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  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 25, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK DVD by Anchor Bay and the uncut US Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome

- 6 cuts
- Length difference: 225.9 sec (= 3:46 min) [in PAL]

The UK DVD contains a few more minor jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each.

The UK Horror movie Prey (1978) is quite atmospherical and has some ratheer unusual main characters: A gay couple living in some abandoned shack in the woods gets an uausual visitor, an alien in human form, that plays the two girls without them noticing. There is even a little nudity and violence in the movie, emphasis on a little though.

Even though it lacks several minutes, the UK DVD was one of the very few options to get Prey on DVD. On 02/27/2018, Vinegar Syndrome released a Blu-ray in the US and the quality is amazing. In addition to that, the movie is uncut and presented in its original aspect ratio. There is some nice bonus footage as well. As the following comparison shows, a longer scene showing how the conflict between the two protagonists becomes more and more an issue is the main difference here. Similar to the other, rather small missing scenes, it appears that this scene is also missing because the used master is defective - but not for censorship reasons.

This is not the case in the finale though. It appears as if one scene is intentionally censored. The entries in the BBFC database are a little confusing because according to older entries for even shorter versions, cuts with a total length of 10 seconds are being listed and the here compared Anchory Bay is listed as "Extended Version" - and yet, the Anchor Bay is still cut. Either way, one should get the US Blu-ray - good quality and uncut.

Time index refers to
UK DVD (in PAL) / Uncut US Blu-ray
16:26 / 17:09-17:11

In the UK Version, the shot of Anderson ends a little earlier due to a reel change resp. it ends with the reel change mark on the right. A rather unspectacular difference but still...

1.5 sec

28:44 / 30:01-33:30

After Jessica mentions Sam had not visited for quite some time now, she goes back to Anderson in the living room. She asks how he was doing now and admits to being scared. In a way, she also makes it quite clear that Josephine is the reason for her fear. At this very moment, Josephine shows up. Jessica comes up with some lame excuse resp. she explains they had only been talking about music. She elaborates Anderspon was into classical music which leads to a vain question for him (and which will also be picked up again later on).

Jessica has left and back in the bedroom, she keeps looking for Sam's stuff. Once again, Joan is standing in front of the door. She explains Jessica had been acting weird all day and she assumes it might be Anderson's presence. Jessica leaves & Jo gets undressed.

The next morning, Anderson comes downstairs to Jessica in the kitchen. She offers him some coconut milk.

201.2 sec (= 3:21 min)

31:34 / 36:27-36:39

The final shot of the sex scene is insignificantly longer (once again, there is a reel change mark on the right) and the following shot of Anderson in the room starts earlier as well. Subsequent to him getting up, the versions are back in sync.

11.8 sec

48:20 / 54:09-54:12

And another reel change: The three of them toast slightly longer plus the shot of Jessica on the stairs starts earlier.

2.6 sec

68:25 / 75:09-75:10

One last reel change before Anderson carries Jo inside.

1.6 sec

74:28 / 81:29-81:36

After Jo runs out of the room, there is an additional shot of Anderson eating a piece of Jessica's flesh. Then Jo running across the hallway.

7.1 sec

Subsequent to the end credits, the US Blu-ray contains an additional logo of the label.
Not considered as length difference.

13 sec

Last but not least, a little screenshot ccomparison: The colors look much more natural on the Blu-ray and the original aspect ratio makes more sense as well.

UK DVDUS Blu-ray