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ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2


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Release: Oct 12, 2011 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The sequel to the slasher Laid to Rest from 2009 makes it very clear that it focusses on one thing: the violent scenes - just like the prequel. Director Robert Hall's actual occupation is effect and make-up artist in many productions, among them some mainstream movies. But it looks like that wasn't enough, so he decided to go flat out and that only seemed possible if he became a director. And that's quite an issue because ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 also sucks - just like the prequel. Who expects a reasonable story, some characterization or suspense better watches another flick. The one and only star of the movie are the splatter effects and those can outrank the effects from the first one.

The visual appealings in this movie were apparently too much for the MPAA which is why the Uncut Version was rated NC-17. Being a disaster for mayor productions, gorehounds rather consider it a seal of approval. Either way, the studio decided to bring it unrated on the market. In addition to that, there's a censored R-Rated Version (for strong bloody violence, language and some nudity) for store chains and video stores. Contrary to the prequel, the R-Rated Version doesn't contain a lot of alternate footage. Most of the time, the critical footage has just been cut. Nevertheless, there's less than 1 min. difference between R-Rated and Unrated.

Compared are the censored R-Rated DVD and the uncut Unrated DVD (both from Image Entertainment).

17 differences:
13 censorings/cuts
4 scenes with alternate footage

The Unrated Version is 55.96 sec longer.
0:24:11: Extended shot of Chromeskull carving Allie's face. There's no alternate footage in the R-Rated Version, it's just been cut out.
12.64 sec

0:24:27: Another shot of Allies bloody wound when she's lying on the ground. Furthermore, she's a twitcher.
3.36 sec

Alternate footage
0:29:42: Extended shot of Tommy's roomie gasping for air. Her legs are twitching while Chromeskull closes the door in background with no rush. Then a shot of her in profile in the R-Rated Version.
The Unrated Version is 9.48 sec longer


0:29:53: A shot of her gasping for air has been removed. This shot also reveals the sheer magnitude of her wound.
2.32 sec

0:44:43: Shot of Detective Holland, blood is running down the stairs. Preston, dressed as Chromeskull, watches her waking up and gasping.
10.92 sec

Alternate footage
0:44:58: The "knive device" widens in Holland's mouth. She moans in pain while Chromeskull keeps stepping on her head.

The R-Rated Version on the other hand contains a shot of Jess starring on the monitor in shock, followed by a shot of Preston dressed up as Chromeskull.
The R-Rated Version is 0.24 sec longer


0:45:01: Slightly extended shot of the spikes abusing Holland's cheek skin.
0.16 sec

Alternate footage
0:45:02: Further shot of the device in Holland's mouth. The spikes have already bored through the cheeks.

The R-Rated Version is more harmless, contains a shot of "Wannabe Chromeskull" instead.
no difference


0:45:05: Her cheek skin gets more and more ruptures.
0.92 sec

1:07:41: Only the Unrated Version contains a shot of the knife slicing the face of Max' associate from the bottom to the top.
1.2 sec

1:08:02: Same here.
0.72 sec

1:08:05: Chromeskull slices and dices the cop's head.
2.72 sec

1:08:08: The R-Rated Version lacks the shot of the cop's corpse hitting the ground, shot of the wrecked skull included.
2.8 sec

1:08:18: Earlier beginning of the shot of the smashed head.
1.68 sec

1:11:20: The shot of Chromeskull slicing up Preston's throat several times has been removed from the R-Rated Version.
2.36 sec

Alternate footage
1:11:24: Several shots of Chromeskull letting off some steam by slicing Preston up, bloody detaisl included.

The R-Rated Version contains shots of Tommy and Jess being shocked instead.
The Unrated Version is 2.8 sec longer


1:18:38: Extended shot of the twitching cop after his artery was sliced, blood is gushing out.
2.12 sec