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Marquis de Sade: Justine


  • US version
  • Original version
Release: Apr 16, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

The US version was compared with the original version.

The two young women Justine and Juliette spend their lives studying within the sheltered walls of a convent. When they learn of their father's death, they are forced to leave the convent, as no one can now finance their education. Juliette goes to a brothel to work as a prostitute. Walking the path of sin, she does not even shy away from murder and brings it to wealth. Justine, on the other hand, wants to lead a virtuous life, but she is exploited, deceived and abused, until she finally finds herself branded as a murderer on the run...

Marquis de Sade: Justine is another collaboration between producer Harry Alan Towers, who also (co-)wrote the screenplay, and director Jesús Franco. Other examples would be Eugenie or The Bloody Judge. These films are usually well worth seeing, as Franco had a solid budget at his disposal. In the case of Marquis de Sade: Justine, it was a million dollars. It was shot in Spain, which the film only partially manages to sell as Paris. Some well-known actors (Klaus Kinski, Horst Frank and Jack Palance) can be seen as well. The film is based on the novel Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu by Marquis de Sade, which he wrote while incarcerated in prison.

US version heavily cut

In the U.S., the film was released on DVD by Blue Underground on November 3, 2002. On December 15, 2015, a limited edition set followed in which the film was included on Blu-ray and DVD with an additional soundtrack CD. Finally, on February 21, 2023, a 4K release followed with a UHD and Blu-ray. Also included here for the first time is the shorter US cut version titled Deadly Sanctuary. This version has been restored using the 4K transfer, meaning the picture quality is identical to the main version. The alternate title overlay and copyright notice at the end of the film have been reconstructed in the process. The Deadly Sanctuary version is nearly 30 minutes shorter than the main version. Plot scenes were shortened, probably with the intention of making the film a bit more snappy. All the sex and violence scenes are included. An interesting version that works surprisingly well most of the time. Only here and there can you sense that something must be missing.

The US version has a few framecuts here and there that seem to have been reconstructed as well. These are under a second and are not listed in the report. The picture quality of the 4K version is excellent. In addition to various extras carried over from previous releases, there is a new, very interesting interview with Rosabla Neri.

Running times:

US version: 95:41 min.
Original version: 124:12 min.


The US fades earlier from Justine to the hat. This is only shown as a still image. Then the alternate US title is shown and it fades to the hedge.

In the OV, Justine is seen longer. It fades to the hat. The camera moves back from the hat. The film title fades in.

US: 20 sec
OV: 20 sec


The US fades to the hat earlier. In the OV, the leaves are visible longer.

OV: 5 sec


After Justine and Juliette have left, a new scene follows in which a speaker announces a new law. Needy persons loitering in the city face the death penalty. Justine and Juliette walk through the streets and ask a man for the house of Madame De Buisson. He points them in the right direction and says that it is one of the most famous houses in Paris. The two pass a prostitute standing at the entrance to the house. Justine and Juliette check with her again to make sure they are in the right place.

OV: 54 sec


Justine looks around the entrance hall of Harpin's house. The latter can be seen cooking. Juliette rings the bell and calls his name.

OV: 35 sec


After Justine says that she will work for Harpin, he asks how much to eat. Justine answers that she only needs some bread and a little soup. Harpin laughs and says that he eats soup only once a week. He can only offer bread and river water. Justine is satisfied with that. Harpin shows her the room, which is right next to the cooking area. Harpin watches as Justine undresses and thinks that dress is too fancy for an employee. He tells Justine to hurry up and he will take care of the dress.

OV: 1:32 min


Justine continues to undress in front of Harpin. The latter likes her clothes and thinks that they are worth at least three crowns.

OV: 29 sec


Wearing only a thin dress, Justine cleans the windows in Harpin's house. Desroches approaches her and watches her secretly. Unintentionally, Justine empties her cleaning bucket over him. Desroches is annoyed and asks who Justine is. She explains that she is the new maid. Desroches introduces himself as the tenant of the house and says that his apartment must be cleaned regularly.

In the next scene, Justine is in Desroches' room playing with a globe. Desroches takes out a small chest from a cupboard. He sits down at his desk and calls Justine to him. Desroches shows her a piece of jewelry and says to her that he has agreed with Harpin that it would be easier if Justine slept upstairs. But Justine runs into the bedroom while Desroches is telling her this and says that Desroches would sleep here after all. He agrees with her. Justine finds a plucked instrument and drops it on the bed. Desroches says that Justine will own it in two to three months. He pushes Justine onto the bed, but she manages to free herself and runs away.

Justine comes to Harpin, who asks what happened. Justine tells him that Desroches wanted to sleep with her. Harpin says that this is part of his plan. Desroches has a box of jewelry. When he sleeps at night, Justine is supposed to steal it. Justine doesn't want this and gets spanked by Harpin for it.

In the marketplace, a merchant offers Justine's dress for sale.

OV: 5:19 min


Justine insists that she did not steal the brooch, but the soldiers lead her away. Desroches says that this is a sad end to an immoral life. Harpin says that he must find a new maid.

OV: 30 sec


The prisoner says that this is the last night of Dusbois and proposes to have a party. The women get up and start dancing in the courtyard.

The changing of the guard in the next scene starts earlier.

OV: 2:00 min


The trapped women lie on the straw. A strong wind blows through the courtyard. The trembling Dusbois can be seen. The follow up shot of Dusbois walking among the prisoners starts earlier.

OV: 39 sec


The US cuts to Justine before Dusbois asks the man what she should do.

Dusbois can be seen longer in the OV.

US: 2 sec
OV: 2 sec


Dusbois continues to ask the man if Justine is something similar to food. She tells Justine that the men expect something in return for freeing her. Dusbois gets up and leaves while the men push Justine against a tree. The man tells Justine that she has a choice of which of the men she chooses. Since Justine says nothing, the men pounce on her. Dusbois, who is about to leave and hears Justine's shouts, stops the men. Justine asks Dusbois why she was saved only to be abused now. Dusbois says that she knows many women who would trade places with Justine now, since they are all attractive men. To the men, Dusbois says that Justine now belongs to their gang and she must not be touched by anyone, as their innocence can still be of use to them. Despite this statement, an argument breaks out among the men as to who may pounce on Justine first. The men begin to fight. Dusbois tries to end the quarrel.

OV: 4:20 min


The US fades from Raymond directly to Justine in his studio.

In the OV, Raymond can be seen for a longer time.

He carries her to his studio. Justine wakes up there on a bench. She stands up and looks around the room.

US: 1 sec
OV: 53 sec


The US fades from the smiling Justine to the next scene.

In the OV, Justine is seen longer while Raymond calls her. She collects some flowers.

Justine calls Raymond to dinner. Raymond says he likes the food and they both start laughing. In the next scene, Raymond stands glumly in front of the screen. The next shot starts earlier before Justine appears.

US: 1 sec
OV: 1:16 min


Bressac goes on to tell Justine that she is young and has a kind of innocence. He suspects that she was running away from something. He offers her a refuge and employment.

Various shots of the castle of Bressac follow. The Marquise arrives with her horse. The shot of her running up the steps begins earlier.

OV: 1:27 min


The Marquise lies pensively on her bed. Bressac appears. The Marquise says that she has been waiting for him and always dreams that it will be like their first meeting again. Bressac says that she has settled for other satisfaction and now he is here. The Marquise says that she wants him. The two kiss.

The US does not start until the Marquise stands up.

OV: 1:13 min


Justine runs to the shepherdess and asks if the building nearby is a church. The shepherdess answers in the negative and says that it was a monastery. Only four men still live there to study and meditate. Justine asks if she might be able to stay there for a while. The shepherdess replies that the four men are never outside the monastery, but she can ask the gatekeeper. Justine thanks him and continues walking. The shepherdess looks after her sorrowfully. Justine walks up the steps to the former monastery.

OV: 1:37 min


Clément reads from a book in Latin. Justine is led to him. He asks her name and what brought her here. Justine lists all the terrible things that have happened to her and that she has lost everything. He asks if she is still a woman of virtue. When Justine answers in the affirmative, Clément welcomes her to Chateau Devois. He instructs the doorman that Justine should freshen up and get new clothes, since she will be at dinner tonight. Justine thanks him and wants to know the name of the man who built this community. Clément says that his name is Brother Antonin. Afterwards, Antonin is seen walking through the hallway earlier.

OV: 2:24 min


Justine is led to Antonin by the doorman. He reads from a book and sings in Latin.

OV: 57 sec


Antonin begins to sing in Latin as he holds Justine in his arms. The scene in which the woman lies naked before him begins earlier. Antonin says to his brothers that today they celebrate the anniversary of the foundation.

OV: 42 sec


In the US, there is a crossfade from Raymond to Dusbois.

Die OV zeigt weiter wie Raymond Justine aufhilft.

Scenes from a marketplace follow. Various artists and merchants can be seen while Raymond's carriage drives through the crowd.

US: 1 sec
OV: 1:02 min


The US breaks off the credits after the actors and fades in "Copyright 1970 TOWERS OF LONDON FILMS."

In the OV, the credits continue to roll. In black screen, the music stops.

US: 6 sec
OV: 42 sec