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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 15, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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57:34-58:14 / 69:54-73:24

After eating hash cookies, the Extended Version contains footage of Clinch's posse helding up a carriage.

Carriage driver 1 (after a tree lying on the ground made them stop): "John, this tree didn't fall down. It was cut down."
Carriage driver 2: "That's bad news. Stay sharp."
He goes back and gets the guy: "Sorry, sir. But we're gonna need another body out here."
After the guy went out with him, the little boy who remained there spots a salamander and follows it.
Mom: "Don't wander off too far, Michael. You hear?"
Shortly afterwards, Clinch shows up and draws his weapon: "Now, this can only end well for one of us."
He is facing the carriage driver: "We shoot on three. One... Two..."
The driver gets shot.
Clinch: "Find it. Keep your eye on these two."
Bandit: "Found it, Clinch."
Clinch: "Oh, my God. Ten thousand in gold bullion. We'll kindly relieve the Wells Fargo company of this heavy little burden. Shall we, lads, eh?"
Meanwhile, one of the carriage drivers has drawn his weapon as well but Clinch shoots it out his hand just in time.
Clinch: "That was a big mistake. You listen very closely. You're a lucky man because I'm in a good mood today. Now, are you gonna try that again?"
Carriage driver: "No. No, sir. Good. I'm gonna give you just one warning. You reach for that gun again, and this is what will happen."
He shoots him: "Like I said, one warning."
Bandit: "Whoo! Holy shit, Clinch! There's gotta be at least 15,000 here!"
Clinch commands: "Put that down. Put it down. We're not gonna touch that damn gold until everything cools down. We're gonna go back to Old Stump, we're gonna get Anna and Lewis, and we're gonna lay low for at least a month. Understood? Understood?"
Bandit: "Yeah, boss."
Clinch: "All right. Pick it up."
They ride away.

The Theatrical Version on the other hand shows the Sheriff bringing food to Anna's brother. But he pretends to be asleep and puts the Sheriff out of action with a kick. Also in the Extended Version after the celebration in the evening, please see 65:45 / 82:06-82:46.

Extended Version 169.8 sec longer

60:55-61:00 / 76:05-76:17

The shots at the beginning of Bill Maher's cameo are different. Only the Extended Version contais an additional welcoming gag: "You know, I remember when this was just a one-horse town, and now look at you! Your horse is dead."

Extended Version 7.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

61:04-61:07 / 76:21-76:54

After the Indian gag, the Theatrical Version instantaniously continues with the "teleprompter" and the corresponding sign falling on the ground.

The Extended Version contains a further gag and for continuity reasons different signs during similar "teleprompter" shots. After those, more gags are yet to come.

Maher: "I kid the red man. They're a noble savage. But, you know, I date Indian women, and I don't care who knows about it. I was with one the other night. I asked her, I said, 'How do you liked to get fucked?' She said, 'Take my land.' Hey, quick show of hands, everybody. Who likes whores and wearing a hat? It's the best, right? You know, I accidently hired a whore the other night. I thought she said, 'Who wants to be in my posse?' Fuck you, sod-busters. You know, cowpoke is a noun, not a verb."

Extended Version 29.8 sec longer

61:18 / 77:05-77:18

More stand-up by Bill Maher: "People gotta lighten up. This temperance movement? That shit pisses me off. I saw Carry Nation speak. She said, 'Show me one good reason why a man needs a drink.' I said, 'Look in the mirror, bitch.'"

13.7 sec

61:19-61:22 / 77:20-77:24

Alternate take when he says goodbye because only in the Extended Version, he comes up with another gag (marked bold): "Okay, they're giving me the lantern. Don't forget to rape your waitresses, enjoy the bison and I hope you're enjoying your drinks..."

Extended Version 1.9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

64:05-64:06 / 80:07-80:27

In the Extended Version, Bill Maher has an encounter with the little girl Albert was dating earlier.
Maher: "So, you have a husband yet?"
Little girl: "No. And I'm starting to get to that panicky stage, you know? And obviously that just throws my whole game off even more."
Maher: "You know, I'm not married either."
Little girl: "You're not?"
Maher: "No!"
Little girl: "You wanna get the fuck out of here?"
Maher: "Fuck, yeah!"

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot of Anna leaving the bar with a glass of bear for Foy is slightly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 18.6 sec longer

65:45 / 82:06-82:46

Now the shot of Anna's brother breaking out of prison by pretending to be asleep and taking down the Sheriff in the Extended Version.

39.9 sec

73:27-73:28 / 90:28-90:53

The Extended Version shows the effect of the laxative more detailed. Foy runs outside in order to use the outhouse and one gets to hear some very disturbing bowel movement noises.

In the Theatrical Version, the previuos shot of Louise lying in bed is slightly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 23.9 sec longer

83:44 / 101:09-102:04

After Louise managed to free from Clinch, there is an additional scene with Ruth and Edward during which Edward's desire for sex that is getting stronger and stronger is being fulfilled - resp. this is the introduction for what is being dealt with in the Theatrical Version in a smaller scene later on, please see the next difference.

Ruth arrives when Edward is attaching a "Closed" sign: "Edward."
Edward reacts resentful "Yeah."
Ruth: "Eddie, I've been thinking, with Clinch Leatherwood in town and everybody so scared, I... Well, it's got me wondering."
Edward: "What is it?"
Ruth: "Well, any one of us can die tomorrow. We don't know what's gonna happen. And I... I think we should have sex."
Edward: "Uh... Okay."
Ruth: "Really?"
Edward: "Yeah. Let's."
Ruth: "Okay. God will forgive us, right?"
Edward: "Oh, I think so. Yeah. We'll make sure there is a Bible in the room, so God can watch. And then he can be a part of it. I'm overcome with joy."
Ruth: "I'm overjoyed with come..."
She giggles and the two of them laugh when they are getting inside.

54.8 sec

Theatrical Version longer
92:50-93:00 / 111:10

Even the beginning of the tracking shot to the room does not contain any audio in the Extended Version, the end has been entirely removed.
In the Theatrical Version, there is a short dialog between Edward and Ruth.

Albert: "Are you sure you want to do this?
Ruth: "Yes, I'm absolutely sure."
Edward: "Wow, I can't believe we're actually gonna have sex."
Ruth: "Eddie, with Clinch Leatherwood in town, we could all die tomorrow. So, under the circumstances, I think God will forgive us."

+ 9.2 sec

98:37 / 116:47-117:16

Before his graduation party, there is another memory of Albert's time in school: Edward has forgotten his essay but Albert calms him down.

Edward: "Albert, I think I lost my essay.
Albert: "It's okay, Edward. Here. You can have mine."
Edward: "Wow, thanks. But what are you gonna do?"
Albert: "It's no big deal. I think Tommy's ruining the curve for all of us anyway."
A boy with a head wound (he has obviously been scalped) reads out loud: "For my summer vacation, me and my family went to Indian territory. It was fun. Except, at the end, my dad stole a squash and they got mad. The end."

28.5 sec

99:06 / 117:45-117:48

Phony Lincoln speaks a bit longer: "Where's my speaking fee?"

2.9 sec

99:09 / 117:51-117:57

Ditto after Albert doubted his authenticity: "If any men wanna fuck me in the ass, I'll be out by the barn."

6.2 sec

End Credits

The end credits are slightly different resp. it continues differently - probably because some of the characters only appear in the Extended Version (e.g. Albert's date with a girl). Nothing spectacular.
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