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  • Original Version
  • German Version
Release: Aug 19, 2013 - Author: Jerry Dandridge - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German version (FSK 16) and the English original version.

Robert Hartford-Davis' classic "The Black Torment" from 1964 can be counted as one of the best movies in the gothic horror genre. This scary story is thrillingly told and has some nice twists and shocking moments to offer. The actors do a good or even great job, although some of them tend to overacting. For fans of gothic horror it is definitely a must-see. By the way, it was produced by Tony Tenser, who later also produced Roman Polanski's "Repulsion".

When the movie was released in British cinemas, it received bad reviews and completely bombed at the box office. This is why it found its way into the German cinemas only just in 1969. To make the movie more interesting, the 1 1/2 minute long title sequence was removed and replaced by a new opening sequence, which gives the viewer the misleading impression that "The Black Torment" is a splatter movie. Unfortunately, the German DVD by e-m-s only contains the German version. But the original title sequence can be found in the bonus material.

1 cut = 28 sec.
1 new scene = 71 sec.

Original Version
The title sequence of the English version begins after Lucy has been strangled. A river is visible and the title "The Black Torment" is displayed. Several landscape shots follow and a horse-drawn carriage is shown. After that, the river is shown one more time. The German version sets in again when the camera pans to the bridge, where the carriage can be seen once more.
93 sec.

German Version
A picture of a bloodily severed head is displayed in the German version. The German editing is mentioned here and at the end follows a warning to the viewer which is meant to be funny. But the German opening seems quite cheap, because during the whole sequence the sound from the first scene, in which Lucy is being chased through the forest, is repeated once more while the picture in the background stays the same.
71 sec.