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Release: Jun 07, 2014 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
In the last few years, French director and screenplay writer Luc Besson was a reliable supplier of non-sophicasted but entertaining and fast-paced action thriller such as Taken or Lockout. It seems as if at least one of his new productions is screened in movie theaters every year. In 2014, it is 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner insread of Liam Neeson as elderly actor who would like to prove himself in the action genre again. The huge success that made Neeson the go-to-guy for action thrillers overnight probably won't be repeated by Costner because the concept of 3 Days to Kill is less straight. Besides the chase of a supervillain and his crew Costner is being forced into, a huge part of the story tells about him trying to get closer to his wife and teenage daughter after being away for decades due to his job at the CIA. Now, he has a desease and tries to make up for it.

Even though Besson's work are usually shot based on the viewing habits of an European audience and then being censored for the more lucrative "PG-13" rating, 3 Days to Kill has written "PG-13" all over it from the very beginning. Sure, there has been released obligatory Unrated Version but additional violence can barely be found. The most significant censored scene is the one at the strip club. Other than that, the differences usually affect the story or dialogs. To get an impression of the movie, the Theatrical Version will do the trick because the 5 minutes of new footage could be called anything but elementary. Nonetheless, one would rather watch the most complete version of a movie.

Compared are the Theatrical Version (PG-13) and the Unrated Version (both available on the US-Blu-ray by 20th Century Fox).

34 differences, among them
24 extended scenes
4 extended scenes with alternate footage
4 scenes with alternate footage
2 extended scenes in the Theatrical Version

The Unrated Version is 299.76 seconds or 5 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version.
Extended Scene
0:05:09: In the Unrated Version, Ethan needs longer to get rid of his watch. Irrelevant.
3.2 sec

Extended Scene in the Theatrical Version
0:09:48: The Theatrical Version contains a further distance shot of Ethan chasing the Albino.
+ 1 sec

Extended Scene
0:10:19: Slightly longer conversation between Ethan and the Albino in the Unrated Version. The Theatrical Version contains an extended shot of the Albino insteas.

Albino: "You're not going to kill me, are you?"
Ethan: "Not unless I have to."
4.64 sec

Extended Scene
0:11:42: After being informed by the doctor, a CIA agent suddenly appears at Ehtan's bed in the Unrated Version. At first, he compliments Ethan for securing the bomb. But since Ethan is not fit for duty anymore, the cooperation is being terminated. As a token of appriciation, Ethan gets a wristwatch, his pension transfered to his account and the agent thanks Ethan for his service in the name of the CIA.
In the Theatrical Version, the doctor expresses the gratefulness for his service offscreen.
25 sec

Extended Scene
0:27:24: Different take when Ethan tells Vivi what he thinks about her driving style.
Unrated 3.72 sec longer

Extended Scene
0:28:20: Ethan makes sure they were talking about the same thing. He buys his life back by killing people for her. Vivi accuses him of being self-righteous but he manages to calm her down.
9.24 sec

Extended Scene in the Theatrical Version
Theatrical Version: 0:27:49: Ethan now also summarizes in the Theatrical Version that he was holding back on his life when he killed for her. The remaining part of the conversation is missing though.
+ 2.2 sec

Alternate Footage
0:28:51: Vivi completes her comments "The question is..." differently.

Theatrical Version: "Kill or die?"
Unrated: "Do you want your bike back?"
Theatrical Version 2.4 sec longer

Extended Scene
0:29:18: Longer dialog.

Vivi: "Knock 'em dead."
Ethan: "Yeah, well, that's the point, isn't it?"
6.88 sec

Extended Scene
0:32:40: Ethan asks Vivi angrily: "Do you even have a line that can't be crossed?". Then her henchmen show up with plastic bags to clean up the mess.
6.56 sec

Alternate Footage
0:34:36: In the Theatrical Version, there is a picture of Ethan.
In the Unrated Version, the henchman takes a look at the content of the envelope from the distance.
Theatrical Version 1.16 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Extended Scene
0:39:45: Ethan is ransacking a closet.
1.4 sec

Extended Scene in the Theatrical Version
0:40:24: Before Ethan says he had difficulties finding the vodka, Christine looks at him in the Theatrical Version.
+ 1.96 sec

Extended Scene in the Theatrical Version
Theatrical Version: 0:43:07: In the Theatrical Version, Vivi responds to Ethan's question why he should get a suit: "Because I like my boys better dressed than the men they kill."
+ 3.92 sec

Extended Scene
0:45:14: Ethan also says he believed he could see the Eifel Tower from the office window. When the henchmen turn around, Ethan fires at them. Nothing explicite though.
9.84 sec

Extended Scene
0:45:30: He closes the curtain at the office.
1.56 sec

Extended Scene
0:45:35: And another one.
1.48 sec

Extended Scene With Alternate Footage
1:19:52: As you probably know, a strip club scene is delicate for a PG-13 movie. Nothing and nobody can look too sexy, not to mention nude. As a result, that kind of footage is missing in the Theatrical Version. Shots from a further distance have been used, some close-ups have been removed or smoke has been added to the scene in order to hide nudity. The Unrated Version is much more revealing.
Unrated 36.48 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Extended Scene
1:27:06: When Zooey wants to know from Ethan if he put on the suit for her, he responds in the Unrated Version: "I had to give a speech."
3.04 sec

Extended Scene With Alternate Footage
1:29:30: This is anything but relevant. There are different shots of the family dinner and Ethan's conversation with Christine on the couch in both versions. The dialog continues during the dinner scenes. Contentwise, the only thing new in the Unrated Version is Ethan explaining that he felt as if he had missed things and/or that he was going to miss things. Christine advises him to tell Zooey about his bad health.
Unrated 25.04 sec longer

Extended Scene
1:31:16: In the Unrated Version, Zooey enters the bedroom and brings her parents breakfast on a tablet. She seems casual but Christine is tense and tells Zooey to get ready for school. Zooey is surprised that her mom is so nervous, she leaves the room hesitantly but amused. Then Ethan asks Christine what was wrong about Zooey seeing her parents like that. Not until then, he gets the call from Vivo that the Albino was at the hotel.
Unrated 30.12 sec longer

Extended Scene
1:40:02: Ethan gets a call from Christine, she asks about his whereabouts. He explains he was just leaving the doctor's office. Christine is rushing him because it was almost too late to go to Zooey's party.
21.64 sec

Extended Scene
1:42:: Some more starring. Ethan says smugly: "Well, uh... kids." and winks at Wolf. His bodyguard almost attacks Ethan but of them keep their game faces when the elevator stops.
9 sec

Extended Scene
1:44:37: Wolf is coordinating with his henchmen. Allegedly, the cops' ETA was 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Ethan accompanies Christine to the balcony because she diesn't so feel well due to the alcohol.
19.28 sec

Alternate Footage
1:44:58: Minor extensions in both versions. The Theatrical Version uses a small part when Ethan follows Christine to the balcony. Therefore, the Unrated Version contains an extended shot of Wolf. Nothing worth dignifying with one word.
Unrated 3.19 sec longer

Extended Scene
1:45:31: Christine desperately yells: "You're sick, Ethan!"
1.48 sec

Extended Scene
1:46:15: The Unrated Version shows Christine turning around after she threw up. She points at Ehtan's hand and asks if he had cut himself. Then a shot of the blood-soaked napkin.
4.2 sec

Extended Scene With Alternate Footage
1:46:25: Christine tells Ethan to leave it to someone else. The order of the shots of Wolf and the aiming henchman slightly differ plus different takes of Christine asking Ethan to stay on the balcony.
2.24 sec

Extended Scene
1:48:39: When Ethan approaches Wolf with his weapon at the ready, there are differences. Not only that two of Wolf's henchmen come around the corner but run instead of attacking him in the Unrated Version, but Ethan faints again right before finishing Wolf. Both versions contain different shots in a slightly different order. In the Unrated Version, Ethan also gets to play the good dad. He says Wolf had scared a lot of people at the party and it was Zooey's party. And Ethan can't let that happen of course. But when they both crawl to the weapon on the ground at the end of the fight, the Unrated Version fades to black right before they can reach it.
In the Theatrical Version, Vivi steps on Wolf's hand with her heel and kicks the weapon in Ethan's direction. Than the Theatrical Version fades to black as well.
30.96 sec

Extended Scene
1:50:03: The Unrated Version contains a shot from Ethan's POV when he's taking a look under Vivi's skirt (too dark though).
1.6 sec

Extended Scene With Alternate Footage
1:50:15: When Ethan is supposed to shoot Wolf, the Unrated Version takes its time. There is more footage of Vivi pressing him (she says he was a killer, he didn't have a choice) and there are much more flashbacks of Ethan's family life as well. The result is the same though: he puts down his weapon.
Unrated 36.68 sec longer

Extended Scene
1:51:40: In the Theatrical Version, Vivi is standing in front of Ethan and Wolf's body for an extended period. Then a fade to blac.
In the Unrated Version on the other hand, she turns around and leaves while the henchmen are showing up in order to help Ethan getting up and take him away.
4.84 sec

Extended Scene
1:53:24: When Ethan tells Christine that he loved her, she explains it still wasn't enough to resign. He believes she was wrong but he understands.
8.04 sec

Alternate Footage
1:53:42: Contentwise, Ethan's confession to Christine is entirely different. In the Theatrical Version, he talks about being a bad husband, that he had done inexplainable things and that it looked like he had to spend the rest of his undefinable life with missing her. He also says all he wanted was being with his daughter and wife.

In the Unrated Version, Christine first explains to him that it wasn't a game. He replies they didn't have to be in the same room or have sex. He keeps going that it was completely up to her and if it came to that, he would recognize the signals. He also explains that he had gotten more that he deserved, even if it didn't come to that. Last but not least, he says that all he wanted was being with his daughter and wife.
Unrated 1.04 sec longer