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Border of Tong, The


  • US DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Apr 14, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US DVD by Island View Entertainment and the uncut German VHS by Pacific Video / Splendid

- 5 cuts
- Length difference: 59.5 sec

Border of Tong (1985) is about some gangsters in Chinatown and it begins with a nice 80s soundtrack and a botched theft. From that point on, Joe, who was naive enough to get incolved somehow, is on the run. He is played by young David Heavener who later on shot C-Actioners such as Dragon Fury or Angel Blade with him being both before and behind the camera. All in all, the movie is incredible mediocre withh no spectacular fights at all.

And as if that was not bad enough already, the US DVD by Code Red is cut. To be more specific, the US DVD lacks some dialog at the beginning. Not sure why that is though. Due to the added footage in the Uncut Version, there is more tension between the gangsters which makes it easier to comprehend why the hostages get killed eventually.

Time index refers to
US DVD in NTSC / Uncut Version (German VHS) in PAL
The opening credits run with more frames per seconds on the US DVD. Also, the first two credits differ. The remaining credits are identically equal though.

Uncut German VHSUS DVD

02:16-02:18 / 02:12

Subsequent to the director credit, the final air-to-air shot is a little longer on the US DVD.

+ 2 sec

05:52 / 05:37-05:52

In the Uncut Version, Joe asks if the guns were really necessary. Kay does not like his attitude.

15.1 sec

09:32 / 09:23-09:36

In the Uncut Version, Kay tells Joe to help. Joe hesitantly does so and the store owner points out he had a weak heart which is why he could not get tied up too tight.

13.7 sec

11:24 / 11:24-11:28

In the Uncut Version, an older guy says one could talk about it plus there is some guy on the ground.

4.4 sec

11:32 / 11:36-12:01

In the Uncut Version, the guy on the ground keeps making provocative remarks.

25.5 sec

11:33 / 12:02-12:03

Additional comment of the older guy in the Uncut Version.

0.7 sec