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US Blu-ray with both versions and soundtrack

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter


Sixteen Candles




  • US Version
  • Spanish Extended Version
Release: Mar 12, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version and the Spanish Extended Version - both available on the German Blu-ray by X-Rated

- 15 differences
- Lentgh difference: 80 sec (= 1:20 min)

Pieces is a nice little flick by Juan Piquer Simón who also directed the absurd but entertaining Slugs. The movie has been available on DVD for quite some time in Germany. That being said, in February 2017, a Blu-ray was released that does not only contain the already available Uncut Version (= US Version) but also the so-called Spanish Extended Version which is also available on the US Blu-ray released in 2016. The longer version from Spain is approx. 1 minute but it is a little disappointing: There is no additional violence and no additional nudity whatsoever. Instead, there are different credits and longer shots of doing a jigsaw puzzle and that is basically it. But see for yourself...

Time index refers to
US Version Blu-ray / Spanish Extended Version Blu-ray
02:10 / 02:10-02:18

A few Spanish credits with a black background (after the mother dies).

8.1 sec

02:38 / 02:46-03:17

After ringing the door bell, further credits pop up.

31.2 sec

02:50 / 03:29-03:48

Same here after the shot of little Timmy using the saw.

19.1 sec

03:32 / 04:31-04:45

And here after the shot of the door.

14.1 sec

US Version longer
04:26-05:41 / 05:38

The US Version on the other hands contains all credits without any footage in between (at the end of the flashback). Also, the credits are different.

+ 75.4 sec (= 1:15 min)

Subsequently, the language of the "40 years later" insert differs.

US VersionSpanish Version

05:44 / 05:41-05:49

The shot of the dresser starts earlier. The US Version begins when the dresser is being opened.

8.1 sec

08:24 / 08:29-08:57

The box cover longer plus the jigsaw puzzle earlier.

27.4 sec

12:59 / 13:31-13:39

The dean's comment starts a little earlier.

7.2 sec

16:06 / 16:46-17:09

The box is being opened sooner. Then it is time to do the jigsaw puzzle.

23 sec

39:00 / 40:03-40:07

At the end of the shot, Mary turns her head to the reporter and the dead apologizes for being busy. The reporter claims it was really important and the dead wants to know what this was about.

4.1 sec

39:04 / 40:11-40:16

The dean claims he did not know what Mary was talking about. Cut to Mary, then the dean asks her to tell him. Now Mary again. She asks if he knew.

5.3 sec

51:38 / 52:50-52:58

The Bruce Lee rip-off on the ground for the very first time. Mary explains she had been attacked and there he was.

7.1 sec

58:23 / 59:42-59:54

And again, more footage of doing the jigsaw puzzle at the end of the scene.

12.2 sec

74:51 / 76:23-76:24

Holden a little longer on the phone. He says he was talking to some old guy who sounds as if he was going to kick the bucket any time soon.

1.2 sec

As expected, the end credits differ as well.

US Version 12.7 sec longer

US VersionSpanish Version