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Sixteen Candles

Mysterious Island, The

05 Le drapeau noir

original title: L'île mystérieuse


  • Extended Cut
  • Mini Series
Release: Apr 27, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish Extended Cut (German DVD by X-Rated) and the Mini Series (German DVD by Pidax).

6 differences, consisting of
- 1 additional scenes
- 2 extended scenes
- 1 extended scene in the Extended Cut
- additional opening and end credits
- Length difference: 330.6 sec resp. 5 min 30.6 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Basically, there are 4 versions. On the one hand, there are the rather short "German Theatrical Version" (approx. 95 min) and the "US Director's Cut" (approx. 101 min), on the other the much longer "Spanish Extended Cut "(approx. 268 min) and the "Mini Series" (approx. 52 min per episode) which is also the longest of all versions.

Since I am neither familiar with the "German Theatrical Version" nor the "US Director's Cut", there is not much I could say about those two. But the fact of the matter is that the Theatrical Version lacks almost 3 hours (!) of footage . compared to the Extended Cut. And since the Director's Cut is only 6 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, I think it is safe to say that both versions confine themselves to necessities. Which is a shame, really, because the long tracking shots and the slow pace are crucial in my opinion. Both the Extended Cut and the Mini Series take their time to tell the story very detailed. With a length of approx. 52 minutes per episode, the Mini Series is even longer than the Extended Cut - despite the opening and end credits in every single episode.

Time index refers to
Spanish Extended Cut - Mini Series (both in PAL).
02:45:23 / 00:00

The mini series starts with the opening credits, followed by a recap (no screenshots).

254.88 sec resp. 4 min 14.88 sec

Additional Scene
02:56:30 / 15:22

Two additional shots in the mini series. As a result, the conversation regarding Nemo's condition is a little longer.
Spilett says Nemo would be fine soon if he did not have any internal injuries. Herbert wants to know how they could help.

6.56 sec

Extended Scene
03:10:37 / 29:35

More dialog regarding their stolen stuff. Pencroft says they were careless. Smith tells them to get some sleep and one of them should stand guard - just in case. Herbert assumes Grant might be scared of them.

15.16 sec

Extended Scene
03:22:09 / 41:22

After the pirates fire at Pencroft, the mini series shows him getting back on his feet longer.

3.12 sec

Extended Scene Extended Cut
03:22:14 / 41:30

The subsequent shot of another shot being fired starts slightly earlier in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut 0.76 sec longer

03:32:32 / 51:48

Now the end credits in the mini series.

51.64 sec