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Time Gal

original title: Time Gal


Region: USA

Region: Japan

Release: Sep 30, 2015 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Blake47
The game:
Time Gal is an arcade game that was developed by Taito and released in Japan in 1985. It makes use of the FMV (Full Motion Video) technique and the player has to press the right buttons very quickly to perform certain actions. The story takes place in a fictitious future where time travels are possible. The evil stole a time machine called Luna and wants to use it to gain world domination. The player embodies the role of Reika Kirishima who travels through different epoches to put an end to this.

1985 Arcade - Taito LG System
1986 MSX - LaserDisc
1992 SEGA Mega CD/Sega CD
1995 Pioneer LaserActive - LD-ROM2
1996 SONY PlayStation
1997 SEGA Saturn
Sixhundredsixtysix (666) is a biblical number in the revelation of John. In the context of occultism and number mysticism, this number has also a special meaning: it stands for the number of the beast or the Antichrist himself. According to this occultistic/religious theme, the US version has been modified.

Change of name:
Level A.D. 666 became level A.D. 999 in the US version.

US version:Japanese version: