mentioned anything to Jack. Jack asks what's going on and goes out onto his balcony. Yuri explains that something is wrong. Jack asks what Saito said but Yuri is more interested in finding out why Jack didn't show up for the appointment and Jack justifies this with a meeting. He adds it was already too late to call her. Then Yuri asks if they will see each other again soon. Jack says he will call her.

116 sec or 1 min 56 sec

Additional scene
05:38 / 07:55

Additional exterior camera shot in the extended version.

3,4 sec

Additional scene
05:44 / 08:05

Ditto. Then an additional take from Jack.

7.4 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
05:44 / 08:12

The close-up of the company logo is insignificantly longer in the TV version.

TV version 0.2 sec longer

Additional scene
05:47 / 08:14

Jack is informed by the receptionist that Harrison wants to see him immediately. Furthermore you can see Jack entering Harrison's office and Jack handing over the Saito folder.

In the TV version, the beginning of Harrison's comment was placed over the slightly different close-up of the company logo (see previous change).

21.7 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
06:21 / 09:11

Jack's scene is a little longer on TV.

TV version 1.4 sec longer

Additional Scene / Additional Scene TV Version / Editing
06:28 / 09:16

Jack's conversation with Harrison is longer. Jack has to be discreet because Saito is an important client. Besides he should be careful but Jack says Harrison doesn't have to worry about him. Then Jack leaves Harrison's office.

Then you see Jack at his desk. He is on the phone and complains that he hasn't reached anyone despite several attempts.

When Jack ends the call the compared versions are back in sync. At least almost because Jack's last comment (before he hangs up) was overlayed in the TV version with the close-up of Jack's photo with Saito and Yuri. This short shot can be seen here exclusively in the TV version because the extended version shows Jack on the phone all the time but a short time later you can also see this shot in the extended version. (4,8 sec)

47.3 sec

Extended scene
06:48 / 10:23

At the beginning and the end of the close-up from Jack, while he is standing at the window looking outside, there are some additional frames in the extended version. Only in the extended version he lowers his head at the end of the take and looks down.

1.1 sec

Additional scene / Circumcision
06:53 / 10:30

More precisely, he looks at the photo, which you already saw in the TV version shortly before (see last change at 06:28 / 09:16). Here the close-up of the photo is 0.5 sec shorter than in the TV version. (no screenshots)
4,3 sec

Additional scene
06:53 / 10:34

Now it becomes clear why the close-up of Jack shortly before (see 06:48 / 10:23) is a little longer in the extended version (he looks down at the end of the shot), the close-up of the photo in the TV version (see last change) also makes sense at this point, because at this point you can see Jack lost in thought staring at the photo. He hides the right part of the photo or he hides the dedication on the picture while he continues to stare contemplative at the picture. Finally he hears his name in the background.

20.8 sec

Extended Scene TV Version / Additional Scene
06:53 / 10:55

Since Jack already turns around at the end of the last additional take after hearing his name, and that scene is missing in the TV version (see last change), the camera sequence there starts some frames earlier, so that Jack also gets the chance to turn around (completely) in the TV version, when he hears his name in the background.

Jack is informed that Saito is on the phone. He goes to his desk to answers the call. In the extended version there is a short additional shot of the photo that Jack has been staring at thoughtfully. He makes sure that the complete photo is visible again - including the dedication. Only then does he go to his desk to answer the call.
The short, additional shot has a length of 1.3 sec. The bottom line, however, is that the TV version is a bit longer despite the additional shot in the extended version because, in the extended version, before and after the short intermediate cut onto the photo on Jack's desk, a few frames were removed. (Screenshots only for additional shot in the extended version)

TV version 0.7 sec longer

Additional scene
07:03 / 11:04

Jack's phone call with Saito will be longer, too. First he says in the extended version that he doesn't want to meet Saito for pleasure. Jack refuses Saitos wish that he should come and see her in the extended version. Instead he wants Saito to come to his office but Saito simply hangs up.

Then you see Jack on the way to Saito. He takes a taxi, but there are some communication problems. Jack takes a piece of paper and a pen to assist in helping the taxi driver understanding where Jack wants to go. The driver drives off.

Saito's comment that Jack should come by and they can talk was overlayed in the TV version in the follow-up scene of the arriving taxi.

98.4 sec or 1 min 38.4 sec

Extended scene
07:13 / 12:52

The mentioned scene of the incoming taxi is also a bit longer in the extended version.

1.9 sec

Extended scene
07:19 / 13:00

Again the taxi drives a bit longer.

3 sec

Additional scene
07:23 / 13:07

Now in the TV version Jack gets out. In the extended version he is telephoning first. He pays the driver who complains about the big notes. While he is still on the phone he tries to communicate with the driver at the same time. The driver finally gives him his change, then Jack gets out in the extended version as well.

36,3 sec

Extended scene
07:23 / 13:43

In the TV version Jack opens the door a few frames earlier. Furthermore the camera take is longer: In the extended version you can still see Jack leaving.

5 sec

Additional scene
07:30 / 13:55

An additional scene with Jack on itīs way to the agreed meeting point. He is not sure where to go but reaches his destination quite fast.

16,5 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
07:30 / 14:12

For some reason the next scene starts a little earlier in the TV version.

TV version 1 sec longer

Extended scene
10:18 / 16:59

Saito's take is longer: In the TV version he only laughs but in the extended version Saito says to Jack that he should sit down and take off his jacket.

3.6 sec

Additional scene
10:20 / 17:05

Additional take of the Yuri.

3.8 sec

Extended scene
10:20 / 17:09

Jack with a little more screentime.

0,8 sec

Additional scene
10:25 / 17:14

Additional scene in the extended version: The camera pans to the Yuri while Jack, Saito and Yuri run along the bridge in the background.

18 sec

Additional scene
10:25 / 17:32

In the TV version Saito only says that the boat is beautiful. By the way, the comment was placed over the following close-up shot of the boatīs name (Yuri). In the extended version Saito talks a bit more about his boat.

24.2 sec

Extended scene
10:34 / 18:05

The name of the boat can be seen slightly longer in the extended version.

0,2 sec

Extended scene
10:36 / 18:08

The take of Jack, Saito and Yuri starts insignificantly earlier in the extended version. (no screenshots).

The take is also longer: Only in the extended version Saito turns to his boat at the end of the take (respectively after his comment that he likes the boat).

3.4 sec

Extended scene
10:39 / 18:13

If you turn your head, you have to turn it away. And so the subsequent scene begins earlier.

5.9 sec

Additional scene
10:51 / 18:32

Jack's take starts a little earlier. In addition, the take is interrupted by a short additional take. In the TV version, on the other hand, the take runs through.

3 sec

Extended scene
11:47 / 19:30

You can see Jack slightly longer when entering the boat.

0,1 sec

Additional scene
12:00 / 19:44

Jack enters the interior of the boat while Yuri just clears out a few things. Jack helps out. Yuri apologizes but Jack reply that they're both to blame for the situation. A short moment of silence follows interrupted by Saito. He says that they are sailing now, whereupon Yuri storms deck upwards. Jack watches her leave.

62.3 sec or 1 min 2.3 sec

Additional scene
12:09 / 20:54

Additional take of Yuri and Saito when the ship set sail.

18.2 sec

Extended scene
12:09 / 21:13

The outside camera take of the boat is longer.

3.7 sec

Extended scene
12:18 / 21:25

So is Saito's take.

3 sec

Extended scene
12:26 / 21:36

Again the boat is shown a bit longer.

1 sec

Alternative material / Circumcision
12:29 / 21:41

Alternative outside camera take of the boat. Both versions show the Yuri from the front but in the TV version the camera is moving around the boat.
The TV version take will also be available in the extended version shortly after.

1.4 sec
TV VersionExtended Version

Additional scene
12:38 / 21:51

Additional shots in the extended version.

11 sec

Additional scene / Circumcision
12:38 / 22:02

Now the exterior camera take of the Yuri in the extended version used shortly before in the TV version (see 12:29 / 21:41) - 1 sec longer. (no screenshots)

5.8 sec

Extended scene
12:38 / 22:08

The shot of the bridge is slightly longer.

0.5 sec

Extended scene
12:41 / 22:12

The exterior camera take of the the Yuri as well.

2.4 sec

Additional scene
12:44 / 22:17

Further additional takes.

14.9 sec

Extended scene
12:44 / 22:32<

The subsequent exterior camera take of the Yuri starts minimally earlier.

0,2 sec

Extended scene
13:15 / 23:03

A shot of Jack starts a little earlier.

0.4 sec

Additional scene
13:17 / 23:05

In the TV version the following scene only shows Jack sitting on the couch.
In the extended version Yuri comes in. She asks if everything is all right with Jack. He replies he's fine. Finally she asks him why he is so afraid of the sea. Jack tells Yuri about his brother who drowned before his eyes when they were children. Yuri expresses her sympathy. Jack changes the subject and asks Yuri why she married Saito. Then she explains it to him: "She married him for the money. Jack expresses his lack of understanding and Yuri replies that she will leave Saito.

141.8 sec or 2 min 21.8 sec

Extended scene
13:20 / 25:29

Of course, they also had to take the opportunity to help with a subsequent take of Saito. Not only starts the scene slightly earlier but it is also slightly longer.

2.6 sec

Alternative material
13:35 / 25:48

In the TV version the scene switches a bit earlier from the long shot to the close-up of Saito. In addition the extended version is slightly longer.

2.5 sec
TV VersionExtended Version

Extended Scene TV Version
13:57 / 26:12

Saito has a bit more screentime in the TV version after he told Jack never to cheat on him.

TV version 1.9 sec longer

Additional scene
14:02 / 26:15

Only in the extended version you can see Jack's reaction: He laughs and reply that Saito should know better. Yuri joined the scene. Saito says that he's hungry and that Jack should stay for dinner but he answers that he still has work to do. Saito and Yuri more or less force him to stay.

27.7 sec

Extended Scene & Alternative Audio
14:02 / 26:43

During the scene of Yuri filling her plate with food, Saito is heard offstage. He asks Jack what his Japanese is doing. In the extended version he doesn't say anything here.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene.

0.7 sec

Additional scene
14:07 / 26:49

With the next shot you get the explanation for Saito's missing off-commentary: The long-shots of Saito, Yuri and Jack at the dinner table start earlier. Saito asks on-screen what Jack's study of the Japanese language are doing. Dialogue is not lost by this change.

5.8 sec

Extended scene
16:52 / 29:39

Yuri a bit longer on screen.

0.6 sec

Additional scene
16:54 / 29:42

There follows a rather long total of Saito, Yuri and Jack: Saito continues a bit further, Yuri becomes more and more embarrassed about the whole thing.

19.1 sec

Extended scene
16:54 / 30:01

Now a longer take: Only in the extended version Jack looks up at the end of the take.

6,5 sec

Extended scene
17:06 / 30:21

Saito slightly longer.

0.1 sec

Additional scene
17:14 / 30:28

Additional exterior camera shot of the boat.

8.2 sec

Extended scene
17:14 / 30:36

Jack and Yuri a bit sooner.

0.5 sec

Additional scene
17:40 / 31:02

In the TV version Yuri's scene is insignificantly longer. In both versions she ends her comment off screen that Saito's first wife has disappeared without a trace - in the TV version she only does this a bit earlier. In both versions a take of Jack follows, overlaid with the end of Yuri's commentary. In the TV version the scene is hereby finished. In the extended version the conversation continues. Jack wants to know exactly what Yuri means. Yuri says she's afraid instead. Jack tells her to stop talking like that, after all she means everything to Saito.
24,1 sec

Extended scene
17:51 / 31:37

Saito a bit earlier with the knife in his hand.

1.7 sec

Additional scene
18:22 / 32:10

In the extended version you can see Yuri who lets herself be shown the exact position of the boat before she goes on deck.

15 sec

Extended scene
18:22 / 32:25

The subsequent take starts insignificantly earlier.

0.8 sec

Additional scene / alternative footage
19:11 / 33:15

In the TV version the scene ends with Saito getting up. Then you see him climbing down the hatch. Here you can hear Jack asking off screen if everything is all right followed by Jack and Yuri. The former holds the latter by his arm - probably because he thinks it's better to leave Saito alone at the moment. Finally Jack climbs after him.
In the extended version the scene goes even further: Saito gets up, curses briefly and goes down to Jack. He turns on the light and gets his flashlight. Jack wants to know what's going on but Saito opens a hatch instead to find out why the boat doesn't start anymore. Jack keeps trying to get Saito to tell him what's going on but he stays silent. Meanwhile Yuri has also joined the scene. Now Saito also climbs down through the hatch - but in an alternative shot, because in the extended version he climbs down with the flashlight. In addition the shot were reversed, because Jack holds Yuri first on his arm and then Saito climbs down the hatch. In the TV version itīs the other way round. Afterwards Jack climbs behind him, which is to be seen in the extended version insignificantly longer.
22,6 sec
TV VersionExtended Version

Extended scene
19:27 / 33:54

Jack has a bit longer screentime after Saito told him to help him.

1.5 sec

Additional scene
19:51 / 34:20

In the extended version you can now see Saito and finally Jack coming out of the hatch. Once again Saito says nothing and disappears. Jack explains that he has no idea about boats while Saito is already on his way out. Yuri on the other hand says nothing. Then Jack follows Saito. Yuri follows him.

18.5 sec

Extended scene
19:51 / 34:38

The scene in which Jack and Yuri also go outside begins a bit earlier.

0.9 sec

Additional scene
20:02 / 34:50

When Yuri jokingly threatens Jack to hang him up if he ignores the captain's orders, the conversation continues in the extended version. Jack explains that he doesn't like the water. Saito then makes fun of Jack because at least he comes from Los Angeles.
In the extended version Yuri takes a step forward at the end of the shot to go in-between.

14.9 sec

Extended Scene TV Version / Extended Scene
20:16 / 35:19

These last additional frames (see previous change) might be the reason why the follow-up scene of Jack and Saito in the TV version starts a bit earlier. After all, Yuri is already on the way to get involved in the extended version, so to speak, but not in the TV version yet. For this reason it takes a bit longer until Yuri appears in the take (no screenshots).

On the other hand, the take in the extended version is longer: After Saito has gone back in, Yuri is still looking at him. With that take, the scene in the TV version is over. In the extended version Yuri looks over to Jack. The bottom line is that the scene in the extended version is a bit longer.

1.3 sec

Additional scene
20:38 / 35:42

There follows an additional take from Jack, who now also looks over to Yuri.

3.4 sec

Extended scene
20:38 / 35:46

The exterior camera view of the Yuri is longer.

1.4 sec
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