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Rest Stop


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: abyss - external link: IMDB
R-Rated = 84:49 Min.
Unrated = 85:10 Min.

Longer scenes in the unrated version = 24,8 sec.
Alternative graphic material in the R-Rated version = 3,6 sec.

Although Rest Stop is a Direct-to-Video-Production from Warner's Raw Feed-series, the movie was released on DVD in the USA in two different versions: The cut R-Rated version and the uncut unrated version. The attentive reader may wonder why Warner runs the effort of a double release although the movie was never planned for theatrical release and the argument of an profitable R-Rating for theatrical release does not apply. Also the money making "unrated"- script nameplate on the DVD can't be the reason for that. This could have been glued on every single release, too.

In the end the reason is however probably an economic one: Some retail dealers in the USA don’t sell unrated versions. To be able to provide them, too, a MPAA certified R-Rated version was produced.

The censorship of the R-Rated:
The cuts in the American unrated version are minimal and partly hardly comprehensible. While the finger scene is full-fledged, some close-ups from breasts had to be censored.
06:58 During the sex scene between Nicole and her boyfriend Jess an explicit close-up view of her naked breast is missing.
2,7 Sek.

07:01 Ditto. Again a close-up view of her breast is missing.
1 Sek.

07:10 One more time a shot of Nicole’s breast is missing.
0,6 Sek.

07:14 Close-up view as Jess fondles Nicole’s bottom and afterwards lying in each other’s arms.
5,3 Sek.

38:10 As the psycho drills Tracy’s leg with the drill machine different graphic material was used in both versions. In the R-Rated version only the drill machine is visible. In the unrated version the guy drills into her leg (blood is splattering).

R-Rated (0,5 Sek.)

Unrated (0,8 Sek.)

38:11 A short shot is missing in the R-Rated version as the killer staples Tracy’s foot with a staple gun.
0,8 Sek.

38:12 This shot follows directly after the staple gun scene and can be seen minimal later in the R-Rated version. (no time difference)

38:13 Close-up view of Tracy’s face.
0,9 Sek.

42:38 Two shots as he drills into her leg with the drill machine.
1,6 Sek.

63:12 As Nicole watches the video recording, in which her boyfriend is tortured by the psycho, some bloody details are missing as he cuts him with a Stanley knife.
7 Sek.

63:46 The scene in which Jess gets his tongue cut off is missing. The same goes for the German version. But alternative graphic material was used in the R-Rated version: The psycho cuts Jess’ chest with a Stanley knife and the camera moves closely to his face.

R-Rated (2,3 Sek.)

Unrated (4,2 Sek.)

71:16 Different graphic material can be seen during Nicole’s flashback in both versions. In the R-Rated version Jess is tortured with the cutting knife, in the unrated version his face is shown in close-up view and without a tongue.

R-Rated (0,8 Sek.)

Unrated (0,9 Sek.)