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Apache Woman

original title: Donna chiamata Apache, Una


  • Spanish DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jul 27, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Spanish DVD by filmax has been compared to the German DVD by HDMV.

During a raid on an indian villiage, soldier Tommy is being seperated from his unit. Together with Sunsirahe, the only survivor of the soldiers' massacre, he tries to fight his way back to his fort. On the way, the two get close to each other and they have to stand up against headhunters, religious fanatics and slavers...

Rather inexpensively made italo-rip-off of Soldier Blue. Due of the occasionally pessimistic tone surely worth a watch, but cannot be compared to the original.

The Spanish DVD by filmax contains a pretty heavily cut version of the film. Especially plot scenes were removed, but also a few of the most violent parts.
The German version by HDMV is much longer, but technically speaking not complete, too. Apart from many framecuts taht were not listed in the report, two short rather meaningless scenes are missing, those were marked red. At the moment, the HDMV-version is the best one on the market, though. The bonus material contains not only two image galleries and the Italian trailer, but also the Ger. Super 8-version of the movie.

The German version was kindly provided by HDMV.

HDMV: 86:04 Min. (PAL)
Span. DVD: 77:14 Min. (PAL)

The Sergeant adds that they needed to protect their farmers. The 'Indios' wanted to kill them, so they would kill the Indians.

After that, you see two of the soldiers who start screaming.

8 Sec.


The soldiers ride towards the village and shoot some indians. Tommy falls off his horse in the process.

18 Sec.


The soldiers shoot around, an indian dies.

5 Sec.


A bit of very racist and mysoginistic dialogue between Jeremy, Keith and Frankie is missing.

Jeremy asks what they wanted from him - he didn't have anything after all. Keith wants to know where he wanted to take the girl, to which Jeremy replies into the brothel in St. Louis. The people running the place were going on about how he was supposed to get them an Indian woman, because they had some customers who were into this stuff.
Keith remarks that, yes, there were pigs like that, then he asks what he'd earn for her - it's thirty Dollars. Frankie comments that she was not worth that much money. Keith asked what was so special about her but Jeremy does not know himself - he just knows that some guys there were really craving for one of her kind.
Keith expresses his disapproval once more and asks Frankie, the connoisseur, if he would actually pay for her - he wouldn't.
After that, Keith tells Jeremy he would never get thirty Dollars for her, but Jeremy stays firm - this was a fixed offer and he was going to share with them once he dropped her off at St. Louis. In the meantime, Frankie starts playing with her with his knife, but Jeremy tells him to stop - after all, what would she be worth if he badgered her with the knife.

1:02 Min.


The HDMV-version misses Tommy running away.

3 sec.


Tommy and Sunsirahe flee through the forest.

53 sec.


The HDMV misses a pan from Tommy to Sunsirahe.

4 sec.


The HDMV-version shows Tommy trying to stay awake because he is afraid Sunsirahe would kill him. He falls asleep, though, and Sunsirahe is laying down next to him because he starts shaking.

The Span. DVD on the other hand shows Sunsirahe looking down. (The scene is shown a little later when Sunsirahe brings Tommy some berries.)

HDMV: 1:39 Min.
span. DVD: 6 sec.


Tommy tells a bit more from the early days.

He says that she, being born here, could not imagine what it was like in New York - the people living there, all the excitement, the houses, it was not bad in New York, but what was there for him to expect? They were so many brothers and sisters and the only thing there was plentifully was moles. He continues that everyone told him to try his luck in the west. That last sentence makes him all melancholic.

40 Sek.


Sunsirahe puts out the fire and lays down next to Tommy.

33 sec.


The talk between Tommy and Snake continues.

Snake tells him the (allegedly true) story about somebody who tried to become an Indian himself - so, with his Indian girlfriend, he went to her village. The people sold him to another tribe and got three mustangs for him. This second tribe now tortured him at the stake for 14 days until he went crazy.
Snake says that he had it coming to him - becoming an Indian is as good as trying to get an Indian to become a Christian man. He advises Tommy to keep his hands off the Indians and to rather get a prostitue in some saloon, he'd be better off that way.
Tommy asks what there was he could help Snake with to earn some food. Snake asks him who said that he would get something to eat from him. Tommy tries to start explaining, but Snake interrupts him, saying he thought wrong.

1:05 Min.


The conflict with Snake continues.

Snake confronts Tommy, telling him to stand still. He goes on about how Tommy didn't expect that and how old Snake would always take on him.

Just as he wants to pull the trigger, he is being stabbed by Sunsirahe. She bows down and scalps him. Tommy horrifiedly asks her what she was doing there and if she was insane.
Sinsirahe replies "Takuma."

Tommy is riding the horse, Sinsirahe follows him. When she drops to the ground exhaustedly, he lets her get on the horse.

1:31 Min.


Sunsirahe gives Tommy the bottle.

5 Sec.


The two look into each other's eyes.

14 Sec.


Sunsirahe undresses and lays down to Tommy. He turns around and kisses her, to which she reacts a little confusedly.

Tommy asks her if she didn't know what a kiss is and does it again.

53 Sec.


The dialogue between Tommy and the soldier continues. Tommy says that they shot women and children in San Cristobal - the soldier replies that this may be true, but that they were civilized people - god was with them.

7 Sec.


The Indian on the horse is being shot.

3 Sec.


The dialogue between Tommy and the father continues.

The father tells Tommy that eternal damnation was waiting for Sunsirahe and that Tommy does not want to share her destiny. Tommy rejects him, telling him to stop preaching and that he did see who the true animals were. The father replies that it was the woman's fault - she made them horny and lured them away from the path of virtue. She was a courtesan of the devil and even before the lord, she was no better than any animal.

17 Sec.


Tommy washes himself longer at the river.

He tells Sunsirahe that the people in Fort Corb were no better at all, that she was only cattle for them, too. But he had to go back to them because they'd lynch him for deserting.
Sunsirahe then runs to him, calls his name and then they kiss each other.

50 Sec.


A cut to Sunsirahe and then to Tommy is missing. Tommy says that they probably also had an Indian-show.

5 sec.


Sunsirahe and Tommy fool around a little more. He says he could imagine they'd fall for that.

32 sec.


Tommy plans his future with Sunsirahe a little more.

He says she was able to learn - "hut", he says, he wants to build a hut for the two of them and then everybody could kill each other, they wouldn't care any more because they had their own house and would grow sweet corn and hunt some animals.
Sunsirahe calls his name again.

17 sec.


Keith and Frankie talk about their future with Sunsirahe, too.

Keith tells Frankie that he would hold her and then Frankie could have her - but he says no, it was Keith's turn first, that was how they had planned it.

6 sec.


Three soldiers ride to Tommy.

They ask him if he was alone - obviously, he was. They then want to know what he was doing there, he replies that he buried his wife. One of the soldiers remarks that there was a dead man lying there - the sergeant wants to know what had happened here, but Tommy says he didn't know and that the man was dead when he had arrived.
The Sergeant asks when Tommy arrived there and if the woman he was burying there had been killed - Tommy only answers that she died.
Finally, the Sergeant asks if he saw any "dirty redskins" - they were after some. Tommy answers that he did not see any "dirty redskins".

46 sec.