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Demons, The

original title: Les Démons


  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 08, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia

The superior says to Margaret that her sister was examined by the high court. She was identified as a witch and has to be burned at the stake. Margaret cannot believe her but the superior immediately admonishes her because she should not question authorities.

LF: 35 sec.


Margaret's a little early.

LF: 1 sec.


The Superior says that evil is in Margaret's blood and must be cast out.

Malcolm prays in the chapel. He knows that Kathleen is innocent and it is up to him to save her.

In the next shot he can be seen earlier.

LF: 38 sec.


Kathleen flees from the castle.

LF: 29 sec.


Margaret says that she doesn't remember her mother because she died when she was young. Her mother's spirit begins to laugh.

LF: 32 sec.


The demon can be seen a little longer.

LF: 1 sec.


The demon copulates longer with Margaret.

LF: 3 sec.


The copulation is longer again.

LF: 3 sec.


Margaret can be seen a little longer, then you can see the demon earlier.

LF: 7 sec.


You can see Kathleen wandering through the forest earlier.

LF: 20 sec.


Kathleen is brought into the house by Brian and seated on a chair.

LF: 31 sec.


Kathleen asks Brian if what he's saying is true. Brian nods.

Lady De Winter runs down the stairs.

LF: 32 sec.


Truro storms forward and kills the two guards.

Then you see Lady De Winter entering the room. She says she brings bad news.

LF: 21 sec.


Jeffries orders his guards to bring Renfield to him alive. Lady De Winter thanks him.

The Convention can be seen.

LF: 21 sec.


Margaret undresses the nun and starts kissing her.

LF: 56 sec.


Margaret kisses the nun. Then she strokes her body.

LF: 52 sec.


Margaret laughs longer.

The nuns are earlier to be seen walking down the hallway.

LF: 21 sec.


The camera pans from the monastery to the way.

LF: 2 sec.


Margaret walks down the path.

LF: 9 sec.


Margaret's resting by the tree.

LF: 10 sec.


Renfield's earlier in the scene.

LF: 1 sec.


Lady De Winter is earlier in the scene. She says that Jeffries should not believe Renfield's lies.

LF: 3 sec.


The girl's being tortured longer.

LF: 6 sec.


Margaret staggers forward longer. Then you see her running along the way.

LF: 24 sec.


Margaret wants to know how she can take out the people. Kiru points to the remedy in the pot.

Then you see Kathleen running to Brian.

LF: 29 sec.


Brian and Kathleen kiss longer. The camera pans to the side.

You can see Brian drawing a picture. Kathleen is lying in bed.

LF: 28 sec.


The tabs are visible longer, then another scene follows.

Kathleen stands under a arc while the riders arrive.

LF: 14 sec.


Renfield's leaving the house.

The riders are pulling Kathleen behind them.

LF: 25 sec.


The riders with Kathleen in tow can be seen longer.

LF: 8 sec.


The riders with Kathleen can be seen earlier.

LF: 11 sec.


The men drag Kathleen into the house.

LF: 14 sec.


Kathleen falls back into bed. Renfield releases her chains. He kisses her again.

LF: 36 sec.


Kathleen and Renfield sneak down the steps. Suddenly Renfield calls her to run.

LF: 16 sec.


Renfield rides off with Kathleen a bit longer.

The next scene with the carriage starts earlier.

LF: 17 sec.