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Release: Oct 10, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version and the German FSK 16 DVD (=which offers the same material as the US Unrated version).

Runtime of the US R-Rated DVD without credits: 1:45:45 NTSC
Runtime of the German FSK 16 DVD without credits: 1:51:56 PAL

Both DVDs run with the same speed.

21 cuts = 371 sec. (resp. 6 min. 11 sec.)
Index of time designations: R-Rated / Unrated

The R-Rated DVD at the beginning shows the Studio Canal Logo. The German DVD directly begins with the movie.
+24.49 sec. (NTSC) / +29.36 sec. (PAL)

When Jay pulls off his pants, the R-Rated version stops. In the Unrated version, he pulls it off completely and you can see his penis. The first ten frames of the next scene were also cut out.
5.32 sec.

When Claire lays down on the bed, the R-Rated version does not show how Jay pulls her skirt up. You can see her genital area. Jay kisses her and then kneels down between her legs. Again, you can see his penis.
7.04 sec.

When Claire lies on top of Jay and pulls off her skirt, the R-Rated verison stops because at the end of the scene you can see Jay's penis. They kiss and Jay gooses her.
5.84 sec.

After Jay picked up a condom, in the R-Rated version you don't see him putting it on. Claire strokes his chest.
5.88 sec.

Wehn the two of them have sex, the R-Rated version pretty soon fades to black and cuts to the scene after they had intercourse. In the unrated version, the scene goes on for more than a minute. The R-Rated version continues when Jay gets off Claire and she sits up.
ca. 78.5 sec.

After about 2 seconds, the US DVD again stops. The unrated version shows Claire sitting up - you can see her private parts. Then the camera pans to Jay and also shows his genital area. The R-Rated version continues when the camera zooms to Jay's face.
11.6 sec.

Claire pulls of her panties.
0,96 Sek.

Shortly afterwards, the beginning of the scene where you see Claire is longer in the unrated version. That short sequence was probably cut out because you can shortly see her genital area.
1.52 sec.

The beginning of the scene where you see Jay was also cut out of the R-Rated version.
1.32 sec.

Another scene where the beginning was cut out: the two of them kiss.
1.8 sec.

Naturally, the scene where Claire stimulates Jay with her hands was cut out, too. After that, they kiss.
10.84 sec.

The R-Rated version fades to black and then to the next scene. In the unrated version, you see the whole scene of Claire and Jay having sexual intercourse.
approx. 61.5 sec.

The ending of the scene where Jay sits up was cut out because you can see his penis.
5.92 sec.

Only in the unrated version you see Jay sitting down naked on the armchaire while Claire is still asleep. Before she wakes up and the R-Rated version continues, the camera pans over her body.
11.84 sec.

When Jay thinks about his wife, the R-Rated version stops at the point where he's lying next to her. In the unrated version you see how he masturbates next to her. Then he gets up and goes to the bathroom. He gets one of his wife's panties out of the laundry basket and sniffs on it. He starts to masturbate again. Then his son knocks at the door. Jay startles, pulls his pants back up and rips off a piece toilet paper. The R-Rated version continues when the son opens the door.
58.2 sec.

Jay throws a piece of toiletpaper in the toilet bowl.
2.04 sec.

The scene where Claire performs oral sex on Jay was cut out as well. While she does so, Jay puts his hands between her legs. After Jay came, he puts his head between Claire's legs but she doesn't want that. He asks her what's wrong but she tells him that everything's just fine. The R-Rated version continues when she leaves the house.
72.4 sec.

Before you can see how Jay has sex with Claire, the R-Rated version fades to black.
13.22 sec.

The woman goes through the room naked while talking to about a singer she knows. She lies down next to Jay. He puts his cigarette away and the woman sits down on top of him. Meanwhile she goes on talking. Then she puts her wineglass away.
26.36 sec.

In the R-Rated version you don't see Jay pulling off his pants when he kneels over the woman.
5.48 sec.

In the R-Rated version, the beginning of the scene where Jay kneels in front of a box full of CDs (of which he later picks one) was cut out - probably due to the visibility of his genital area.
2.96 sec.