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original title: Død Snø 2


  • English Version
  • International Version
Release: Dec 16, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the English Version and the International Version (beide available on the US Blu-ray)

Difference: 40.5 sec


The odd nazi zombie funsplatter Dead Snowfrom Norway was a popular contribution on several genre festivals in 2009 and found his fans on the home theater market as well. Five years later, the sequel was finished and the result is in no way inferior to the first installment: the black humor still works and the undead are doing their job well and creatively.

During the shoot, the producers considered that Norwegian is not a world language and that the preference is English, especially on the US market. Possibly with all the disastrous English dubs in mind, several scenes were shot twice: in Norwegian and in English. Any scene without dialog resp. especially SFX scenes could be used for both versions but also secondary characters often speak English (and the nazi zombies German of course) so that no adjustment was required. All in all, approx. 1/3 of the movie is alternate due to the different language.

Noticable is a length different of a little more than half a minute. A good reason to take a closer look.

The Comparison

Making a detailed comparison, it turns out that some very few of the alternate scenes contain entirely new shots. Contentwise, there are slight differences as well. Nothing spectacular (I can't emphasize enough that any splatter scene is identical, so there is no censorship whatsoever). It is still worth mentioning though.

So basically, the following comparison is an exception to the rule. Because the order of the shots / camera position is basically the same in the alternate footage (including the length of the scenes), the comparison goes without a full documentation of these differences. Only the scenes that contain more discrepancies than another language are being described.

Differences under 0.5 seconds have not been considered in the comparison and those up to 2 seconds only when that differences has not been made up for a few scenes earlier or later. On that account, there is no total amount of the differences.

Time index refers to
English Version US Blu-ray / International Version US Blu-ray
Logos / Credits

The English Version contains a reference to the MPAA validation at the beginning that is 12 seconds long (no screenshots), followed by the English / Norwegian opening credits.

English Version 12 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

At the minutes 5 and 6, there are a few different takes of Martin in the car (he is making comments).

Different title at the 7th minute.

English VersionInternational Version

Beginning at minute 8, there are dialogs at the hospital. Several shots of Martin and the doctors during the questioning differ.

10:32 / 10:20-10:22

Before Martin's warning that the zombies will kill again, the International Version contains a distance shot.

2 sec

Only in the English Version, the doctor puts his hand on Martin's mouth during the subsequent shot.

English VersionInternational Version

At minute 13, the old man talks to his wife Emma in a different language while looking at the newspaper.

16:28 / 16:18-16:20

Longer close-up in the International Version because the priest speeks longer.

2.3 sec

17:01-17:06 / 16:53-16:58

Before Herzog approaches the priest, the International Version sticks to him. The English Version on the other hand shows Herzog for the very first time before the priest finally says "Nils?".

International Version 0.2 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

When Martin breaks out of the hospital, the boy speaks English in the International Version as well. Martin's own comments, for instance in the car, after he killed the boy, are in Norwegian again.

29:04-29:05 / 28:57-28:58

The shot of the young female cop is much closer in the International Version and the surrounding is basically a bit different.

no difference

English VersionInternational Version

The entire following conversation with Gunga is different whereas the single shots are either slightly longer or shorter but basically the same. All in all, the International Version is 2.7 sec longer up to the next mentioned scene.

30:24-30:36 / 30:19-30:32

Still the same scene but also mentioned due to the order of events is slightly different: the English Version cuts to the silent cop sooner while Gunga is upset. The International Version does not cut to the cop right until he says "Ok, ok".

International Version 0.9 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

At minute 33, Martin bumps into someone and mumbles something in a different language. The language during the first conversation with Glenn, the receptionist, is different as well.

34:40-35:08 / 34:46-35:17

Before Glenn calls for help, the versions plainly differ.

In the English Version, Martin only asks for information about the Germans and after a hesitant affirmation, Glenn starts screaming instantaniously. When Martin pulls him closer, the distance shot is longer in the English Version plus Glenn asks for not getting hurt because he has two cats.

In the International Version on the other hand, Martin also asks while Glenn is getting his newspaper back. He holds the front page with the photo of Martin next to his face. Not until then, he starts calling for help. The cat comment is in it as well but there is a further discussion at first plus there is a difference when Martin pulls Glenn closer.

International Version 12.4 sec longer

When Glenn referes to the second story shortly afterwards, only the English Version contains a shot of Martin saying "Show me!". As a result, this version here is 2.1 sec longer.

At minute 36, Martin recaps Herzog's agenda. Before he concludes Herzog intends to destroy Talvig, a comment of his is longer in Norwegian: 3.5 sec

...therefore, the English Version shows him contemplative after he said "He's going to destroy Talvig". As a result, the English Version is 3 sec longer . And before he grabs Glenn, the International Version is 2 sec longer.

39:36-39:38 / 39:50-39:52

When Martin is surprised about the zombies' new skills, the take is briefly longer in the International Version.

International Version 0.7 sec longer

39:46-39:51 / 40:00-40:07

Martin's conclusive comment is longer as well.

International Version 2.1 sec longer

42:20-42:32 / 42:36-42:48

Basically matching the previous alternate tale during which the actors have positioned slightly different: the close-ups of Glenn and Martin contain a different background.

no difference

English VersionInternational Version

42:40-42:49 / 42:56-43:02

The English Version contains a close-up of Martin speaking while the International Version contains a shorter take from a further distance.

English Version 3.4 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

44:01-44:04 / 44:15-44:17

This time, the International Version is closer to the action.

English Version 0.6 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

When Martin encounters the Zombie Squad, he speaks English in the International Version, too.

At minute 49, the zombie tank passes private property. First, children in the sand box are being run over. Then, two old people get killed in their bathroom. In both scenes, the spoken language differs.

52:19-52:26 / 52:33-52:38

When the female cop and Gunga are taking a look at the crime scene, making comments about it, the take is a bit longer in the English Version.

English Version 1.8 sec longer

52:39-53:17 / 52:51-53:22

The International Version cuts much earlier to close-ups of Gunga and the female cop. Some of the subsequent angles are also different, for instance when the other cop arrives at the scene.

English Version 6.1 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

At minute 57, Glenn is provoking Herzog and his army: Norwegian/English.

At minute 63, the cops are discussing their approach. Depending on the version, they either talk English or Norgwegian. Based on the exact choice of words, the beginning is 2.5 sec longer in the English Version.

Approx. 1 minute later the cut to the female cop - 5 sec later in the International Version.
At the end of the scene, the International Version is 1.5 sec longer again.

Gunga's speech at minute 70 in a different language. Almost at the beginning resp. right before the female cop enters the room, a shot is 1.5 seconds longer in the International Version.

When Martin talks to Herzog shortly afterwards, (only) his shots are in two languages.

71:41-71:46 / 71:49-71:54

The English Version contains a shot from a further distance with Herzog in the center, the International Version sticks longer to Martin and the others.

no difference

English VersionInternational Version

73:22 / 73:30-73:32

The shot of Martin with one-liners is longer in the International Version.

2 sec

75:21-75:23 / 75:31-75:33

When Gunga, who has just arrived at the scene, makes a comment about what is going on, the angle is different.

English Version 0.5 sec longer

English VersionInternational Version

During the following minutes, there is just a single shot of Gunga's conversation with the female cop different every now and then.

79:20-79:27 / 79:30-79:37

Now the cops and a cut to the zombies outside in the English Version. Then, another cop would like to know was going on.
The International Version only contains a shot of the cops during which Gunga also says "Jesus Maria." Then the other cop and now the cut to the zombies outside.

no difference

79:33 / 79:43-79:44

Only the International Version contains a close-up of Gunga...

0.9 sec

...followed by another shot of him from behind which makes another 1.2 sec.

At minute 87, Martin and Herzog are having a chat. Martin's takes are either in English or Norwegian, depending on the version. Contentwise, they are basically equal esxcept for the scene before the barrel. Here, the International Version is 3.5 sec longer.

88:49 / 89:06-89:07

The barrel is still turning - and the International Version contains one additional shot of it.

0.8 sec

88:57-88:58 / 89:14

Therefore, a shot from below has been brought forward in the English Version. Also in the International Version after the shot of Martin. The subsequent shot of him is exclusively in the International Version though.

International Version 2.7 sec longer

92:01-92:13 / 92:20-92:33

The International Version contains two additional shots from a different angle when Gunga is yelling at the cop.

International Version 1 sec longer

When Martin speaks about the seagulls in the subsequent shot, the International Version is 8 sec longer.


The end credits differ as well. For instance, the expression of thanks is in English/Norwegian.

English VersionInternational Version

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