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original title: Les Démons


  • US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 08, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia
Comparison between the US Version and the Uncut Extended Version (both available on the UK Blu-ray by Nucleus Films).

During the Middle Ages in France: At the stake, a witch curses all those present with the fact that their daughters will take terrible revenge on them. The curse affects Lady De Winter who is investigating and comes across the two sisters Kathleen and Margaret who were admitted to a convent at a young age. Kathleen often has lascivious seizures to the displeasure of her faithful sister Margaret. When Kathleen is also supposed to end up at the stake as a witch, Margaret rather involuntarily makes a pact with the devil to take revenge on the Inquisitors and Lady De Winter.

The Demons is a relatively elaborate project by Jess Franco who stretches the thin plot to just under two hours. The mixture of witch-hunt, sorcery, torture and lots of naked skin has the typical Franco Flow, therefore a clear recommendation if you know what you're getting involved with.

The film was already released in April 2014 in the USA from Redemption on Blu-ray. The language selection was French with optional English subtitles. On November 20 the film was released in England by Nucleus Film on Blu-ray. The same transfer as for the US Blu-ray was used, in addition the bonus material contains the reconstructed US cut version with the English audio. Unfortunately they didn't use their own transfer of the US version (preferably of a filmroll, if you could dream), but shortened the long version by 30 minutes based on the English audio. The intention of the US distributor might have been to take some lengths out of the film, which was quite successful. Unfortunately, jumps in the soundtrack can often be heard and various connection errors occur. Therefore, the version isn't necessarily recommendable but should only be interesting for those who want to see the US version of the film.
Since the UK Blu-ray has taken over the bonus material of the US Blu-ray and even offers an interview with Stephen Thrower you can access it without hesitation.


US Version: 88:06 min
Uncut Extended Version: 118:04 min
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The Inquisitor announces the third test: Evaporation of water.

LF: 3 sec.


The "witch´s" outer clothing was opened and hot water is poured over her body.

The US doesn't start until it screams.

LF: 12 sec.


The witch gets up and screams. The Inquisitor announces that she has to be burned. The witch says that she is a bride of the devil and it doesn't matter what happens to her because the devil will take revenge on them.

LF: 16 sec.


The witch laughs when she starts burning. Cut at the audience. She says that she will be avenged by her daughter.

LF: 21 sec.


Lady De Winter leaves the place of the burning. The others follow her. Cut on the house. The next shot starts earlier.

LF: 26 sec.


The camera zooms in on the tower. Malcolm observes the moon.

LF: 11 sec.


The servants are visible longer, than they leave the room.

LF: 9 sec.


Malcolm is a little longer in the scene. Then two shots of the monastery can be seen.

LF: 24 sec.


The two nuns enter the superior's room.

LF: 5 sec.


The superior strikes Margaret's finger again. The next shot starts a little earlier.

LF: 14 sec.


Kathleen talks about her erotic dreams and asks if Margaret is doing the same. She is ashamed to have Kathleen as her sister.

LF: 25 sec.


Kathleen rolls around in bed longer as the nun watches her.

LF: 19 sec.


Kathleen's been in bed longer. The nun says a prayer to get rid of her lustful thoughts.

LF: 34 sec.


The nun can still be seen. She slowly undresses.

The US instead shows the end of Kathleen's scene in bed which has been seen before.

LF: 36 sec.
US: 8 sec.


The nun rolls around in bed longer.

LF: 45 sec.


Again the nun rolls around in the bed longer.

LF: 21 sec.


The end of the scene in which the nun stands up is missing.

LF: 12 sec.


A nun presents Lady De Winter to the superior.

LF: 6 sec.


The Superior says that the two sisters were already in the convent before her. Then a short cut on Lady De Winter.

LF: 5 sec.


The superior still thinks that Kathleen is very sensual sometimes provocative.

LF: 5 sec.


Lady De Winter still looks to the side.

LF: 3 sec.


The camera zooms in on Lady De Winter, then a cut on Renfield.

LF: 10 sec.


Margaret's looking after her sister. Then torture instruments can be seen in the fire.

LF: 10 sec.


Renfield tells Lady De Winter to admit that she is inspired by torture. She says that this is not the case.

LF: 12 sec.


The camera moves on over Kathleen's tortured body. Renfield lies brooding in bed. He gets up and drinks a sip of wine.

LF: 44 sec.


Renfield can be seen earlier as he walks down the stairs.

LF: 6 sec.


The camera pans from Lady De Winter to Renfield, who spills the water.

LF: 13 sec.


Renfield falls to his knees before Lady De Winter and says that he only loves her. She wants to have sex with him. The two go into the bedroom, Lady De Winter wants to be punished by Renfield and takes off her clothes.

LF: 1:39 Min.


Renfield gets on the horse. Lady De Winter tells Truro to make the preparations for the feast.

LF: 24 sec.


Lady De Winter still says that Kathleen is the older one of the two sisters. She asks Malcolm why he is suddenly interested in witches. He answers that he asked out of curiosity.

The witch trial starts early. The man opens Kathleen's shirt.

LF: 28 sec.
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