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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Apr 08, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
The student Noah Griffith, who has been suspended from university, gets a job as baby-sitter to get some money after he had a quarrel with his mother. His neighbor Mrs. Pedulla has three kids: sexually confused Slater, cheeky Blithe and Rodrigo, a pyromaniac.

When he gets a call from his friend Marisa, who promises to pay him with sex if he can get her some drugs, he immediately hits the road towards the city, together with the three kids. But is doesn't take long until a supposedly nice evening turns into a real nightmare. Noah has not just to deal with three almost uncontrollable kids and car thieves, a well-known drug dealer is also after him.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released this substandard comedy film in two versions in the USA, the Theatrical Version on DVD and the Unrated Extended Cut exclusively on Blu-ray Disc. But the Unrated is also contained as digital copy on the DVD.

A comparison of both versions showed that there's nothing which couldn't have been depicted in the R-Rated theatrical version, apart from a short sex scene and the use of some explicit language. The actors don't shine and the predictable story, full of stereotypical characters, isn't brought forward either.

Compared was the Theatrical Version on DVD (R-Rated) with the Extended Cut on Blu-ray (unrated).

R-Rated Theatrical Version: 81:14 min. NTSC (incl. end credits)
Unrated Extended Cut: 87:04 min. NTSC (incl. end credits)

There are missing 5 minutes and 50 seconds within 16 shots.

1 additional scene: 1 minute and 17 seconds
15 extended scenes: 4 minutes and 33 seconds
2 audio censorships without significance in runtime
A minor audio censorship in the theatrical version:
Noah's mother convinced him to babysit the kids of Mrs. Pedulla. She introduces him to her son, Slater, and her daughter, Blithe. Blithe is in her room. She's trying on some dresses and experimenting with some makeup stuff.

< 1 sec.

The following dialogue has been defused a little bit for the theatrical version:

Theatrical Version:

Mrs. Pedulla: "What did Mommy tell you about the mascara? Put it down."
Blithe: "You said I could play dress-up."
Mrs. Pedulla: "Yeah, I said you could play dress-up, not makeup. Look at you!"


Mrs. Pedulla: "What did Mommy tell you about the mascara? Put it down."
Blithe: "You said I could play dress-up."
Mrs. Pedulla: "Yeah, I said you could play dress-up, not make yourself look like a hooker. Look at you!"

Extended scene in the unrated:
At the end of the shot, Blithe gives her the finger.

2 sec.

Extended scene in the unrated:
Noah just got a call from his friend Marisa, who wants him to get drugs for her. So he hits the road together with the kids. A part of the conversation in the car is missing.

12 sec.

Blithe: "Say whatever you want. I know I look good."
Noah: "All right, one of you guys has to hop up here with me. I'm not your chauffeur."
Slater: "What if you hit somebody or something? I mean, it's safer for children to be in the back seat."
Noah: "You are such a bitch. Grow a set of nuts."
Rodrigo: "I beat him for you."
Noah: "Get his ass."
Blithe: "Guys. Not again. Stop being such children."
Noah: "Hit him in the face, dawg!"
Slater: "Go away."
Blithe: "Stop it."
Noah: "One thing about Rodrigo. He's not a bitch, I'll tell you that much."

Extended scene in the unrated:
Another part of the conversation.

10 sec.

Blithe: "I've got a good idea. Why don't we go to a dance club?"
Noah: "Why don't we play a game?"
Blithe: "Like Spin the Bottle?"
Noah: "No, not like Spin the Bottle, like a little game I invented called the Shut-the-Fuck-Up Game. First person not to shut the fuck up loses. Ready? Go."

Extended scene in the unrated:
In the underwear section of a clothing store for children, Noah buys new underpants for Blithe. There's missing a short sentence when he tells her to get in the dressing room.

2 sec.

Noah: "Don't shit your pants next time. Dressing room's over there. Clean up, or whatever."

Extended scene in the unrated:
While searching for Karl, Noah has to go through a fitness studio. A few shots are missing in the theatrical version.

25 sec.

Extended scene in the unrated:
Shortly before Noah can meet Karl, he is shown boxing with somebody. His partner accidentally hits him in the face. Karl seems to like that and he tells his training partner to hit him again.

29 sec.

Karl: "I'ts okay. Do it again. Do it again. One more time. That's good. I like that."

Extended scene in the unrated:
The conversation of Noah and Karl gets suddenly interrupted when Julio, being supposedly shot, enters. Later, the whole situation turns out to be a trick which Karl and Julio invented for identifying undercover cops. So Noah passes the test.

1 min. and 20 sec.

Julio: "Karl! I got shot!"
Karl: "Oh my God!"
Julio: "I got shot, Karl."
Karl: "Oh my God."
Julio: "Don't let me die on this floor, Karl."
Karl: "Who shot at you?"
Julio: "Angelo on 14th Street shot me in my tummy, Karl. He shot me in my tummy."
Karl: "Oh my God. Please, someone, please! Somebody get me a doctor! Please, someone... Do you know CPR?"
Noah: "What? I don't know."
Karl: "Do you know CPR?"
Noah: "I don't even think mouth-to-mouth will help this particular situation. Why doesn't Garv do it?"
Julio: "Karl, don't let me die! I have kids, man."
Karl: "My God. Jesus Christ. Fucking Hell. Somebody help me."
Noah: "Fine! What?"
Karl: "Help me, please. He's going into shock. Please help me. Now, please, hurry up."
Julio: "What's up, fool?"
Karl: "Got you!"
Noah: "What's happening right now?"
Karl: "Ha ha ha."
Noah: "I don't understand. Are you okay? What, is this a joke?"
Julio: "I got him! I got him! I could smell your breath that time. You were so close."
Noah: "What's happening?"
Karl: "You're so adorable. You just fell for a little prank."
Noah: "Prank?"
Julio: "Around here, we pull pranks and shit to make sure people aren't undercover pigs 'cause we kill pigs around here."
Karl: "This is Julio, my business partner."
Julio: "This is Kool-Aid, man."
Karl: "Come on over here. Let's go down to business."

Additional scene in the unrated:
Noah has just received a call from Karl. Rodrigo has stolen a packet of drugs when he pretended to be urinating and this packet has been scattered in the car after a little incident. So Noah is in some trouble now because Karl either wants his drugs back or the money for them.

1 min. and 17 sec.

Karl is disappointed of Noah and has a good cry.

Karl: "It'll be all right. I thought he was my friend."

Noah gives the kids a dressing-down.

Blithe: "Shut up!"
Slater: "I wanna go home."
Blithe: "I don't know what you are saying. Don't. Stop it!"
Rodrigo: "Stop! No!"
Blithe: "No, my lip gloss! Give it back!"
Noah: "Shut up! Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"
Slater: "What are you getting mad at us for?"
Noah: "Because Rodrigo here is a thief, and now I'm in deep shit. And the worst part of all of this is that I'm stuck here with you three. You, you got more issues than a magazine stand. And, you, wipe the makeup off your face, Picasso. What are you, a mob wife? And, you, you're the worst. I know you're a little kid, and I know I'm not supposed to say this kind of stuff to you, but fuck you. Fuck you so much. You're a douche."
Slater: "Look, Noah, if you hate us that much, then just drop us off with our parents."
Noah: "You know what? That's an amazing idea. Let's go."

Audio censorship in the theatrical version:
Slater suggests going to the party of Wendy Sapperstein, one of his classmates, who is celebrating her Bar Mitzvah.

< 1 sec.

The following dialogue has been defused a little bit for the theatrical version:

Theatrical version:

Wendy: "Mom! This is my night. It's my celebration and I did not invite these nerds to my Bat Mitzvah!"
Mrs. Sapperstein: "Okay, can we just for an hour pretend that you're a decent human being?"


Wendy: "Mom! This is my night. It's my celebration and I did not invite these nerds to my Bat Mitzvah!"
Mrs. Sapperstein: "What more can I do for you? Rent the Taj Ma-fucking-hal for you?"

Extended scene in the unrated:
The twins who gave Slater the invitation to the Bar Mitzvah are excited about the party. The following dialogue is missing in the theatrical version.

3 sec.

Twin #2: "Yeah, this Bat Mitzvah is the best!"
Twin #1: "It's like Jew city out there, and we're the fucking mayors."

Extended scene in the unrated:
The conversation of Noah and Rodrigo has also been defused a little bit.

4 sec.

Noah: "You're a pendejo"
Rodrigo: "You're a puto"
Noah: "You're a puta, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you up, dawg!"

Extended scene in the unrated:
The conversation with the parking attendant, who tells Noah that they can't find the car, is a little bit longer.

7 sec.

Noah: "Did you lose it or you taking a shit right now?"
Fox: "A little of both."
Noah: "There's no 'a little bit' of taking a shit. You're either shitting your pants or you're not."

Extended scene in the unrated:
In the subway, Blithe kicks Noah on the shin.

3 sec.

Blithe: "You're such a jerk."
Noah: "God damn it, my fucking shin."

Extended scene in the unrated:
Noah meets Karl in a Chinese restaurant. The money he brought is not enough and he still owes Karl 7.000 dollars. Karl gets a call from Marisa, who's at a party. Karl tells her to text him the address, then he talks to Noah again to explain to him what will happen if he doesn't bring the money at midnight to the party.

60 sec.

Karl: "Hey!"
Marisa: "Hey, Karl!"
Karl: "Hey, Marisa. Where you at?"
Marisa: "I'm at a party!"
Karl: "A party? I'm always down to party. All right, text me the address. All right, baby."
Karl: "We're gonna meet you at this party at midnight. If you don't have my seven grand, Julio's gonna tickle your girlfriend's asshole with a feather. How'd you get that name 'The Feather' again?"
Julio: "Let me tell the story, man. My joint got a little curve to it. So I go up in there, and it tickles the lady's asshole. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. My joint goes in and comes out at the same time, you know what I'm saying?"
Noah: "Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle."
Julio: "Yeah! See, when I'm stoking, I see the head, although I'm in it, my head is popping out. Still, like that. Like a U-turn. My joint make a U-turn in that ass. The Feather is in effect since 1981, son. My joint be pop-locking in that ass. It go in your ass and come out your ass, like that. See what I'm saying?"

Extended scene in the unrated:
After arriving at the party, Noah searches for Marisa. Two shots are missing.

31 sec.

Stephanie, the host of the party, is hanging from the ceiling scantily dressed but she doesn't know where Marisa is.

Noah: "Stephanie, have you seen Marisa?"
Stephanie: "I don't know, it'my birthday!"
Noah: "Why are you upside down?"
Stephanie: "Why aren't you upside down?"
Noah: "Okay. Take care of yourself."
Stephanie: "You're not invited anymore."

Noah disturbs a buddy who's having sex with a girl. But he can't help either.

Noah: "G-Bert, sorry to interrupt, man."
G-Bert: "What's up, Noah?"
Noah: "Have you seen Marisa?"
Girl: "Who's Marisa?"
Noah: "She's my girlfriend. She's like my height, blonde hair."
Girl: "No, sorry."
G-Bert: "No."
Noah: "If I find her, we should all hang out next week or something."
Girl: "Totally, yeah."
Noah: "Yeah, great. You have great breasts. Thanks."
Girl: "Thank you."
G-Bert: "Later, Noah."

The additional cast and the used music are missing in the end credits of the theatrical version.