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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 01, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
13:19 / 18:06-18:26

Dan looks at himself in the mirror again and goes back into the bedroom where the woman is lying in her vomit.
The empty bottle on the dessert triggers the further flashback to drinking/cooking in the room the evening before, with which the theatrical version starts again.
20,3 sec

13:30 / 18:37-18:38

Dan comes into the room a little earlier.

1,2 sec

13:39 / 18:47-18:49

In a short shot, he says "No."

1,2 sec

13:50 / 19:00-19:09

The view of the girl's bag runs through the theatrical version in one until Dan takes hold. The DC shows two more shots before, where he hesitates and again the girl on the bed.
9,5 sec

14:00-14:02 / 19:18-19:28

In the DC, Dan searches in two additional shots and the follow-up shot of him is a little earlier.
In the theatrical version, an alternative shot of the rummaging.

Director's Cut 7,1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

14:04 / 19:30-19:34

Another shot of the wallet.

3,4 sec

14:21 / 19:50-19:56

Dan pauses a little longer at the door, says "What's your name, hero?" and you see the child again.

6,3 sec

14:43-14:45 / 20:18-20:20

When Hallorann says Dan's name, the DC briefly switches to a view of him. The theatrical version stays with Dan throughout.

No time difference

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

14:53 / 20:28-20:56

Dan raises his hand and you can see a box opening in the labyrinth of the Overlook Hotel.
Hallorann: "No, no, Doc. You can put things from the Overlook away in boxes, but not memories. Never those. They're the real ghosts. You take them with you."
Dan turns back to the baby.

27,8 sec

14:57-14:58 / 21:00-22:58

Dan goes out of the picture a moment longer in the theatrical version (not illustrated).

The Director's Cut instead changes to the other perspective again and here he leaves the room in more detail.
With a soft fade, it continues in Anniston, where the little Abra plays the piano.
Mother Lucy: "Time for bed, Abra."
Abra: "A little more."
Father Dave: "No more, sweetie. Big day tomorrow."
Abra: "Birthday party!"
Dave: "That's right. Now, what time is it?"
Abra: "Bedtime."
Lucy: "You know it's bedtime. Good night, sweetheart."

Director's Cut 116,6 sec (= 1:57 min) longer

16:53 / 24:53-25:00

Rose and Crow once more while watching, then once more Mandy; "What will the pain be? A dream."

6,5 sec

17:23-17:34 / 25:30-25:52

Mandy whispers a little more to the man in the Director's Cut and the shots deviate a little from that; "You'll say it out loud. Out loud. And the next time you go looking for a little girl online, I want you to remember that time you got bit by a snake. A snake in a white blouse whose face is a blank.

Director's Cut 11,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

19:01 / 27:19-28:00

Dan's getting on a bus.
At the beginning, he asks at the counter with some money in his hand "How far can I get for this?". On the bus, Frazier is shown as destination.

40,3 sec

In the following scene (Abras's birthday), the reference to Anniston appears only in the theatrical version, which in the DC already appeared in the additional scene there during 14:57-14:58 / 21:00-22:58.

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

19:22 / 28:20-28:28

The magician gives Abra the wand and explains in more detail that the kids should count now; "Okay, you hold the magic wand. Now, everyone, on the count of three, okay?"

8,1 sec

19:30 / 28:37-28:47

After Abra has said that she can do magic as well, the magician talks to her for the first time. He performs two typical tricks (rabbit in the hat + fire from his hand).
"Well, then you get to hold him, birthday girl. There you go. You got him? For my next trick... Oh, my goodness. Sorry."

10,3 sec

19:42 / 28:59-29:25

The magician gives another comment and Abras father talks to the mother outside.

Magician: "Okay, make sure you guys don't do this."
He pulls a pencil through his nose; "Oh!"
Dave: "Uh... We can forget about naptime."
Lucy gives him a kiss; "Just a few more hours. Say it with me. Just a few more hours."
Dave: "Just a few more hours."

26,3 sec

20:43 / 30:26-30:29

Rose goes to Mandy's trailer for a moment longer. Here and in the seconds before, a reference to chapter 2 appears in the DC.

2,9 sec

22:53 / 32:38-33:01

Rose and Mandy talk for a longer time, and the importance of their alliance is addressed.

Mandy: "So, you and your friend..."
Rose: "Mm, not my friend. That's my family. We're the True Knot, dear."
Mandy: "The True Knot."
Rose: "What's tied can never be untied."

22,4 sec

25:00 / 35:08-35:13

Billy says to Dan: "I know that look. Too well, I'm sorry to say."

4,8 sec

29:21 / 39:35-39:40

The tracking shot on Dan starts a little earlier.

5,5 sec

30:49 / 41:08-41:12

Dan a moment longer at the end of the scene.

3,8 sec

31:03 / 41:25-41:28

Billy at the door a little earlier.

2,3 sec

31:08 / 41:33-41:40

Billy says: "But you're sick and tired of being sick and tired."

6,4 sec

31:41-31:44 / 42:12-42:28

The AA greeting was somewhat shortened in the theatrical version with an additional shot from behind the leader (John).
John: "I'm so proud of you."
Frau: "Thanks, John."
John: "Now, am I forgetting anybody? Does anybody got a year? Or six months? (Well, now for the most important person in the room. Is, uh, anybody here a newbie?)"

Director's Cut 11,9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut