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Mysterious Island, The

03 Territoire interdit

original title: L'île mystérieuse


  • Extended Cut
  • Mini Series
Release: Apr 15, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish Extended Cut (German DVD by X-Rated) and the Mini Series (German DVD by Pidax).

25 differences, consisting of
- 7 additional scenes
- 12 extended scenes
- 4 additional scenes in the Extended Cut
- additional opening and end credits
- Length difference: 749.24 sec resp. 12 min 29.24 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Basically, there are 4 versions. On the one hand, there are the rather short "German Theatrical Version" (approx. 95 min) and the "US Director's Cut" (approx. 101 min), on the other the much longer "Spanish Extended Cut "(approx. 268 min) and the "Mini Series" (approx. 52 min per episode) which is also the longest of all versions.

Since I am neither familiar with the "German Theatrical Version" nor the "US Director's Cut", there is not much I could say about those two. But the fact of the matter is that the Theatrical Version lacks almost 3 hours (!) of footage . compared to the Extended Cut. And since the Director's Cut is only 6 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, I think it is safe to say that both versions confine themselves to necessities. Which is a shame, really, because the long tracking shots and the slow pace are crucial in my opinion. Both the Extended Cut and the Mini Series take their time to tell the story very detailed. With a length of approx. 52 minutes per episode, the Mini Series is even longer than the Extended Cut - despite the opening and end credits in every single episode.

Time index refers to
Spanish Extended Cut - Mini Series (both in PAL).
01:26:25 / 00:00

The mini series starts with the opening credits, followed by a recap (no screenshots).

293.4 sec resp. 4 min 53.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:26:25 / 04:53

Spilett, Smith, Neb and Herbert longer when they take off the dog's collar.

5.48 sec

Extended Scene
01:29:57 / 08:32

Smith earlier.

9.16 sec

Additional Scene
01:33:08 / 11:51

Additional footage of the group exploring the island. They are still trying to figure out whether they are on the mainland or an island. They argue about it, then they keep walking.

64.68 sec resp. 1 min 4.68 sec

Extended Scene
01:34:12 / 14:00

After Herbert finds sulfuric, the shot of the group is longer.

9.28 sec

Extended Scene
01:34:43 / 14:41

The subsequent distance shot is also a little longer.

3.24 sec

Extended Scene
01:35:18 / 15:19

Herbert earlier…

…and the group a little longer.

11.96 sec

Extended Scene
01:35:38 / 15:51

The mountains insignificantly earlier.

2.68 sec

Extended Scene
01:53:05 / 33:20

Herbert takes a longer look at the cave.

The next shot of Herbert responding starts earlier…

…and it is longer as well.
In the Extended Cut, Herbert's following comment is audible at the beginning f the subsequent shot of the cave.

8.32 sec

Additional Scene
01:53:18 / 33:41

Spilett takes the others to the cave. Then he climbs down, places the explosive at the entrance because it is too small for adults resp. only Herbert can get in, climbs back up and Pencroft lights the fuse. We get to see the fuse for some time, then the 4 men again, followed by Herbert and the dog who already taking cover, the fuse again and finally the explosion. The men then climb down to the entrance.

110.32 sec resp. 1 min 50.32 sec

Extended Scene
01:53:49 / 36:03

This shot is a little longer in the mini series. Spilett completely disappears inside the cave and then Neb who is left behind.

2.92 sec

Additional Scene
01:54:31 / 36:48

A long scene of the group at work resp. Herbert in the woods follows.

88.48 sec resp. 1 min 28.48 sec

Additiona Scene
01:55:24 / 39:09

And again, more footage of Herbert in the woods.

54.16 sec

Extended Scene
01:57:21 / 42:01

Herbert's tail watches him slightly longer.

1.68 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
01:57:30 / 42:11

Additional shot of Nemo's men watching Herbert leave.

3.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:57:30 / 42:15

Herbert longer in the cave.

2.96 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
01:57:41 / 42:29

Now the mentioned shot of Nemo's men watching Herbert leave in the Extended Cut (please see 01:57:30 / 42:11). For some reason, the shot is a little bit longer in the mini series (0.44 sec). (no screenshots)

Extended Cut 2.96 sec longer

Additional Scene / Recut
01:57:44 / 42:29

The mini series contains footage of Smith, Pencroft, Spilett, Neb and the dog searching for Herbert instead. The dog has already spotted Herbert.

27.64 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
01:57:50 / 43:03

Longer shot of "Nemo's World" in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut 17.28 sec longer

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
01:58:08 / 43:03

Now the search for Herbert in the Extended Cut (please see 01:57:44 / 42:29). For some reason, that scene is slightly shorter in the Extended Cut (2.88 sec). (no screenshots)

Extended Cut 24.76 sec longer

Additional Scene
01:58:32 / 43:03

Additional footage of the group searching Herbert.

26.72 sec

Extended Scene
02:02:17 / 47:14

The group earlier. In the Extended Cut, Spilett is already sitting down and Neb is about to do the same.

17.16 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
02:04:11 / 49:25

Additional shot in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut 3.4 sec longer

Extended Scene
02:05:37 / 50:48

Herbert slightly earlier.

1.52 sec

02:06:36 / 51:49

Now the end credits in the mini series.

52.48 sec