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The Little Drummer Girl

02 Episode 2


  • Original version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 07, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the original version (as 6-parter e.g. included on the German DVD from Universal / BBC / Amazon) and the Director's Cut (exclusively included in Korea as Blu-ray-/4K-UHD).

- 72 differences, incl. 7 audio changes, 26x alternative material
- Difference: 153.4 sec (= 2:33 min)

Original version: 55:26 (54:53) min // Director's Cut: 57:49 (55:26) min

Park Chan-wook's THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL in three different versions

South Korean director Park Chan-wook is, of course, best known for his films like Oldboy (and the other two parts of his Vengeance trilogy) and The Handmaiden. He describes John le Carré's The Little Drummer Girl as one of his favorite novels, and in 2016 The Night Manager, also based on an original novel by John le Carré, ran quite successfully. When Park Chan-wook heard that an adaptation of The Little Drummer Girl was also planned, he jumped at the chance and took over the directing duties for all 6 episodes. As expected, the British-American co-production from the BBC and AMC is a visually appealing and fairly routinely executed spy drama, with Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Shannon shining in the lead roles.

At the end of 2018, the episodes ran on British and American TV, followed by the identical release in Germany the following year. An interesting side note was that in the following years, for example, HBO Max and Apple TV also showed the series, but here it was divided into 8 episodes with ~ 45 minutes each compared to the original 60-minute 6-parter. These versions were also available to us, and in fact you can discover small differences here. But they only affect the scenes where the episodes end in the 6-part as well as the 8-part version. For a better exit/entry you can find exclusive alternative material here.

Things got considerably more exciting on December 16, 2022 in Korea, however, as Plain Archive released the worldwide UHD premiere of the series, promising a "Director's Cut" in the process. There was a 4K Steelbook, a Blu-ray Steelbook, and a Collector's Premium Box with both media plus other goodies - all editions are sold out by now. We were able to get the 4K edition and indeed: all 6 episodes are available here in extensively re-edited versions.

Episode 2: Differences in the Director's Cut of THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL

The present comparison deals with episode 2, where there is only a slight difference of less than a minute minus the credits, which are always significantly longer in the DC. In turn, you have to subtract the opening credits, which are always completely missing in the DC. More confusion with numbers is not necessary, because purely checking on the running times tells only half the truth and there is clearly more exclusive material to discover in the DC.

In principle, one can largely only repeat the points we already noted in more detail for the report on the first episode: The changes are mostly aimed at making the storyline a bit more conventional in the original version (hence: a bit more artsy in the Director's Cut). Also noticeable here are again some changes purely on the soundtrack, which changes the mood or some small details in a few scenes. And once again, with many adaptations it is simply hard to guess why this was changed at all.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
Original version / Director's Cut

00:00-00:08 / 00:00-00:08

The DC shows the spokesman of the terrorist association (Salim) right from the beginning. The original version starts a tape recorder during the first seconds and then Kurtz, with the same comment by Salim off-screen.

No runtime difference

Original versionDirector's Cut

Shortly thereafter, a text insert in the DC was once again designed differently and split in two.

00:56 / 00:56-00:59

Kurtz looks at the photo a little longer and also from a different perspective.

2.4 sec

01:33 / 01:35-02:20

Kurtz emphasizes in another scene that they also need a decoy and that Charlie would be the right one for this. He mentions the principle that "our fiction has to match their reality" and also points out that Western girls are exactly the terrorist group's usual prey.

44.7 sec

01:33-01:34 / 02:20

The following shot of Charlie starts a moment earlier in the original version.

+ 0.7 sec

01:38 / 02:24-02:32

In the DC, it's a long tracking shot around Charlie. People thank her for coming. In addition, the reference to London already appears here, which comes in the original version in the seconds after.

7.4 sec

01:44-01:46 / 02:38-03:15

The original version remains for a little longer in the frontal view (not illustrated).

In the Director's Cut it changes to a sideways perspective and Kurtz says that he only needs Gadi for an hour. He then also goes into the room with Gadi earlier and sits with him while Charlie's tape plays in the background.

Director's Cut 34.6 sec longer

01:54-01:56 / 03:23-03:36

The original version inserts a cut to Gadi pouring coffee, shortening the dialogue a bit. Kurtz makes a joking comment about the next project in the DC.

Director's Cut 11.8 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

In the shots after that, there are some trivial mini-deviations that even themselves out.

02:30-02:32 / 04:10

At the beginning of the shot, only in the original version, Gadi remarks that Charlie is actually a man's name.

+ 2.5 sec

02:37-02:53 / 04:15-04:32

The original version shows Gadi, the DC a distant shot. The subsequent views also differ insignificantly.

Director's Cut 1.2 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

02:56-03:00 / 04:35-04:40

When Kurtz gets up, the DC starts insignificantly earlier. Again, this is partially matched by the following shots starting earlier in the original version. Total nonsense.

Director's Cut 1.3 sec longer

03:08-03:11 / 04:48

Kurtz hesitates for a moment in the original version.

+ 2.7 sec

03:14-03:29 / 04:51-05:17

How Kurtz walks to the door and turns back after a comment from Gadi is seen entirely in alternate takes. The DC is a bit more leisurely.

Director's Cut 10.6 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

During 03:39-04:41, nefore the scene with Charlie, the original version once again has the opening credits: + 61.8 sec

04:41-04:42 / 05:27

The first shot of Charlie after the opening credits starts a moment earlier in the original version.

+ 1.3 sec

04:46 / 05:31-05:32

Kurtz is seen a moment earlier.

0.9 sec

Audio change
05:13 / 05:59

At the end of the shot inside, Kurtz comments at some length in the original version: "(Friends who must do the unavoidable from time to time,) but friends nonetheless."

Image for orientation

During 07:10 / 07:56 once again a text overlay is missing in the DC.

Original versionDirector's Cut

07:51 / 08:37-08:48

Kurtz is seen one more time and briefly cleans his glasses.

10.8 sec

08:07-08:09 / 09:04

Kurtz stands in front of Charlie with his hand outstretched for a little longer in the original version.

+ 1.7 sec

09:31-09:38 / 10:26-10:33

Charlie stammers in an alternate take, "I--, I just want--"

No runtime difference

Original versionDirector's Cut

10:03-10:16 / 10:58-11:14

The original version has a long shot of Charlie sitting down and leaning back.
The DC has a shorter shot of her, then Kurtz is briefly shown, followed by the short moment where she leans back. The follow up shot of Kurtz also starts insignificantly earlier.

Director's Cut 3 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

Alternativ / Audio change
10:18-10:20 / 11:16-11:19

After "Put in its simplest form--" Kurtz says in the original version "--we are mounting a production."
In the DC, this has been replaced with "--we are offering you a part." The DC stays in close-up longer, the original version switches to Charlie earlier.

Director's Cut 0.9 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

10:26-10:28 / 11:25

The original version switches to Charlie's reaction a little earlier.

+ 2 sec

11:21-11:27 / 12:18

After Kurtz has hinted at a few final questions, Charlie is seen much earlier in the original version. Thus, she hesitates here for a moment.

+ 6.1 sec

11:30-11:36 / 12:21-12:28

After Charlie asks who she should play, the DC has an additional wide shot. We then see Kurtz saying "It's a terrorist" in an alternate take. The DC then shows Kurtz again from the side. In the original version, Charlie hesitates again a bit earlier instead.

Director's Cut 1.4 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

Audio change
13:28 / 14:20

The words "Let's begin with your family" have been re-recorded.

Image for orientation

14:42-14:43 / 15:34

A shot of Charlie starts insignificantly earlier in the original version.

+ 1 sec

15:04 / 15:56-16:10

Charlie tells of a few more months that she didn't really like, but ultimately got her the equity card.

14.4 sec

15:38-15:45 / 16:44-16:53

When Charlie narrates "The bailiffs coming in--" the original version switches briefly to Kurtz. The DC stays with Charlie throughout.

Director's Cut 3 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

15:56-15:58 / 17:04

Charlie is seen a moment longer in the original version, and the follow-up shot of Becker begins insignificantly earlier.

+ 1.5 sec

The next shot of Charlie was also slightly reduced by 0.7 sec in the DC.

16:01-16:04 / 17:07

Again, worth a single mention is that Charlie originally opined in more detail above the follow-up shot of Kurtz that began earlier: "(My childhood,) our home, our happiness."

+ 3.7 sec

16:06-16:08 / 17:09

Shortly after that, she hesitates a bit again at first.

+ 1.7 sec

17:50-18:04 / 18:50-18:53

The original version still has a close-up of Charlie and one over Becker's shoulder.
In the DC, the following frontal shot of Becker and Kurtz starts a bit earlier.

Original version 11.1 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

Alternativ / Re-cut
18:12-18:19 / 19:01-19:15

The original version shows Becker and Kurtz a little longer, then again the shot over Becker's shoulder.
In the DC, a tracking shot from Becker's point of view of Charlie is shown instead. Then the close-up of Charlie follows here as well.

Director's Cut 6.6 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

Alternativ / Re-cut
19:14-19:24 / 20:10-20:21

At the end of the scene, the original version first shows Miss Bach and after a cut to Michel, he says from off-camera: "I call in every three days."

The DC shows Michel a bit longer first and then changes the order of shots a bit. Here there is another blurry, closer shot of Miss Bach where she responds, "Oh."

Director's Cut 1.6 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

22:55-23:02 / 23:52-24:03

After an astonishing 3.5 minutes without any change at all, there is an alternate take here, with Charlie asking what it's all about. Becker then hesitates a bit in additional shots.

Director's Cut 3.7 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

23:42-23:49 / 24:43-24:53

At Becker's "We understand how you--" the original version switches briefly to Charlie. Instead, the DC stays in the shot throughout, driving slowly toward Becker, who also pauses a bit longer before this sentence.

Director's Cut 3.2 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

In various subsequent shots up to the whistle for Becker, the original version is insignificantly longer several times in short succession, which together make up for 5 sec.

24:34-24:41 / 25:33-25:43

The DC initially shows a close-up of Becker telling Charlie that she has the part. Then it switches to the rest of the wide shot where you saw this moment in the original version.

Director's Cut 2.4 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

27:36-27:41 / 28:38

Charlie is seen a bit earlier on the bed here in the original version, before she says "If I'm going to do this--".

+ 5.3 sec

31:16-31:32 / 32:13-32:29

When looking back at the night together at the Acropolis, alternate takes were used. The first follow-up shot of Charlie in the car also deviates.

Director's Cut 0.7 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

32:18-32:30 / 33:15

Before Becker reacts in close-up, a shot in the original version is much longer and Charlie opines: "Chauvinist, then, this Michel? Or some sort of wicked stereotype you lot have cooked up? Well, he is, isn't he?"

+ 12.7 sec

32:53-32:54 / 33:37

Die letzte Aufnahme von Charlie im Auto läuft einen Moment länger.

+ 1,5 sec

33:12 / 33:55-33:56

Several shots in quick succession are a few frames longer in the DC - most noticeable here in the close-up of the stamp.

1.3 sec

33:29-33:31 / 34:13

The original version switches to Miss Bach a little earlier.

+ 1.8 sec

The next shots were all shortened a bit in the DC as well, overall 7 sec.

37:21 / 37:56-37:57

Before Becker says "If children can be born--" you see him a little earlier in the DC.

1 sec

37:59-38:02 / 38:34-38:37

An alternate shot of Charlie as Becker talks about the eyes.

Original version 0.2 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

38:12-38:21 / 38:47-38:57

When Charlie looks at the photo and asks where Michel is now, whereupon it briefly switches to him in captivity, several shots in the DC are arranged slightly differently.

Director's Cut 0.3 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

38:35-38:39 / 39:11-39:15

A shot of Charlie and Becker at the table starts insignificantly earlier in the DC. However, the following close-up of their hands makes up for this.

Director's Cut 0.3 sec longer

39:24-39:26 / 40:00-40:02

After Becker has paid and commented "Keep the tip.", the original version changes to a close-up of Charlie thanking the waiter in Greek.

Instead, the DC remains in the medium long shot throughout, and here Charlie instead comments jokingly: "Said the leper to the prostitute."

Director's Cut 0.2 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

39:35-39:43 / 40:11-40:21

The DC switches to Kurtz here when Anna Witgen is mentioned. Instead, the original version has a brief flashback to Michel and Anna in the room. The shots around this also deviate insignificantly.

Director's Cut 1.9 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

40:04 / 40:42-40:55

Salim is seen a little longer after "My help?" and Shimon hands him his notepad first. Michel flips through the pages briefly.

12.8 sec

Audio change
41:24 / 42:15

Part of Salim's questioning, which can still be heard off-screen, was deleted from the soundtrack.
Shimon: "Who was going to pick it up, and when?"
Salim: "I want to see Khalil."

Image for orientation

41:31 / 42:22-42:26

Instead, the same shot is a bit longer in the DC and you can hear Salim whimpering a bit off-screen. The euphoric mood in the room becomes a bit more serious again.

3.8 sec

43:33-43:35 / 44:28

A shot of Becker is insignificantly longer in the original version.

+ 1.7 sec

44:05 / 44:58-45:02

After Charlie asks if Becker is really divorced, there are first reaction shots of the two.

3.7 sec

44:35 / 45:32-45:37

The last shot of the scene is a moment longer. Then Becker and Charlie walk through the stairwell a little earlier.

5.2 sec

Audio change
45:54 / 46:56

Charlie's drawn-out "Sooo" before "We fuck." was deleted from the soundtrack.

Image for orientation

46:21-46:23 / 47:23

In the original version, the shot starts a little earlier, before Charlie gets up.

+ 1.7 sec

47:14-47:16 / 48:15

Becker listens into his headphones for a moment longer.

+ 1.2 sec

47:24-47:31 / 48:23-48:29

How Charlie slips under her comforter is seen in an alternate take. For whatever reason, it looks very similar.

Original version 1.4 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

Right after there is an audio change: Only in the original version you can hear a song (guitar strumming) while Becker listens to the conversation.

Image for orientation

48:32 / 49:31

Before Becker hangs up, the DC is insignificantly longer.

0.7 sec

Audio change
50:30 / 51:29

The dialogue that plays over a shot of Charlie has been changed somewhat.

Original version
Dr. Alexis: "Are you saying I've been given false information?"
Kurtz: "No. I have."

Director's Cut
Dr. Alexis: "Are you saying she's been there before?"
Kurtz: "Forget it."

Image for orientation

50:59-51:49 / 51:58-52:44

How Charlie comes into the room and tells Becker that his real name is Salim can be seen in various alternate takes. The wording is identical and for mere mortals it is once again difficult to see through what the intention of the makers was to use Take A here and Take B there.

Original version 4 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

52:41-52:47 / 53:36

Before his concluding remark, Becker says in the original version: "And once you reach Salzburg Train Station, I'll find you again."
Charlie agrees, muttering.

+ 5.9 sec

53:55-54:02 / 54:44

Charlie first asks in the original version, "Is this real?"
Becker replies, "It's real."

For this, the comments in the periphery were shifted a bit on the soundtrack.

+ 7.3 sec

54:23-54:42 / 55:05-55:14

In the original version, Becker says in somewhat more detail: "For me. For love. For our great revolution. To prove that you are as special as I believe."
All that remained of that in the DC was "For me" in an alternate take.

With the identical follow-up comment, "This is your debut in the theater of the real." the DC is then earlier in the shot over Charlie's shoulder.

Original version 10.1 sec longer

Original versionDirector's Cut

54:45 / 55:17-55:18

This medium long shot is insignificantly longer in the DC.

1 sec

As in episode 1, the credits again deviate completely.

Director's Cut 120.5 sec (= 2:00 min) longer