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Mysterious Island, The

01 L’évasion

original title: L'île mystérieuse


  • Extended Cut
  • Mini Series
Release: Mar 01, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish Extended Cut (German DVD by X-Rated) and the Mini Series (German DVD by Pidax).

35 differences, consisting of
- 11 additional scenes
- 16 extended scenes
- 5 additional scenes in the Extended Cut
- 1 scene with alternate footage
- alternate opening credits
- additional end credits
- Length difference: 536.2 sec resp. 8 min 56.2 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Basically, there are 4 versions. On the one hand, there are the rather short "German Theatrical Version" (approx. 95 min) and the "US Director's Cut" (approx. 101 min), on the other the much longer "Spanish Extended Cut "(approx. 268 min) and the "Mini Series" (approx. 52 min per episode) which is also the longest of all versions.

Since I am neither familiar with the "German Theatrical Version" nor the "US Director's Cut", there is not much I could say about those two. But the fact of the matter is that the Theatrical Version lacks almost 3 hours (!) of footage . compared to the Extended Cut. And since the Director's Cut is only 6 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, I think it is safe to say that both versions confine themselves to necessities. Which is a shame, really, because the long tracking shots and the slow pace are crucial in my opinion. Both the Extended Cut and the Mini Series take their time to tell the story very detailed. With a length of approx. 52 minutes per episode, the Mini Series is even longer than the Extended Cut - despite the opening and end credits in every single episode.

Time index refers to
Spanish Extended Cut - Mini Series (both in PAL).
00:00 / 00:00

The opening is different. While the credits of the Extended Cut are in Spanish, the credits of the Mini Series are in German. In addition to that, alternate background footage has been used.

Extended Cut 16.16 sec longer

Additional Scene / Partial Recut
02:01 / 01:45

Additional footage of Pencroft's and Herbert's attempt to flee. On their way out, Pencroft kills a guy.

With the subsequent shot of the balloon, the versions are back in sync - except the shot starts a few frames earier in the Mini Series and it is a bit longer as well (all in all 1.84 sec). (no screenshots)

134.4 sec resp. 2 min 14.4 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
02:16 / 03:34

After their successful escape, a longer scene with them travelling in a balloon follows. At first, the current situation is being explained via voice-over. Then the group has a conversation about how long they have already been travelling and that they do not know where they are exactly and where they are headed due to the hurricane and the fog. Based on the time difference, they manage to get an approximate location. They also complain about the food back in Richmond. At some point, they realize that the balloon is going down slowly. The ocean is right underneath them so they get rid of anything they do not necessarily require. But they are still going down which brings them to the conclusion that there might be a tear in the balloon. Herbert suggests to get rid of any jackets, coats etc. Pencroft gets even rid of his belt in which all his savings are hidden.

241.8 sec resp. 4 min 1.8 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
03:52 / 09:12

At this point, the Extended Cut contains an additional shot of the dog - also in the Mini Series later on.

Extended Cut 12.68 sec longer

Additional Scene / Recut
04:05 / 09:12

The mini series shows the group in the balloon instead. Since they have already gotten rid of anything they do not need to survive, the climb up the balloon and cut off the rest of it. Pencroft and Spilett then argue because Pencroft almost fell and Spilett saved his butt. Smith tries to repair the balloon resp. to keep the size of the tear to a minimum. All of a sudden, Pencroft sees land. Smith slides down, manages to get a grip but then he falls down into the water anyway. Following his instinct, the dog jumps as well. Smith ends up at the bottom of the ocean. He does not move.

Subsequently, several divers show up. She open some kind of box and put Smith in it. Then Nemo who orders the others to follow him with the box. When they are out of the water, Smith wakes up and realizes that he is being taken somewhere. At their point of destination, the men open the box and put Smith on a table. Nemo reappears, takes off his mask and wants to know from Smith who he is.

541.32 sec resp. 9 min 1.32 sec

Extended Scene
06:26 / 20:35

The Colonel speaks insignificantly longer.

3.96 sec

Extended Scene
06:53 / 21:06

The shot of Neb being taken away is longer.

11.24 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
07:29 / 21:53

Now the shot of the dog in the Mini Series (please see 03:52 / 09:12).
For some reason, the shot is slightly longer in the Mini Series (1.08 sec) resp. the Extended Cut lacks the final barking (no screenshots).

13.76 sec

Extended Scene
07:29 / 22:07

The subsequent shot of the horsemen starts slightly earlier.

1.68 sec

Extended Scene
11:11 / 25:50

And another shot that is a little longer.

4.56 sec

Extended Scene
15:17 / 30:01

The beginning of a shot resp. the close-up of the guy who got hung up is missing in the Extended Cut. The Extended Cut is back in the game when the camera has already zoomed out on him.

8.68 sec

Additional Scene
17:57 / 32:49

Additional shot of the guys that were after the dog. Though the dog is already gone, they keep fighting.

9.4 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
20:27 / 35:28

Now, the Extended Cut contains a part of Pencroft's and Herbert's escape (please see 02:01 / 01:45). It begins with the two of them hiding behind a carriage - the previous scenes are missing in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut 59.76 sec longer

Extended Scene
23:54 / 37:56

Slightly longer shot plus earlier beginning of the following one.

1.6 sec

Extended Scene
25:01 / 39:05


2.28 sec

Extended Scene
27:16 / 41:22

The balloon flies off a little longer.

3.16 sec

Extended Scene
28:17 / 42:25

Smith longer.

2.16 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
28:49 / 42:59

Here, the Extended Cut contains the balloon flight as well (please see 02:16 / 03:34). The difference: One gets to see the entire flight as a single sequence, including the balloon going down and Smith falling into the water only to get saved by Nemo and his men afterwards (please see 04:05 / 09:12). The actual rescue mission is missing though. The scene here ends with Nemo's men taking Smith away in the box while the mini series also shows them reaching their destination and putting Smith on a table so that Nemo can ask him who he is. As a consequence thereof, the scene is much shorter in the Extended Cut (161.2 sec). (no screenshots)

Extended Cut 621.92 sec resp. 10 min 21.92 sec longer

Alternate Footage / Recut
39:11 / 42:59

The exterior shot of the balloon differs. The Extended Cut shows the balloon from a further distance. In addition to that, the Extended Cut is slightly longer here.
That being said, the shot from the Extended Cut is also a little later in the mini series.

Extended Cut 2.48 sec longer
Extended CutMini Series

Additional Scene
39:18 / 43:06

Subsequent to the shot of the balloon (please see previous alteration), the Extended Cut continues with footage of Smith. He is lying on the table and remembers his fall from the balloon and being saved by Nemo and his men.

Please note: Since the entire footage has already been used, there are only screenshots of the two shots of Smith remembering.

At first, Smith is mumbling.

In the second shot of Smith, he remembers the tear in the balloon.

134.72 sec resp. 2 min 14.72 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
39:22 / 45:25

Now the exterior shot of the balloon from the Extended Cut (please see 39:11 / 42:59). (no screenshots)
Compared to the Extended Cut, the shot is slightly longer here (1.76 sec).

7.2 sec

Extended Scene
39:22 / 45:32

The shot of the ocean is longer.

6.04 sec

Additional Scene
39:28 / 45:44

Subsequently, there are two additional shots: First the group on the ropes of the balloon, followed by the sea resp. land in sight.

11.96 sec

Extended Scene
39:28 / 45:56

The camera zooms in on Neb a little longer.

1.8 sec

Extended Scene
39:31 / 46:01

The area longer.

16.04 sec

Extended Scene
39:34 / 46:20

Neb a bit earlier.

1.92 sec

Additional Scene
39:36 / 46:24

Some additional footage for a change.

21.28 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
39:45 / 46:54

Footage of the divers in the Extended Cut (no screenshots).

Extended Cut 25.12 sec longer

Extended Scene
41:38 / 48:23

Neb's search for Smith is longer.

27.76 sec

Extended Scene
41:59 / 49:12


36.96 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Recut
42:02 / 49:51

Back to the divers. At first, they are under water, then ashore. Smith regains consciousness. He is being put on some table and Nemo asks who he was. Last but not least, a further shot of Smith lying on the table (no screenshots).

Extended Cut 131.16 sec resp. 2 min 11.16 sec longer

Additional Scene
44:13 / 49:51

The mini series contains additional footage of Neb searching the beach for Smith instead.

73.72 sec

Extended Scene
44:13 / 51:05

The shot of the ocean is longer again.

15.84 sec

Additional Scene
44:17 / 51:25

Additional shot in the mini series. At the end of it, the mini series fades to black.

Extended Cut 6 sec longer

44:17 / 51:43

Now the end credits in the mini series.

52.28 sec